FREE Movie at VMP Wednesday

Wednesday, February 15, there will be a Boy Scout Rank and Merit Badge Ceremony at the Virginia Theater. This event will be open to the public with a free movie to follow.

Do Not Be Afraid

What are you afraid of? Is there something that you fear that you obsess over a lot? Fear can paralyze you and cause you to be in a fight or flight mode, which can be very unhealthy.

You’re More Than Tired; You’re Deadly

​People often make light of how little sleep they get; an over-worked, over-tired condition has become the norm for many. But a good night’s sleep is not just a novelty, it’s a necessity. The effects of fatigue are far-reaching and can have an adverse impact on all areas of our lives. Our 24/7 Workforce Our bodies […]

Chowline: Dark Chocolate a Healthier Option for Valentine’s Day

I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat for my wife this year, but I don’t want to derail her healthy eating regime. What kind of sweets can I present her? If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with sweet treats while keeping your wife’s health in mind, you can still consider presenting […]