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May Paramedic / EMT Spotlight for North Baltimore EMS

Meet Mr. Derrick Wears, Paramedic

I am proud to introduce Derrick Wears, EMT-Paramedic as North Baltimore EMS’s May Spotlight. Derrick has been with North Baltimore EMS for 2+ years. Derrick is currently a full time Paramedic with Hanco EMS system in Findlay as well. He has been in the EMS system for 5 years, 4 years as a Basic EMT and the last year as a Paramedic.

Derrick is married with 1 brand new baby boy (Gabriel) who has brought much excitement into their lives. Derrick received the BLS Provider of the Year at Hanco in 2015, as well as multiple other Hancock County emergency medical awards.

Derrick advised he loves golfing, Indians Games, attending concerts and playing video games.

Derrick has been a great addition to our EMS Family, both in providing great patient care as well as a wonderful attitude towards his patients and co-workers. I personally enjoys my shifts working with Derrick, and know that our citizen’s medical needs are in good hands when Derrick is working. Thank you Derrick for your service and dedication to the North Baltimore EMS and the citizens in which we serve.


The North Baltimore EMS Spotlight has been created to introduce the members of the North Baltimore EMS, to the citizens of North Baltimore and Henry Twp. My goal is for all the citizens to recognize all the members of the EMS. In my experience it is always good to see a familiar face in those times when the EMS is need. 


Submitted by Phil Walter II, NB EMS Chief

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