Work at Findlay Delayed – Closures Still Scheduled

Change in traffic pattern delayed one day; Findlay exits will now close at midnight tonight

LIMA (Dec. 18, 2017) – The following impacts to traffic related to the reconstruction and widening of Interstate 75 through Findlay and Hancock County are occurring or scheduled to occur in the coming weeks:

Dates to Note: (Dates reflect a one-day delay due to weather from the original schedule.)

Dec. 18 – Traffic will be affected overnight in the southbound direction during preparations for removal of contraflow lane, all Findlay exits closed (details below).

Dec. 20 – The entrance ramp from county Road 99 to I-75 southbound will be closed overnight (details below).

Dec. 21 – Contraflow lane on I-75 southbound removed (details below).

Interstate 75

Interstate 75 both northbound and southbound from south of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 313 (Lima Avenue) will be reduced to one lane in each direction during the week of December 18 for excavation work in preparation for new pavement construction.

  • The restriction will be in place from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night.
  • Two lanes in each direction on Interstate 75 are maintained during daytime hours.

The Interstate 75 northbound lanes from the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 99 have been shifted to the right onto the outside shoulder.

  • Two lanes of traffic are maintained during daytime hours. Some nighttime lane closures will continue.
  • The legal speed through the work zone is reduced when workers are present.
  • Speed limits are displayed via electronic message boards which display the legal, posted speed through the zone.

On Monday, Dec. 18, the far right I-75 southbound lane from just south of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 99 will be closed during preparations for the removal of the contraflow lane and to place traffic into its winter pattern.

The contraflow lane is the one lane of southbound traffic currently traveling on the northbound side of the interstate separated by barrier wall.

·       The lane closure will be in place from approximately midnight on Monday, Dec. 18 until 5 a.m. the following day during moving of barrier wall and placement of pavement markings.

·       All Findlay exits from I-75 in the southbound direction will not be accessible during this time. All exits will be accessible from I-75 northbound.

On Wednesday, Dec. 20 the entrance ramp from county Road 99 to I-75 southbound will be closed for storage of equipment needed in the traffic switch.

·       The ramp will close at midnight on Wednesday, Dec. 20 and remain closed until approximately 5 a.m. the following day.

·       Traffic during this time will be detoured north on I-75 to the state Route 613 interchange back to I-75 southbound.

·       The I-75 southbound exit ramp to county Road 99 will remain open.

On Thursday, Dec. 21 the contraflow traffic pattern on I-75 southbound will be removed for the winter.

·       Once the contraflow lane has been removed, all I-75 southbound traffic from U.S. 224 to county Road 99 will be traveling on the southbound side of the interstate on new pavement.

·       Where possible, barrier wall will be removed for the winter or at least moved away from traffic as far as possible to accommodate snow removal.

·       The contraflow traffic pattern will remain in place through the winter on I-75 southbound from the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to the south end of the project, which is generally Harrison Street.

U.S. 68/State Route 15 Interchange with Interstate 75

The exit ramp from I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 (exit 156) closed June 19 for approximately three years.

  • Traffic is detoured north to the state Route 12 interchange to Interstate 75 southbound back to U.S. 68/state Route 15. (see map)

The exit ramp from I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 remains open.

State Route 12 interchange with Interstate 75

  • All exits at the state Route 12 interchange are currently open with the exception of overnight closure noted above.

U.S. 224 interchange with Interstate 75

  • All ramps at the U.S. 224 interchange are currently open with the exception of the overnight closure noted above.

County Road 99

  • All ramps at the county Road 99 interchange are currently open with the exception of overnight closure noted above.

 Related Construction

River Road and Howard Street

  • River Road and Howard Street, north and south of the Blanchard River beneath Interstate 75, are closed periodically as needed through late fall during reconstruction of the bridge carrying Interstate 75 over the Blanchard River.
  • Access to all residences and businesses will be maintained.

Harrison Street over Interstate 75

  • Harrison Street over Interstate 75 closed May 15 for approximately nine months for reconstruction. Traffic on Interstate 75 in the area of Harrison Street will be restricted to one lane at times for work related to the reconstruction of the bridge.
  • Placement of the concrete deck on the bridge is complete.
  • Access to the Oakwoods Nature Preserve during the closure of the Harrison Street overpass will be available at all times during construction by accessing county Road 144 from the north via Sandusky Street.
  • By contract, the bridge is scheduled to be closed until March 2018 but could potentially be open by the end of the year.

Service road construction

Construction of a service road off Lima Avenue connecting to Lake Cascades north of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange is under way.

  • The vast majority of the construction is complete.
  • Final tie-in to Lima Avenue will occur in the third and final year of construction in 2020.

Noise wall construction

Construction of noise walls is under way.

  • Construction of the foundations for the wall has begun in the south end of the project area on the east side of the interstate near Harrison Street and is proceeding to the north.
  • Noise wall posts and panels are scheduled to be set after the holiday season, weather dependent. Foundation drilling will also continue.
  • Construction of all noise walls is expected to be completed in July 2018.

About the Hancock I-75 project:

Interstate 75 will be reconstructed and widened beginning just south of Harrison Street/County Road 144, which is just south of the U.S. Route 68/state Route 15 interchange, to the county Road 99 interchange, Findlay, Hancock County. The project will reconstruct approximately five miles of the existing four lanes of Interstate 75, construct an additional lane of travel in each direction, replace all mainline bridges on I-75, replace the Harrison Street overpass, redesign and reconstruct the interchange between U.S. 68/state Route 15 and Interstate 75, and redesign and reconstruct the interchange with U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue. The project also includes the construction of noise walls at particular locations. Expected completion is May 2020. Beaver Excavating, Canton, serves as the general contractor.

Project information may be found at:

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Highlights from Last Week’s “Committee of the Whole” Meeting

NB Village Council………..

by Sue Miklovic

The December 12th NB Village Council’s “Committee of the Whole”  meeting only lasted about 20 minutes, although there was plenty of conversation from two public participation guests, as well as the usual reports. Council member Leslee Thompson was absent.

George Walton, of Hancock Wood Electric, shared with the Council that HWE had added NB Village Administrator Allyson Murray as a member of their Economic Development board.

George Walton of Hancock Wood Electric Cooperative

Also present was HWE legal Counsel John Hollister. The two were there to request council’s support   to adjust an agreement if necessary, for the distribution of electric power in newly annexed village/city areas. They want to be able to provide power to new areas where their service is available for distribution, and this move may be opposed by AEP. The situation could involve PUCO as well. The issue seemed to have the support of council, who will vote on it at their next meeting. “We want to provide service to areas where we have available distribution,” said Mr. Walton. Department Head Brian Roberts added, “I am happy for growth”

Paulette Mills of Poggemeyer Design Group also spoke to Council. There is a Neighborhood Revitalization Grant program for Low to Moderate Income (by census) communities–North Baltimore qualifies for this program because of the community filling out surveys earlier this year with a high enough number being returned for us to qualify. There could be up to $500,000 available for various improvement projects in the village, if we would be selected for the funding.

Paulette Mills of Poggemeyer Design Group shares about a $500,000 grant opportunity……………

It would be necessary to hold at least 5 public participation meetings in order to gather ideas from the community of what the major needs are.  At least 3 projects would need to be chosen from the prioritized list. The application would be due in Mid-June 2018,and awarded in October 2018. Those who are awarded the grant funds would then have 24 months to spend the money and complete their 3 projects.

Public Safety Committee Chair Art Patterson announced the Fire Department had collected 3 bikes, $1747 in cash, and 19 boxes of toys for the Toys for Tots program.

Public Works Chair Ty Carles gave the floor to V.A. Murray who spoke on the idea of reconstructing and paving the 100 block of North Main Street in 2018, due to the fact the road will be torn up for the Downtown Revitalization project that is slated to take place. “Milling and paving doesn’t work well in the 100 block because of having the railroad in that block,” said Ms. Murray. “It is a much deeper /thicker level. People are tired of it waiting for it to be paved, “she added. Mayor Goldner said, “Let’s face it, we’re all construction weary.”Ms. Murray asked, “Why not do it while it’s already torn up( instead of having to do it twice)?”

Out-going Council member Rich Rose suggested the Council hold their meetings in 2018, at 5:30 pm next year, instead of 7:00pm, as in 2017. The group decided to try the time change for a trial period before officially changing it by ordinance.

Brrrrrrr….Council Member Rich Rose loves to wear shorts–even when it’s cold!

Mayor Goldner ended the meeting by stating there would be a memorial service at the next council meeting, honoring the late Kevin Powell, who was the first EMS Chief for North Baltimore. Also, she reminded everyone that Dec. 20th is the Community Christmas Caroling, followed by Hot Chocolate at Fire Hall

Community Caroling is WEDNESDAY Evening at Fire Hall

All are invited. Begins at 6:00pm……………………….

Bring your voice, a canned food item to donate, and your holiday spirit, and join in the Community Caroling Sing-A-Long in downtown NB on Wednesday evening, starting at 6:00pm. The event is sponsored by the North Baltimore High School Choir.

All are invited and welcome to join the fun of singing (outside the Firehall)… and enjoying some hot chocolate afterwards (inside the Firehall).

North Baltimore High School choir members Abigail North and Mali Combs approached NB Village Council to request permission to hold the Community Caroling event that takes place Wednesday. Come join the fun!

Abbi North and Mali Combs get permission to sing Christmas carols in front of the firehall……

Photo Gallery: First and Second Grade Boys Show their Ball Skills

During last Friday’s Varsity basketball game vs. Leipsic………………………

Here are some photos for you to enjoy of the First and Second Grade Boys who have been learning new basketball skills for the last two months. They took to the “Big Floor” at NBHS on Friday night, and played during the half-time break of the Varsity game. Enjoy!

Thanks to Scott Ferguson, Fotos by Ferg for sharing these ……………

First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills
First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills
First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills
First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills
First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills
First and Second Grade Boys show their Ball Skills

4 Ways to Survive Holiday Gifting

The gifting season can quickly spiral out of control…………..

(Family Features) While the holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year for children, the gifting season can quickly spiral out of control for unprepared shoppers.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

These four tips can help you conquer holiday gifting like a pro:

Get organized. The secret to conquering the holiday season is having a plan. Take 10-15 minutes to update your calendar with all your holiday parties, family engagements, secret Santa exchanges or any other gifting commitments. Make sure to include dates, locations, times and even specifics, like themes, if they’re available. If you have multiple holiday events, you might even color-coordinate your planner for an easy visual reminder. Sync your events across all smart devices for an easy glance at the touch of a button.

Find your go-to gifts. As an adult, deciphering what kind of gifts a child wants in this digital age can be tricky. Some classics like brick toys are still a hit with kids of all ages. Studies show that 60 percent of children love playing with brick toys and more than half of parents love that their kids do, according to Mattel Global Consumer Insights. Try product lines like Mega Construx and Mega Bloks, which combine the fun of brick toys with popular franchises to create exciting products for kids. Find more holiday gift ideas at

Wrap gifts early. Now that you have your plan in place, save time by purchasing all the gifts you will need for the holidays and wrapping them at one time. Prevent the stress of a last-minute gift wrap run by pre-wrapping gifts and simply labeling them with removable sticky notes.

Build a gifting closet. Once you have your gifts wrapped and ready to go, consider using an old crate or storage container and turning it into a “gifting closet.” Insert dividers to separate the gifts by age range and set aside your treasure trove in an easy-to-reach storage area. You can even use this closet year-round for birthdays and other gifting events. On the day of the party, simply open your gifting closet, grab a gift for the right age and head out the door.

Another option to save time and money this holiday season is to enter for the chance to win a gifting closet with $1,000 worth of Mega products to help you conquer the gifting season. To enter the sweepstakes, post an original holiday photo to Instagram or Twitter with a short caption that includes why the entrant likes to give or receive construction toys as gifts. For full details, visit



Holiday Hours Announced for NW Water and Sewer District


The Northwestern Water & Sewer District will be closed in observance of the following holidays:


Friday, December 22 – The District office will close at noon in observance of Christmas Eve.  Open 8am-noon.


Monday, December 25 – The District office will be closed for the Christmas holiday.


Monday, January 1 – The District office will be closed for New Year’s Day.