Village Council Reorganizes for 2019

Special meeting after Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday night….

Village Council Meeting Jan. 2, 2019

By Sue Miklovic

The evening began with prayer from Pastor Phillip Park-Thomas of St. James Church who suggested we pray for the welfare of the common good. After the pledge of allegiance, followed by the roll call, the Village of North Baltimore Council reorganized for 2019 with the election of Matt Beegle as new president of council.

Mayor Goldner also made an assignment to standing committees for the council members and announced boards and commissions  for 2019. See separate story for a list of those committees and commissions.

Village resident Mark Senecal participated in public participation at the council meeting citing his concern for the safety of handicap residents who use the street while scootering around town. “I’ve lived here for 30 years, he said “ and we need we need to have concern for the welfare of the common good, like the pastor just prayed for”  He continued, “We need to be educating our citizens of their responsibilities.” His concerns were focused on the need for sidewalks throughout the community.

Resident Mark Senecal shares his concern during the Public Participation portion of the meeting

Some items of interest discussed at the meeting included:

~ a report from the Interim Finance Officer that corrections are being made to the 2018 expenditures- getting things put into the proper categories
~ discussed the sidewalk ordinance for the village
~the number of EMS runs made in 2018  was 619, with 14.7% of those taking place in Henry Township.
~ The Village Administrator Michael Brillhart announced he was working on a five-year capital improvement plan. “We have several projects already funded (which he is preparing to administer)but we need to continue with a plan for the next 4 years that follow the initial projects.” He announced that he was meeting with both TMACOG and Poggemyer Design Group this week.
~Other things continuing to be discussed included the need for cameras, personnel issues for weekend work and fill in schedules, the need for an economic and community development plan that offered a CRA (Community Reinvestment Area-abatements) and sharing the recently updated village brush policy.

There will be a  special meeting immediately following the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday January 8th, which begins at 5:30pm.

L to R: Zoey Beaupry, Student Representative; V.A. Michael Brillhart; Past President of Council Art Patterson; New President of Council Matt Beegle; Councilman Tim Engard.

Paws for a Cause is Collecting” Pennies for Patients”

Collection will continue until Saturday at the homecoming game. Paws for a Cause members will be asking for community support

This week during Winter Homecoming week, Paws for a Cause is doing a Pennies for Patients collection to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The money goes to help the organization in various ways, from funding healthcare for personal victims of the cancer to providing stays for family members.

Each class at NBHS/MS will be competing to see who can raise the most money. The competition will end next Friday, and the classes will receive points for battle of the classes. If we raise $750 as a school, the winning class will also receive an Olive Garden lunch. Mr. Jones’ has a box in his room for the 7th grade; 8th in Mrs. Traver’s room; 9 th in Mr. Pack’s room; 10th in Mr. Daniels room; 11th in Mrs. Frey’s room, and 12th in Ms. Lauer’s room. 

Collection will continue until Saturday at the homecoming game. Paws for a Cause members will be asking for community support during the home games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. We would love to have any able community members donate to this worthy cause as well. If you wish to donate, please drop off money at the school or contact Ms. Lauer at [email protected] or 419-257-3464 ext. 1311.

Poetry Contest for Older Adults

14th Annual contest sponsored by Wood County Committee on Aging…

WCCOA is welcoming entries for 14th annual poetry contest

Bowling Green, OH – The Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc. (WCCOA) will soon be accepting entries for 2019’s Poetry Contest, “Dreams”. Any Wood County individual 50 years of age or older may participate. The opening date for submissions will be Tuesday, January 22 and will close on Friday, March 29 at 4 p.m.

Poems should share stories of life, hope, dreams and love. We are looking for poetry that, in some way, celebrates the heart and souls of members of Wood County citizens as they continue to celebrate their lives.

Entries must be submitted in English, double spaced, in a 12 point Times New Roman Font or handwritten. Entries must be entirely your own work and never previously published, online or offline. All styles of poems are acceptable but they must be originals. Any plagiarized poems will be disqualified. Poems should not exceed one page.

Two entries will be accepted per person. Intent to submit will not be accepted. Poems are to have a title and to have the poet’s name, address and phone number on each page.

Poems are due to the Programs Department at the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., 305 North Main Street, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 by Friday, March 9, 2019 by 4 p.m. You may also e-mail your entry to [email protected] All entries must have the title of the poem, the poet’s name, phone number, address and date of submission included.

Winners will be selected by a Bowling Green State University Writing Professor and BGSU Gerontology Students. All poems entered will be available for reading in a loosely bound edition.

Winning poems will be announced on April 26, 2019 on our blog and via phone call, and will be published on WCCOA’s website and blog. The grand prize award will be a $50 gift card.

All poems will be posted on our blog site, [email protected]. All submissions become the property of WCCOA and can be published online or in print.

The mission of the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., shall be to provide older adults with services and programs which empower them to remain independent and improve the quality of their lives.

For information on programs and services, please contact the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., at (419) 353-5661, (800) 367-4935 or

Council Committee of the Whole Agenda – Jan. 8

Meeting is January 8, 2019 5:30 PM

January 8, 2019
5:30 PM

I. Call to order at 5:30 PM Public Safety Committee. Art Patterson – Chair
Discussion on Park Cameras

II. Call to order at 5:45 PM Public Utilities Committee. Aaron Patterson – Chair

III. Call to order at 6:00 PM Finance and Technology Committee. Leisa Zeigler – Chair
Discussion on Proposed Resolution 2019_Capital Improvement Program (5 Year)

IV. Call to order at 6:15 PM Public Works Committee. Matt Beegle – Chair
Discussion on Brush Policy – Doug Wickard
Discussion on Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

V. Call to order at 6:30 PM Economic and Community Development. Ty Carles – Chair
Discussion on CRA Economic Development Planning Services Proposal

VI. Call to order at 6:45 PM Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review. Tim Engard – Chair

VII. Mayor’s Items –

VIII. Tree Commission

NB Council Minutes – Dec. 18



I. Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor Goldner called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and led the Pledge of
II. Roll Call:
Mayor Janet Goldner-Here, Matt Beegle-Here, Ty Carles- Here, Tim Engard –
Here, Aaron Patterson-Here, Art Patterson- Here, Leisa Zeigler-Here, Student
Representative- Zoey Beaupry-Absent, Clerk Kathi Bucher- Here, Legal Counsel-
Joel Kuhlman-Here
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to excuse Ms. Beaupry. Second by Mr.
Beegle. All approved.
III. Approval of the Agenda:
Motion by Mr. Beegle to approve the agenda of tonight’s meeting. Second by
Mr. Engard. All approved.
Approval of the Minutes:
Motion by Mr. Carles to approve the minutes of the special meeting on December
11, 2018. Second by Mr. Art Patterson. All approved.
Motion by Mr. Beegle to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2018 meeting.
Second by Mr. Engard. All approved.
IV. Public Participation:
No one signed up. The Mayor did ask Mr. Brillhart to say a few words about
V. Letters and Communications:
VI. Administrative Reports:
Finance Officer: Tony Swartz- filling in for the Village. Hasn’t been on duty too
long, but is digging into things. Finding a lot of things in the wrong place and
items that still need to be posted. He will get us thru this. Questions from council
members on how we spot this in the future.
New emails: [email protected] ; [email protected]
EMS Chief:
Fire Chief: No reports due; no questions
Police Chief:
Utility Director:
DPW Superintendent:

Village Administrator: no report due

2 | Page
Clerk: nothing
Appointed Legal Counsel: absent
Mayor: Handouts A,B,C; A resident has requested two lots be combined into one.
Planning Commission approved it.
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion of the recommendation of the Planning
Committee to allow the combining of the 2 parcels. Second by Mr. Engard. All
Legal Counsel arrived at 6:01 pm. Streets are going out for bid. Eight trees were
planted in the Village.
VII. Standing Committees:
Economic and Community Development (Ms. Zeigler)
December 27 th there will be a meeting with Todd Dickerson. Mr. Brillhart to send
out a reminder to members.
Public Safety (Mr. Art Patterson)
Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Carles)
Public Works (Mr. Aaron Patterson)

Public Utilities (Mr. Engard)
Finance and Technology (Mr. Beegle)
I would like to welcome Michael (Brillhart) and Tony (Swartz). I believe the
thing we would like to see most is communication-uncensored-unfiltered.
Readings: 2018-52 change to emergency
VIII. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business
IX. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions
Mr. Carles made a motion that Ordinance 2018-52 be read by number and title
only, suspend the rules, dispense with the third reading and declare an emergency.
Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.
Ordinance 2018-52 read by the mayor by number and title only.
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to adopt. Second by Mr. Beegle. All
X. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions
Mr. Carles made a motion that Ordinance 2018-51 be read by number and title
only for its third reading. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

3 | Page
Ordinance 2018-51 read by number and title only by the mayor.
ordinance to make appropriations for Current Expenses and other
Expenditures of the Village of North Baltimore, State of Ohio, during the
fiscal year ending December 31, 2019.
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to adopt. Second by Mr. Carles. All
XI. Other New Business

XII. Other Old Business

XIII. Payment of the Bills
Mr. Beegle made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 143,824.44. Second by Mr.
Carles. All approved.
XIV. Executive Session
Mr. Engard made a motion to enter into executive session at 6:12 PM for 121.22
G1 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion or
compensation of a public employee. Second by Mr. Aaron Patterson. All
XV. Return to Regular Session
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to return to regular session at 7:02 PM.
Second by Mr. Engard. All approved.

XVI. Adjournment
Mr. Aaron Patterson made a motion to adjourn at 7:02 PM. Second by
Mr. Beegle. All approved.

High School Boys Update – Jan. 7

Tiger Boys split hoops action over weekend…

N Baltimore @ Hopewell-Loudon – 1/4/19


Hopewell-Loudon 4-11-17-22—54
N Baltimore 3-3-8-10—24

Levi Gazarek – 9
Johnny Hagemyer – 5
Zach Weinandy – 4
Clayton Heineman – 3
Mitch Clark – 2
Jaden Bucher – 1

HL – 56
NB – 29

Holgate @ N Baltimore – 1/5/19


N Baltimore 8-16-0-21—45
Holgate 9-5-11-12—37

Levi Gazarek – 22
Clayton Heineman – 10
Jaden Bucher – 6
Alex Snyder – 4
Johnny Hagemyer – 3

Varsity Overall Record 2-6, BVC 0-3

Holgate – 44
N Baltimore – 30

JV Overall Record 1-7, BVC 0-3

Upcoming Boys Games
Fri 1/11 Pandora-Gilboa (home), 6:00
Sat 1/12 Patrick Henry (home), 6:00

submitted by Suzanne Bucher

NB Honor Roll Update

We have been asked by a viewer if she missed the “High School grade reports”.

North Baltimore High School – Middle School tells us that the Honor Rolls will be released to the media once the office has received the Penta County Honor Roll. This is done so that all of NB’s honor roll students are listed in the same release.

Thanks for asking Sandy!