State Ranked Pandora-Gilboa Beat Tigers

North Baltimore High Schools Fall Senior Night was a rough one for the Tigers…

North Baltimore High Schools Fall Senior Night was a rough one for the Tigers…

Thankfully the weather was not as nasty as predicted Friday night when league-leading P-G brought their unblemished record (9-0) to NB’s War Memorial Field. The Rockets were ready to blast off scoring 6 times in the first quarter, in winning 56 – 14.

The Tigers scored on the last play of the first half when Levi Gazarek hit Clayton Heineman with a 13-yard touchdown pass. Gazerek was good on the extra point kick. At the half it was PG 56 NB 7.

The Tigers scored midway through the 4th quarter on a Levi Gazarek to Zach Weinandy pass play covering 57 yards (PAT good – Gazarek).

Gazarek was 7 of 20 passing fir 128 yards, 2 Td’s and 1 INT.

Weinandy had 3 catches for 104 yards and a TD.

The Tigers (1-8, 1-6 BVC) finish the season AT Van Buren for our closest rivals…

Come out and cheer NB vs. the Black Knights!

Chowline: Newly Updated Foodkeeper App Helps Reduce Food Waste

The app can also send reminder alerts to your smartphone when a food item you’ve listed may soon spoil and can alert you to food safety recalls…..

How do I know when an item of food is spoiled?

That really depends on the food item in question.

Food spoilage refers to a decrease in quality beyond what is acceptable to consumers, said Abby Snyder, an assistant professor and food safety field specialist in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University (CFAES).

Signs of food spoilage can include a change in color or texture. The food may also emit a foul odor or develop an unpleasant taste, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service.

“The quality of food products often decreases over time,” Snyder said, “and the point at which a food is considered ‘spoiled’ varies by product, how it has been processed and packaged, and storage conditions.”

Food spoilage can occur more quickly in perishable foods depending on the impact of temperature, heat, humidity, light exposure, oxygen and the growth of microorganisms, all of which could cause a food item to be unpleasant to eat.

Microbial spoilage can occur more quickly when foods are exposed to unsuitable conditions, which can result in the growth of bacteria, molds and yeast.

“While these microorganisms may or may not be harmful, the waste products they produce when growing on or in food may be unpleasant to taste,” according to the USDA.

One way to prevent or lessen the chance of your food spoiling before you get a chance to eat it is to follow proper food storage methods. Storing foods properly can greatly impact their quality and safety over time.

For easy access to specific storage information, you can use the USDA Foodkeeper app.  The app, which was just updated this month to include 85 more food items, helps consumers know how to avoid food waste through its information on how to store foods for maximum quality and information on how long certain foods last.

The app includes tips on how to store more than 650 food and beverage items that are available in an online data feed. Each time a user opens the Foodkeeper app, it will check the data feed for updates on food safety issues. The app also provides guidance on how to store condiments and sauces.

The app offers storage timelines for each product if it is stored in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry and cooking information for several types of food. The storage of unopened and opened food packages is also addressed.

The app can also send reminder alerts to your smartphone when a food item you’ve listed may soon spoil and can alert you to food safety recalls. Users can access cooking tips, safe food handling information, and cooking temperatures for various types of meat, poultry and seafood products.

The app offers mobile accessibility and is available for Android and IOS devices. It can also be accessed online at The app provides information in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Chow Line is a service of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and its outreach and research arms, OSU Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. Send questions to Chow Line, c/o Tracy Turner, 364 W. Lane Ave., Suite B120, Columbus, OH 43201, or

Save Winter Driving Event at AAA

Stop by to ensure your car is ready for winter………..

Safe Communities of Wood County is sponsoring a safety event for older adult drivers.  Winter driving is coming soon. Be prepared by attending this event:

This event is from 1-3 pm on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Perrysburg AAA.

FALL NBHS Cross Country Team Pictures

Fall 2018…..

Here are the Cross Country Team Pictures for this season–FALL 2018

HS Boys
Front row: Jaiden Baldwin, Gabe Gazarek, Jordan Kimmel, Wyatt Mowery, Zion Cook
Back Row: Alex Trout, Darrian Zitzelberger, Levi Trout, Coach Bradlee Rowlinson

HS Girls
Front Row: Rachel Crouse, Lucy Trout, Sydnee Smith, Rhiannon Powell
Back Row: Coach Bradlee Rowlinson, Katie Dewulf, Lydia Hartman, Coach Cyndi Hotaling
Not Pictured: Caitlin Schwartz

Fall NBHS Cheerleading Team Picture

FALL 2018…….

Here are the NB Cheerleaders for this season–FALL 2018

Front Row
Madison Westgate, Simone Thompson, Meghan Thompson, Lexi Williams, Britney Biller, Jordan Bucher, Mia McCartney, Meredith Buchanan
Back Row
Grace Stanfield, Hannah Showalter, Caitlin Schwartz, Hannah Main, Isabelle Buchanan, Zoey Beaupry, Corrina Adkins, Myra Stewart

Expand Your Kitchen

How space-saving sliding door hardware can help…..

(Family Features) Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place where family and friends gather. It’s also a space where you may seem to need more space, whether you’re making breakfast for the kids or hosting a big dinner party.

Using innovative wall-mount door hardware, you can unlock your kitchen’s potential by freeing up the “real estate” traditional swinging doors take up. Due to their unique space-saving possibilities, versatility and aesthetics, wall-mount sliding doors can make your kitchen more open and inviting.

Photo courtesy of Johnson Hardware

A standard hinged door consumes 10-14 square feet of floor space to swing open and shut, putting kitchen space at a premium. Single or converging wall-mount sliding doors allow you to utilize this floor space for kitchen furnishings, storage, extra mingling room for guests and more. They also give kitchens a more spacious look and can enhance your home’s design flow, making it more welcoming and facilitating movement between rooms, which is essential for gatherings and larger families with children.

To maximize your kitchen’s footprint and optimize functionality, an option like wall-mount door hardware from Johnson Hardware can provide a new world of architectural possibilities for your kitchen, regardless of size or layout. Ideal for wider kitchen entryways, converging wall-mount door hardware allows doors to glide smoothly as they open whenever you want a free flow for entertaining or close for privacy during meal preparation.

Converging doors can add sophistication or create a cozy feel, depending on the hardware configuration and door style you choose. Available with or without fascia in either clear satin or bronze anodized aluminum, the U.S.-made hardware and track exceed ANSI safety standards and can successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles. You can also add your own valance to match the door material and trim.

Wall-mounted sliding doors also work well for kitchen pantries and large recessed shelving areas where you want to conceal clutter and ensure clean, streamlined spaces. With Johnson’s array of hardware configurations, you can create personalized looks that integrate the door designs and materials you desire with options for doors up to 125 pounds, which are equipped with wall-mounted jump-proof aluminum box tracks and adjustable door hangers for easy installation, as well as options up to 400 pounds, featuring wall-mounted, heavy-gauge I-beam tracks and smooth-rolling, ball-bearing four-wheel hangers.

Installing wall-mount sliding door hardware in your kitchen – and beyond – can be an easy yet high-impact improvement that reduces space constraints while adding warmth, functionality and appeal to your home. For more information, visit


Johnson Hardware

FALL NBHS Volleyball Team Pictures

Fall 2018…………..

Here are the NB Volleyball teams from this year, FALL 2018


Bottom Row – Simone Thompson, Hailey Watson, Maddy Gerdeman, Allie McPherson, Grace Hagemyer, Head Coach Alli Baker
Top Row – Coach Jolyn Buchanan, Mia McCartney, Olivia Hyatt, Leah Lee, Hannah Lord, Allison Kepling, Coach Amy Lee
Bottom Row – Meredith Buchanan, Grace Stanfield, Grace Lennard
Middle Row – Coach Alli Baker, Halie Inbody, Skyler Vogelsong, Chloe Hopple, Kealeigh Leady, Mali Combs, Coach Amy Lee
Top Row – Coach Jolyn Buchanan, Hailey Lennard, Isabelle Buchanan, Danielle McPherson, Myra Stewart
1st Row – Gabby Estrada, Laura Keegan
2nd Row – Leia Thomas, Rylee Ramsey
3rd Row – Emma Cotterman, Coach Alli Baker, Kaitlyn Grant
4th Row – Hailey Lennard, Halie Inbody, Meredith Buchanan

5th Row – Coach Amy Lee, Coach Jolyn Buchanan