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2017 GOST Pet Show Results 

From Cheryl Heilman (from NBX:  sorry for the delay in posting)

The North Baltimore Good Old Summertime 2017 Pet Show Results.

2017 GOST Pet Show Results 

Total pets entered – 16


1st Place:  Chevy – black great dane, 11 weeks old, owned by Caidan Bauer age 10

2nd Place:  Brute – basset hound, 9 years old, owned by Carter Clemans age 5

3rd Place:  Hendrix – poodle, golden retriever, husky mix, 7 months old, owned by Lilyin Ramos age 9

Best Bark:  Duke – black lab owned by Alexis Profit

Best Trick:  Biscuit – black & white great dane, 4 years old, owned by Anna Burrell age 7


1st Place:  Precious – domestic long haired tiger, 1 year old, owned by Ashlyn Coup age 5

2nd Place:  Phoenix – domestic short haired orange and white, 3 months old, owned by Kale McDonald age 8

3rd Place:  Gizmo – domestic short haired gray, 1 year old, polydactyl (extra toes), owned by Zachery Livingston age 12

Other – Hamster

1st Place:  Peanut Butter owned by Ava Burrell age 4

Photo –

Ava Burrell with winning hamster, Peanut Butter
Carter Clemans with 2nd place dog winner, Brute
Zach Livingston with 3rd place cat winner, Gizmo
Ashlyn Coup with 1st place cat winner, Precious
Caidan Bauer with 1st place dog winner, Chevy
17ptsh7 – “Angel” Kale McDonald with 2nd place cat winner, “devilish” Phoenix
Lilyin Ramos with 3rd place dog winner, Hendrix
Anna Burrell with Best Trick dog winner, Biscuit
Alexi Profit with Best Bark dog winner, Duke

Bobby Lawson awards the ribbons to winners & is in most of the pictures!

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