NB Village Brush Pick-Up Meeting

The Public Works Committee  of North Baltimore Village Council will meet on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 5:30 pm, at Village Hall to discuss North Baltimore Brush Pick-Up.

2 Responses to NB Village Brush Pick-Up Meeting

  1. Don Hendren says:

    I certainly hope they keep the pick-up. There is enough piles around with it, can’t imagine how bad it would be without it.

  2. CS04 says:

    The problem is people take advantage of the free service. Piles are way larger than stated in yearly flyer or have poison ivy, trash, yard waste thorns or other items mixed in the piles. Other communities around only do pick-up once a year or have a drop off spot. What residents are paying taxes for (roads, sweeping, etc) is not getting completed due to spending way to much time grinding brush. Stop up at the meeting and voice your concern!

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