Village Public Works Committee to Hold Meeting

Thursday, March 8th…………………………….

The Public Works Committee of North Baltimore Village Council will meet at the Public Works Garage on Thursday morning.

According to Village Council member Mr. Aaron Patterson, Chair of the Public Works Standing Committee, the meeting will be at 8:00 am, Thursday, March 8th, 2018.

“Community Lenten Lunch” is Wednesday at Noon

“Community Lenten Lunch” on Wednesday, March 7, from noon to 1:00 p.m. is being held at The Bridge Fellowship, 123 East Broadway in North Baltimore……………..

The public is invited to “Community Lenten Lunch” on Wednesday, March 7, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at The Bridge Fellowship, 123 East Broadway in North Baltimore.

The meal, which begins with a Lenten devotion, is part of the ministry of NBACM (North Baltimore Area Cooperative Ministry).

There is no cost for the meal. Participants are invited to give an offering for the ministries of NBACM including our “Community Food Pantry.”

Ohio Attorney General Issues 2017 Concealed Carry Report

The Attorney General’s Office compiles an annual report as required by law about the number of licenses issued each year…………

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Monday issued a report indicating that 131,345 concealed carry licenses were issued in Ohio in 2017.

According to the statistics reported to the Attorney General’s Office, in 2017 Ohio county sheriffs issued 77,281 new licenses and 54,064 renewals. Permit holders who wish to renew their licenses must do so every five years.

The Attorney General’s Office compiles an annual report as required by law about the number of licenses issued each year. Each sheriff must report concealed handgun license statistics quarterly to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Ohio county sheriffs began issuing concealed carry licenses in 2004.

To learn more about Ohio’s concealed carry laws or to views this year’s report and other statistics, please visit

Here are the statistics for Wood County, taken from the report:

Tigers Wrestle at Div III Districts

David Patterson forced to forfeit due to injury…………………………. (left) little brother Jonathan in District action.

North Baltimore High School wrestlers David (senior) & Jonathan (freshman) Patterson competed in Div III Districts at Defiance HS Friday & Saturday, March 2nd and 3rd.
113 – Randall Mills (Antwerp) maj. dec. Jonathon Patterson (NB)
132 – Wil Roth (Sand. SMCC) forfeit David Patterson (NB) Forfeit (injury)

113 – Jonathon Patterson (NB) maj. dec. Keith Tuttle (Plymouth)

132 – Zach Rocha (Archbold) dec. David Patterson (NB)

113 – Brandon Hahn (Eastwood) tech. fall Jonathon Patterson (NB)
132 – David Patterson (NB) pin Dakota Laughlin (Seneca East)
submitted by Suzanne Bucher
Fotos by Ferg
Due to an injury David Patterson (with the gray hood) was unable to wrestle but hung out with family to watch his brother
Coach Ishmael gives instructions
Jonathon tries to work the head of his opponent

Jonathon rolls over backwards trying to get out of the hold

Scouts Hold Annual Blue and Gold Ceremony for Pack #372

“We have a great group of boys and quite an impressive scouting program at North Baltimore.”…………………………

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

“Blue stands for truth and spirituality, for steadfast loyalty and for the sky above. Gold stands for good cheer and happiness and the warm sunlight. May the meaning behind these two scouting colors shine in your lives as we live the scouting program…”

The American Legion was full of Grandparents, parents, friends, and well wishers as our Pack celebrated achievements at the Blue and Gold Ceremony on March 4th. Patches were awarded and faces were painted. Five out of the six Webelos Two Den were on hand to participate in the “Arrow of the Light” Ceremony. Mitchell Novak, Everett Mowery, Isaiah Boyce, Davyn Gaertner, and Jackson Horner were assisted in a cross over celebration with their parents/guardians, and the Boy Scouts of Troop #315. (The other eligible Webelos was Gavin Nickols). Boys crossed over the Bridge and were welcomed into their new group of young men. But first, Tyler Stimmel, Eagle Scout, assisted each boy by shooting their arrow into the target for each young guy to retrieve. The boys were each given their arrow, an LED flashlight, and a mess kit for their future camping and scouting endeavors. Their Den Chief, Alex Trout, also made each boy a paracord survival bracelet with a compass and a flint enclosed. We were all treated to their “Lego Movie” they worked so hard to complete. Thanks to Candace Boyce for leading these guys on to an amazing future in scouting.

The Boys of Troop #315 showed up in force even though just hours before those same boys had completed their “Camp Alaska” adventures and slept outside in the wilderness with just tarps and sticks. If they were tired, they still managed to enthusiastically participate in the program. We appreciate their support!

Our newest boys also earned their “Bobcat” badge during the “Bobcat Rank Advancement.” Parents painted paw prints on foreheads, some horizontal sunshine rays under eyes, and lines on noses. The boys were instructed to go out and do a good deed. Boys eligible for their Bobcat rank include: Nolan Baltz, Gabe Berger, Donivan Boyce, Trever Capelle, Blaze Kline, Gavin Sesok, J.D.Spence, Logan Trout, Liam VanVooren, and Conner Williams. Congrats!

The group was treated to beautiful cakes and punch following the reception.

Special thanks to Scoutmaster Shawn Benjamin for being here for our little ones and for taking such great care of our bigger ones during camp this weekend. I would also like to send a shout out to the Trouts (Eric and Tammy) for everything that they do. So many hours of behind the scenes work-preparing patches, sorting popcorn, recording fees and finances, and if the Cubmaster job wasn’t enough, Eric took on two dens this year, leading the Webelos One group and our newest group, The kindergarten Lions. We so much appreciate all of the prep work our leaders and our Scout Masters do. We have a great group of boys and quite an impressive scouting program at North Baltimore. If you see a Trout, say thanks!

But we aren’t done just yet! The District Pinewood Derby is March 17th at Eastwood Middle School and Camp Berry is May 4-6th.

1-Webelos Two Den being greeted by Troop 315.
2-Everett Mowery crosses over.
3-Arrow of Light Ceremony
4-Troop 315
5-Webelos Two watching their movie
6-Den Chief Alex Trout prepping Isaiah Boyce
7-Bobcat Ceremony
8-First Year Scouts
11-Wolves receiving patches from Den Chief Jesse Vanlerberg

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Project Updates

Watch for intermittent short term lane restrictions as you drive around the area…………………………….

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) delivers water and sewer services to over 19,000 customers in Wood, Sandusky, and Hancock counties. Although many of our construction and maintenance projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our area. The District will announce updates and when additional projects are under contract. Updates and additions are highlighted in bold and underlined.

Wood County

McComb: Waterline Improvements *UPDATE*
Waterline replacement work on Todd, Scott, South and High Streets in McComb is now complete. Restoration work will continue through April. Project complete: May.

Middleton and Plain Townships – Potter Road Waterline Installation
Through March, service line and restoration work will continue on Potter Road from Poe Road to Long-Judson Road with minimal impact to traffic. Project complete: March.

Millbury – Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Through June, short-term, intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout the Village of Millbury for sewer work and manhole repairs. Project complete: June.

Northwood and Perrysburg & Lake Townships – East Broadway Sewer Maintenance
Through April, lane restrictions are possible on East Broadway Street between Walbridge and Wales Roads for sewer maintenance. Traffic will be maintained by flaggers. Project complete: April.

Perrysburg Township – Waterline Replacement *NEW PROJECT*
Effective the week of March 26, through August, short-term intermittent lane restrictions and closures are possible in the Hamlet subdivision for waterline installation. Local access will be maintained. Project complete: August.

Perrysburg Township – Sanitary Sewer Improvements *UPDATE*
Effective Wednesday, March 7 through Friday, March 16, lane restrictions are possible on River Road, between White Road and Rockledge Drive for sanitary sewer improvements. Through October, short-term intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout Perrysburg Township, north of SR 795, for sewer work and manhole repair. Project complete: October.

Perrysburg Township – Pump Station Improvements *NEW PROJECT*
Beginning the week of Mach 26 through April, intermittent lane restrictions are possible on Cummings Road between SR 795 and Hanley Road for pump station work. Project complete: May.

Rossford – Buck and Lime City Road Water Line Relocation and Improvements
Through Friday, March 8, expect lane restrictions on Buck Road between I-75 and Lime City Road and on Lime City Road between I -75 and Marilyn Drive for waterline installation. Traffic will be maintained by flaggers. Project complete: March.

Various Townships – Water Line Installation
Work on Wingston Road, between Sand Ridge and Hodgeman Road in Plain and Liberty Townships, is now complete. Through March, intermittent lane restrictions are possible on Rosendale Road, between Jerry City and Cygnet Road for waterline installation. Project complete: March.

Weston – Waterline Project
Through April, short-term intermittent lane restrictions are possible on Silver Street between Sugar Lane and Euler Street for waterline installation. Project complete: June.

Weston – Pump Station Project
Through March, intermittent, short-term lane restrictions are possible on Main Street, between Russ Street and Weston Road for pump station improvements. Project complete: May.

For a full list of projects on and off road, please visit our website:

Simple Seafood Solutions for Lent

Eating two servings of seafood per week – as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – is one way to make a positive commitment to you and your family’s health during Lent and throughout the year………..

(Family Features) With people across the country observing Lent, a religious tradition observed during the 40 days before Easter, it’s time to rethink the standard family meal menu.

This nearly eight-week period typically calls for a special diet. Specifically, red meat is cut out on Fridays for some and for the entirety of Lent for others. According to Datassential, 26 percent of consumers observe lent and of those, 41 percent said they eat fish on Fridays instead of meat.

Eating two servings of seafood per week – as recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – is one way to make a positive commitment to you and your family’s health during Lent and throughout the year. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, research shows eating seafood 2-3 times per week reduces the risk of death from any health-related cause. Seafood also provides unique health benefits as a lean protein and is a quality source for omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats essential to human health and development.

With so many seafood options available, including Alaskan cod, snapper, salmon and more, it can be easy to incorporate this nutritious lean protein into your diet.

This simple recipe for Blackened Catfish with Quinoa and Citrus Vinaigrette can help you on your way to a more nutritious meal plan that includes consuming seafood twice per week. If you can’t find catfish or prefer to substitute, any white fish such as cod, mahimahi or flounder will work.

For more seafood recipes and Lenten meal inspiration, visit or follow #Seafood2xWk on social media.

Blackened Catfish with Quinoa and Citrus Vinaigrette

Recipe courtesy of chef Tim Hughes on behalf of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership
Servings: 4

Blackening Seasoning:

  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon pepper
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon thyme

Quinoa Salad:

  • 1 tablespoon peanut oil
  • 1 cup corn, canned and drained or frozen and thawed to room temperature
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 cup edamame, shelled and thawed to room temperature
  • 3 cups quinoa, cooked

Blackened Catfish:

  • 1 tablespoon peanut oil
  • 1 pound catfish, cut into four fillets
  • 5 tablespoons Blackening Seasoning

Citrus Vinaigrette:

  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  1. To make Blackening Seasoning: Combine salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and thyme.
  2. To make Quinoa Salad: Heat and oil skillet. Add corn; salt and pepper, to taste, and saute until golden brown. Add edamame and sauteed corn to quinoa and set aside.
  3. To make Blackened Catfish: Heat cast-iron skillet to medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon peanut oil added. Coat both sides of catfish fillets with Blackening Seasoning. Add catfish to skillet and cook 5-6 minutes per side, or until well done.
  4. To make Citrus Vinaigrette: Whisk together lemon juice, lemon zest, honey and thyme. Slowly add olive oil, whisking until dressing is formed.
  5. Serve Blackened Catfish on top of Quinoa Salad and drizzle with Citrus Vinaigrette.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Seafood Nutrition Partnership