North Baltimore, Ohio

July 13, 2024 11:26 am

Vote for NB Couple to Win Contest

There is a military wedding contest giveaway that is going on until May 15 that is based off of votes for different couples. You can help Gage and Colleen Stewart of North Baltimore win this contest!

Meyerson Vocal Recital on Saturday

North Baltimore Local School District Vocal Music Instructor, Emily Meyerson, will be presenting her Annual Benefit Recital this weekend.

Stop by this Saturday for an enjoyable afternoon of music, along with special guests, Janet Goldner on the piano and NB Band Director, Ben Pack, on the clarinet.

NB Swimming Pool Filling Update 2015

Any North Baltimore, resident wanting to use village water to initially fill a swimming pool; may contact the Village Office to have the Water Department install a temporary meter.

Gleaners make donations

On Saturday April 25, 2015 the North Baltimore Gleaner Arbor held a business meeting at McDonalds, making donations to the NB EMS and NB Area Historical Society.