Lady Tigers Beat C-R

North Baltimore Varsity Girls @ Cory-Rawson in BVC play

High School Girls Basketball Results

North Baltimore Varsity Girls @ Cory-Rawson in BVC play – 1/17/19

North Baltimore 20-10-23-10 – 63
Cory-Rawson 8-13 – 9 – 3 – 33

Leah Lee – 15
Alivia Light – 14
Grace Hagemyer – 12
Mia McCartney – 8
Simone Thompson – 4
Allison Kepling – 3
Kenzie Perez – 3
Hailey Watson – 2
Lexi Long – 2

2-PT FGM-A: 18-35 (51%)
3-PT FGM-A: 9-21 (43%)
FTM-A: 0-3 (0%)
Rebounds: 39 (Hagemyer 14)
Assist Leader: Light 10
Turnovers: 17

Varsity Overall Record 7-6, BVC Record 5-2

Tiger JH Boys B-ball vs. Arcadia

NB vs. Arcadia 7th/8th Grade Boys (one team only)

North Baltimore vs Arcadia – 1/14/19

7th & 8th Grade Boys (1 team only)

North Baltimore – 37
Arcadia – 31

Chase Woodruff – 16
Owen Clark – 4
Andre Johnson – 4
Gaige Dewitt – 10
Tyler Williams – 1
Rowan Tacket-Spangenberg – 2

Upcoming JH Games
Wed 1/23 Van Buren (home), 5pm
Mon 1/28 @ Liberty-Benton, 5pm
Wed 2/6 Hopewell-Loudon (home), 5pm

Jr. High Girls Hoops vs Arcadia

Lady Tiger JH Basketball vs. Arcadia in The Jungle

North Baltimore Junior High Girls Basketball hosted the Arcadia Red Skins in The Jungle last week.

Fotos by Ferg (

Village Council Committee Assignments Listed

2019 Committee Chairs and members listed……

Here is a copy of the 2019 Village of North Baltimore Council Committee assignments, and Boards and Commissions. These helpful lists can help you find the right person to contact with your concerns for the village.

2019 Village Council Committees
2019 Village Commissions and Boards

BVHS Weekend Column: Contact Dermatitis on the Hands

…reduce the risk of contact dermatitis on the hands.

Contact Dermatitis on the Handsby Kelly Koenig, MD, FAAD , Blanchard Valley Medical Associates – Dermatology

Kelly Koenig, Dermatology Resident

Many people suffer from various rashes to their hands. We use our hands in countless ways throughout the day, so itchy, painful and sometimes blistering or cracked skin on our hands can have a huge impact on our daily activities. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Hand dermatitis can have several causes. For instance, some individuals suffer from ongoing chronic issues related to an existing skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis. During the winter months with lower humidity, these conditions often worsen. Most commonly, however, newly onset dry skin on the hands is classified as “irritant contact dermatitis.” This condition can result in dry, cracked, painful skin anywhere on the body but is commonly found on the hands due to frequent washing and exposure to various chemicals in our environment.

Overly dry skin on the hands can result from the overuse of harsh soaps and cleaning agents, frequent hand-washing, dry heat and low humidity in the air, or lack of moisturizing to help repair the skin barrier after these insults. Washing hands with mild, moisturizing and non-foaming cleansers is one measure to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis on the hands. Additionally, using hand sanitizers, which are less irritating that soap and water, throughout the day when the hands are not visibly soiled and moisturizing the hands with a heavy emollient cream or ointment that is fragrance-free immediately after they become wet may also help. White petrolatum (plain Vaseline), CeraVe cream, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula, Aquaphor, Vanicream, Eucerin cream and other similar products are favorable moisturizing options.

Less commonly, individuals can be affected by “allergic contact dermatitis.” This results when an allergen or chemical in the environment comes in contact with the skin and causes itchy, red, raised and sometimes blistering rashes that appear two to seven days or more after exposure. A common example of this type of reaction is poison ivy.

Many chemicals can also cause allergy including fragrances, metals such as nickel, gold and cobalt, preservatives such as formaldehyde, quaternium-15 and MI/MCI, or topical antibiotics such as neomycin and bacitracin. Because these reactions typically occur several days after exposure, it can be difficult to correlate and decipher the actual cause. If the hands do not improve by using gentle soaps and moisturizers listed above, then further allergy testing such as “patch testing” can be completed to help identify any chemical source contributing to the problem.

Overall, for dry, itchy skin, using mild and fragrance-free cleansers, hand sanitizers when appropriate and moisturizing immediately after washing and throughout the day can help reduce irritation. Prescription cortisone creams can also provide relief for extreme cases, and ultimately further testing is sometimes required. A board-certified dermatologist can provide guidance if despite these measures, individuals continue to experience severe contact dermatitis.  

Tiger Boys Fotos vs. P – H for Homecoming

Winter Homecoming game in The Jungle

Fotos by Ferg (

The Tiger Boys battled with the Patriots from Patrick Henry in the Winter Homecoming game in The Jungle.
NB came up short here is that story Tigers BBK vs PH 2019

1) Alex Snyder playing defense 2) Levi Gazarek with a jumper 3) Clayton Heineman hits the off balance lay up 1) Gunner Kepling with a runner in the lane 2) Hunter Baker fires from deep 3) Hunter Volgelson saves the ball from going out

3 Tips to Create Your Dream Closet

No closet is complete without some personal touches….

(Family Features) If you’ve ever opened your closet doors and been depressed by what you see, it may be time to rethink your closet.

In fact, according to a One Poll survey on behalf of ClosetMaid, 57 percent of women admitted having an organized closet would make finding what they’re looking for faster and easier while 3 out of 10 said an organized closet would make mornings less stressful.

However, treating yourself to your dream closet and introducing a new level of organization can help alleviate those worries and provide a fresh perspective. To get started on your closet makeover, consider these tips:

Assess Your Needs
Before diving headfirst into a full-blown closet makeover, start by assessing any budgetary constraints as well as the physical aspects and size of your space. Determine your ceiling height and available wall space to give yourself a feel for what your area can accommodate; you may even want to consider converting an adjacent room into your dream closet. Remember to account for any sloped walls and whether you prefer a simple reach-in closet or a more elaborate walk-in. Once you’ve determined your preferences and completed your measurements, turn to your wardrobe to assess whether you need more hanging space, shelving, shoe storage, accessory drawers or something else entirely.

Make Your Dream a Reality
Whether you’re a motivated DIYer intent on completing the project yourself or would prefer to work with a team of designers and professional installers, there are plenty of options available to bring your dream closet to fruition. One closet system to consider if you’re seeking a completely customized, designer-inspired space is ClosetMaid’s MasterSuite 27th Avenue collection. The professionally installed line can be cut to nearly any configuration and offers a range of matte and premium wood finishes, three drawer styles, elegant hardware options and high-end accessories, allowing you the design freedom to ensure the features and aesthetic match your vision for the space.

Customize Your Space
No closet is complete without some personal touches. Make your closet work efficiently with some luxurious organization accessories such as jewelry trays, shoe shelving, wire baskets and drawers, sliding mirrors, valet rods, scarf racks and more. Once you have the necessary accessories and hangers, set up a systematic flow by using the zone principle. Keep frequently used items in prime real estate, accessories within reach and tuck away those rarely used items.

With your dream closet complete, the only thing left to worry about is keeping it in tip-top shape. For more closet makeover tips and solutions, visit


Lutheran Church News

Sunday, January 20, Pastor Ralph Mineo will offer a message titled “Why Do We Care?”

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, North Baltimore
This Sunday, January 20, Pastor Ralph Mineo will offer a message titled “Why Do We Care?” based on John 2:1-11 at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in North Baltimore at 10:15 a.m.  Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:00 a.m.  Plan now to join us.  

St. John’s Lutheran Church, McComb
“Why Do We Care?” based on John 2:1-11 is the topic of Pastor Ralph Mineo’s sermon for January 20, at St. John ‘s Lutheran in McComb at 8:00 a.m. A joint adult Sunday School with the McComb United Methodist Church begins at 9:15 a.m.  We hope you will worship with us.