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North Baltimore Custom Cuts 

From the farms to the freezers – We’ll cut whatever you want FRESH!!!
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Get 6 FREE Chicken Leg Qtrs. with purchase of a BEEF – Pork – Combo Freezer Bundle
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85% LEAN Ground Beef



SAVE $2.00 per pound!
Bone-In Ribeyes – $12.99#
NY Strip – $11.99#
Top Sirloin – $8.99#
Flat Iron – $5.49#

Beef Brisket – $4.09#
Beef Short Ribs – $7.49#
Beef Skirt Steaks – $5.99

Assorted Bone-In Pork Chops – $2.89#

Our Bun Length Brats
Regular – Cheddar – Pepper Jack – Bahama Mama
$1.50 each
(a meal in itself!)

Whole Chickens

Split Chickens

Pork Spare Ribs – $2.79#

Only at NB Custom Cuts!Tasty Taters
Potato Chips
$4.00 bag

We accept Credit – Debit – EBT

Learn about growing hops

The second workshop will be in Bowling Green on Aug. 14.

Learn about growing hops

The surge in local craft breweries has increased demand for hops, beer’s key ingredient.

Growing hops can be an additional source of income for farmers. New or experienced hop growers can learn more about the crop at three field nights that will be held across the state starting Aug. 7 in Piketon. The second workshop will be in Bowling Green on Aug. 14, and the third in Wooster on Aug. 21.

All three workshops will be held in hop fields. Topics will include a galvanized trellis system; pest and nitrogen management; and new Ohio hop variety breeding, evaluation, and selections.

The workshops will be run by Brad Bergefurd, a horticulture expert with OSU Extension.

To register for the workshops, contact Charissa Gardner at 740-289-2071, ext. 132, or email [email protected].

14 Hops Field Night, 5:30–8:30 p.m., 13737 Middleton Pike, Bowling Green, Ohio. Information applicable to new and veteran hop growers as well as those interested in getting started. Sessions on galvanized trellis systems, hop mechanical harvesting demonstration, drying demonstration, insects and disease, pest management, nutrient management/fertigation demonstration, and drip irrigation management. Cost: $15 required by Aug. 13. Contact Charissa Gardner, program coordinator at South Centers, at 740-289-2071, ext. 132, or [email protected] to register.


NB Schools Open Houses Details

Next week NB Local Schools commence!



FROM 5 – 7 PM

First Day of School for North Baltimore students is Wednesday, August 21st


We look forward to seeing all of our parents and students. This is a very good opportunity to:

  • see the buildings and classrooms,
  • pay fees and
  • put money into the cafeteria accounts for all students. 

Please plan to attend and meet your child’s teacher(s). What a GREAT way to start the year!

Public Notice: Main Street Construction to Begin

Weather permitting…

RE: WOO – N. Baltimore CBD ENH / PID NO :99004

Dear Resident/Business Owner:

Geddis Paving & Exc., Inc. has been contracted with the Village of North Baltimore to improve the roadway, sidewalks, lighting, and drainage of N. Main Street. We will try to minimize the inconvenience this work will cause you.

In order to complete the work safely, no “through” traffic will be permitted.

Weather permitting construction will begin on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019.

Typical construction will occur Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Most of the Construction should be completed within 90 Days.

At times, access will be limited due to concrete curing at storefronts. Access will be restored as soon as possible in these instances.

Emergency vehicles will always have access.

Street parking is prohibited during construction.

Your patience and cooperation during this construction will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions concerning the work please contact the Village, @ 419-257-2394.

Geddis Paving & Exc., Inc.

Golf Season is in full swing 

Stay Safe With Golf Carts and Personal Transport Vehicles By Understanding These 6 Safety Tips


Alexandria, VA  – Golf cars and personal transport vehicles (PTVs) are increasingly popular with consumers on and off the course due to their ease of use and increased utility, says the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), an international trade association representing manufacturers of golf cars, personal transport and utility vehicles, outdoor power equipment, and small engines, and their suppliers.

“Golf cars and PTVs may look alike, but these vehicles are designed to separate standards to assure safety and performance in their intended operating environments. Golf cars are designed to transport golfers and equipment around closed courses. They generally lack safety features for use on public roads or closed-community use. PTV standards require features like headlights, stop lamps, horns and mirrors, which increase vehicle and user safety when operating on designated roadways,” says Kris Kiser, President and CEO of OPEI. “Golf cars and PTVs are not toys. Read the owner’s manual to understand the vehicle’s features and operation. Don’t drink and drive. Obey manufacturer recommendations for operating age and designated number of passengers. Follow the rules of the road, and only drive PTVs where specifically permitted by law.”

Do you now the local laws for operating a golf cart in North Baltimore? If you don’t, you should contact the Village Police Department.


Whether getting around the golf course, or cruising your community, operate these vehicles safely, understand their unique driving dynamics and obey all applicable laws for their use.

OPEI reminds users of these important safety tips when they get behind the wheel of golf cars and PTVs:

Familiarize yourself with operating procedures. Review your owner’s manual and always follow manufacturer’s operating instructions. Remember to use all safety equipment that is installed on the vehicle.

Load the vehicle correctly. Obey the manufacturer’s warnings for maximum number of occupants. Do not try to squeeze in extra passengers or allow anyone to ride standing in the vehicle or on the back platform, including caddies. Do not operate the vehicle until all occupants are fully seated.

Drive safely and obey all local laws. Reduce speed and increase caution when operating vehicles on grades, slippery or loose terrain and when turning. Careless operation in these conditions may cause vehicles to lose traction and adversely affect operator control. Only operate vehicles on designated roadways or property where permitted by law, or the applicable regulatory authority.

Avoid distractions. Be attentive to traffic and hazards while driving, and don’t text and drive.

Stay sober and alert. Do not drive a golf car or PTV if intoxicated or under the influence of a drug or narcotic.

Take shelter during inclement weather. Although a golf car may shield players from the rain, it may not protect from a lightning strike. Find safe shelter immediately if you see lightning or hear thunder.

More WC Parks Programs

Through the end of August…..

MTB Skills Workshop
Sunday, August 18; 11:00am- 12:30pm
Black Swamp Preserve
1014 S Maple Street, Bowling Green
Learn from the pros of Spoke Life Cycles and The Right Direction as they teach fundamental skills to conquer off-road biking challenges and features. Bring your own bike and helmet. This class is appropriate for riders of all skill levels. Must be 6 years of age or older to participate – no training wheels. Minors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians for the program’s duration. Bring your own bike, helmet, and water. Minor repairs and bike set-up help available at the program.
Cycle Werk Basics
Wednesday, August 21; 6:00- 7:45pm
CycleWerks Bicycle & Fitness
248 South Main Street, Bowling Green
Bike upkeep is crucial to ensuring your rides are smooth and safe. Let the experts from CycleWerks tune-up your skills in maintenance fundamentals in this hands-on workshop. Bring your own bike for hands-on practice. All other materials provided.
River Wading
Thursday, August 22; 6:00- 8:00pm
27174 Hull Prairie Road, Perrysburg
Get up close and personal with the life in the Maumee River as we explore some of its runs, riffles and pools. Kids must be 8 years or older. Program cancelled in the event of high water. We will be in the water exploring with our hands and nets so wear quick drying clothes and footwear that can get wet and stay attached to your feet.
Hiking for Health Series
Friday, August 23; 10:00- 11:30am
Otsego Park
20000 W. River Rd., Bowling Green
Join a naturalist for exercise and the wonder of watching the seasonal changes. The hikes will offer a true mind-body connection.