Men’s Basketball League Results for Week 2

Reineke Family Dealerships and Hagemyer Trucking both at 2-0………

Here are Week 2 Results for the Dick Clark Men’s  Basketball League:

Game #1

Miller Insurance: 48

Hagemyer Trucking: 50


Leading scorers for Miller Insurance:

Greg Allison with 15

Dustin Schloemp with 12

Leading scorers for Hagemyer Trucking:

Joey Hagemyer with 20

Scott Bateson with 14


Game #2

Mak & Ali’s Pizza: 42

Wymers Impact Cleaning: 61


Leading scorers for Mak & Ali’s:

Troy Rayle with 27

Josh Fleckner with 5

Leading scorers for Wymers Impact Cleaning:

Derek McMahan with 23

Brandon Solly with 13


Game #3

Reineke Family Dealership: 63

Gerdeman Insurance: 50


Leading scorers for Reineke:

Chad Wright with 18

Levi Newcomer with 15

Leading scorers for Gerdeman Insurance:

Terrance Pollard with 21

Tyler Trumbull with 12


Game #4

Casey’s Sales: 74

Patterson Sanitation: 85


Leading scorers for Casey’s Sales:

Sean Watson with 31

Jacob Casey with 25

Leading scorers for Patterson Sanitation:

Lane Bishop with 36

Tyler Schloemp with 19


Records After Week 2:

Mak & Ali’s: 0-2

Miller Insurance: 1-1

Reineke Family Dealership: 2-0

Casey’s Sales: 0-2

Patterson Sanitation: 1-1

Gerdeman Insurance: 1-1

Hagemyer Trucking: 2-0

Wymers Impact Cleaning: 1-1


Next week’s schedule for 11-26-2017:

12:15: Mak & Ali’s vs. Reineke Family

1:15: Miller Insurance vs. Casey’s Sales Wymers Impact Cleaning

2:15: Patterson Sanitation vs. Hagemyer Trucking

3:15: Gerdeman Insurance vs. Wymers Impact Cleaning


Week 2 League results:


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