ODOT Update for Findlay Area

HANCOCK COUNTY: Concrete work to restrict traffic on Interstate 75 for one month beginning Tuesday, March 19…

The following traffic impacts related to the reconstruction and widening of Interstate 75 in Hancock County and through the city of Findlay are scheduled to occur. General contractor on the project is Beaver Excavating, Canton. All work is weather dependent.

Interstate 75 northbound will be restricted to two lanes beginning at approximately 7 a.m. Tuesday, March 19 during placement of concrete for a protective barrier wall. The restriction will begin at the U.S. 224 interchange and continue to county Road 99.

The restriction will remain in place for approximately one month.

Brendan Woodward at District Wrestling Today

Congratulations to NB Wrestler Brendan Woodward in the OHSAA District Tournament today!

by JP Miklovic

Congratulations to North Baltimore High School Wrestler Brendan Woodward who will be wresting in the OHSAA District Tournament at Lakota High School beginning today, March 1.

Woodward wrestles at 120 pounds and is a freshman at NBHS. He place 4th at Sectional to qualify. His record for the season was 5- 22.

Good Luck Brendan!

Brendan Woodward

Today’s Tune to Get Your Day Going!

Enjoy this music video from YouTube, selected especially for YOU!

The Time – Spring 1974
The Place – WLFC-FM
Findlay College Radio

Please enjoy this upbeat tune to maybe help get your day off to a better start.

Or, if it’s later in the day and you need a pick-me-up?

Donald Fagen from the album The Nightfly. “New Frontier”

I bet you can’t not tap your foot to the beat…


Although this tune (New Frontier – 1983) was not part of the playlist back in 1974, at WLFC, the group Steely Dan WAS very much on my playlists in those days (and still to this day).

Along with Donald Becker and recording studios were full of some of the greatest session musicians and “stars” to record with other bands, just because they could…, Donald Fagen and “the Dan” jammed liked no one else… ever…

Thank you for your time and viewership and have a blessed day – JP

5 Ways to Avoid an Energy Crash

It’s fairly common to skip breakfast if you’re in a rush to get out the door, but those few minutes you save in the morning can end up costing you as the day wears on……

(Family Features) If you start each day motivated but find your energy tends to fade throughout the day, a few simple and easy-to-implement changes to your routine could make all the difference.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Minor adjustments to your eating habits, exercise routine and mental attitude can help boost energy levels so you can power through the day feeling fully charged.

Tune in.
Take the silence out of a dull morning with some of your favorite music to help ensure you’re starting the day on a positive note. Turn on the radio while you’re showering, plug in headphones while preparing breakfast or set a “wake up and get ready” playlist on shuffle during your commute.

Start with breakfast. It’s fairly common to skip breakfast if you’re in a rush to get out the door, but those few minutes you save in the morning can end up costing you as the day wears on. That’s because breakfast quite literally breaks your overnight fast and sends signals to your body that it’s time to kick back into gear for the day. With a convenient option like the Nescafé Coffee Protein Smoothie, you can hack your morning routine so that you can get more out of your day. Made with real 100 percent Colombian Arabica coffee, oats and almond butter, this ready-to-drink smoothie contains 15 grams of plant-based protein and as much caffeine as one cup of coffee to help you prepare for the day ahead.

Get creative. If you typically spend your mornings focused on routine tasks, give your brain some creative freedom. Carving out time during the day for an activity you enjoy, such as sketching or coloring, watching inspirational videos, meditating or even brainstorming outside-the-box ideas for a fictional client, can help increase productivity when you turn your focus back to the task at hand.

Shake up your afternoon pick-me-up. Mornings can go by in the blink of an eye, but afternoons sometimes seem to drag. A little boost may be all you need to keep going. Reward your hard work with an option like a Nescafé Cold Whipped Latte and enjoy a perfectly indulgent afternoon treat. Give it a quick shake and the chilled blend of coffee, creamy milk and coffee or French vanilla flavors create layers of barista-inspired froth and foam to deliver a coffee-shop experience right at your desk.

Prep for the next day. If you’re apt to take your work home with you, consider jotting down any end-of-day work thoughts and tasks for the following day before you leave for the night. Keeping a physical to-do list or journal can provide a starting point for the next morning. This can help prevent forgetfulness, reduce stress and potentially aid in getting a better night’s sleep because your brain isn’t buzzing from trying to keep a mental checklist.

Find more inspiration to energize your morning and shake up the afternoon at Nescafe.com/us.


PUCO offers utility tips for small businesses

Lowering your thermostat in the winter can result in significant savings….

COLUMBUS, OHIO – According to the National Federation of Independent Business, energy costs are one of the top three expenses in 35 percent of small businesses. Utility services including electric, natural gas and telephone are essential to running a business, but they do not have to break the budget.

By understanding utility services and implementing conservation habits, small business owners can reduce energy waste and develop energy savings and solutions. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) offers these tips to help manage small business utility costs.

  • Pay attention to your bills. Reading and understanding your bills can help you detect problems early on. If you receive a bill that seems too low or too high, contact your utility company. It may be a sign of a faulty electric or natural gas meter, and getting the problem fixed can save you from overpaying or paying too little over a long period of time.
  • Control the temperature. Lowering your thermostat in the winter and keeping the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature in the summer can result in significant savings on your heating and cooling bills. Installation of smart thermostats with features like automated climate control and usage analysis can also help businesses monitor and eliminate wasted usage.
  • Check with your local utility for savings. Many utilities offer rebates, discounts and other energy efficiency programs to help consumers reduce their usage.
  • Know your energy usage. Conducting a simple energy audit can help you find ways to conserve energy and reduce demand while discovering places where you may be wasting it. Your utility company may be able to conduct an energy audit for you, or you can look for tools online to help you do the audit yourself.
  • Look for energy efficient appliances and equipment. Many large and small appliances have models available that are ENERGY STAR® approved for energy efficiency. You can also replace lighting with ENERGY STAR®compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs to increase the efficiency and the life of your lighting. There are also a variety of state and federal loan and grant programs to give businesses incentives to install energy efficient and renewable energy technologies.
  • Know your options as an energy consumer. Look into your options as an energy consumer by visiting the PUCO’s Energy Choice Ohio website at energychoice.ohio.gov. There you will find the Apples to Applescomparison charts to compare generation rate offers by PUCO-certified electric and natural gas suppliers. Take note of the pass through costs related to transmission, and review your peak load contribution (PLC) with your utility and/or supplier.

By monitoring your utility bills and practicing energy conservation habits, small-business owners can make the best use of their business’s energy dollars. The PUCO offers a variety of information to help small businesses understand their bills and conserve energy. For more information, contact the PUCO at (800) 686-PUCO (7826) or www.PUCO.ohio.gov

Community Lenten Lunches Begin Next Wednesday

Each Wednesday during Lent from noon – 1:00 p.m.

Join with the North Baltimore faith community each Wednesday during Lent from noon – 1:00 p.m. for lunch and devotions.  There is no cost for the meal.  A freewill offering will be received to assist the ministries of NBACM, which includes the Community Food Pantry.

March 6 @ Holy Family Catholic Church, 115 E. Cherry St. NB

March 13 @ Good Shepherd Church, 119 W. Broadway St. NB, hosted by Praise Chapel Pentecostal Church

March 20 @ St. James United Methodist Church, 201 S. Second St. NB

March 27 @ The Bridge Fellowship, 123 E. Broadway St. NB

April 3 @ Church of the Good Shepherd, 119 W Broadway St. NB

April 10 @ St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 215 N. Second St. NB