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2015-16 Winter Heating Season Saw Lowest Natural Gas Bills of Past Decade

This past winter heating season, average home heating bills were the lowest in a decade for Columbia Gas of Ohio customers.

Columbia Gas has announced the March 2016 Standard Choice Offer (SCO) price is $.30 per 100 cubic feet (ccf), compared to $.42 per Ccf last year. This cost for natural gas is the lowest for March since 1992 –almost a quarter century ago.

March also brings closure to the traditional winter heating season, and residential bills for the 2015-16 season were the lowest of the
past decade.

The average residential natural gas bill for March is projected to be $75.07, marking a decrease of $24.36 from the March 2015 average
projected bill of $99.43.

For the 2015-16 winter heating season – traditionally identified as November, December, January, February and March – the average
residential bill was projected to be $395.23, an overall decrease of $122.81 from the 2014-15 winter heating season bill of $518.04. It is
nearly one-third of the record winter heating season bill of $1,062.59, set in winter of 2005-06.

Winter Heating Season Avg. Home Heating Bills
2005-2006 $1062.59
2006-2007 $834.86
2007-2008 $831.03
2008-2009 $825.14
2009-2010 $443.18
2010-2011 $519.26
2011-2012 $440.33
2012-2013 $451.31
2013-2014 $570.45
2014-2015 $518.04
2015-2016 $395.23

ColGas DropinHeatingPrices

Columbia Gas of Ohio customers are receiving much more than lower prices this month. Compared to a decade ago, customer’s bills now reflect the fixed delivery charges. With the implementation of the Accelerated Gas Mains Replacement Program (AMRP), customers are benefitting from safer, more reliable service. Finally, customer bills reflect actual bill readings each month with the elimination of
the bi-monthly estimated bill.

Customers wishing to save even more can take advantage of the company’s energy efficiency programs. Generous rebates are available
on setback thermostats and efficient showerheads; customers can order on the web, over the phone or mail in a rebate form. The company also offers comprehensive home energy audits and rebates on recommended improvements such as insulation and air sealing. Complete information is available at

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