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May 27, 2022 3:35 am


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Jr. Hi Boys Basketball Results – Nov. 21

North Baltimore Junior High Boys Basketball is underway. Here are game stats vs. Pandora – Gilboa.
submitted by Coach Lane Bishop
7th Grade

Pandora- 29
NB- 21

Leading Scorers:
Mitch Clark-10
Johnny Hagemyer- 7
Jeremiah Suman- 4
8th Grade
Pandora- 34
NB- 20 4
Leading Scorers:
Neil Chamberlain- 7
Zach Weinandy- 5
Alex Benjamin- 3
Nick Morales- 2
Blaine Knitz- 2
Seth Cole- 1
photos by Ferg –  To see a lot more of Scott’s great sports and nature photography, go to:
nb-bb-8th-pandora-3 nb-bb-8th-pandora-2 nb-bb-8th-pandora-1 nb-bb-7th-pandora-3 nb-bb-7th-pandora-2 nb-bb-7th-pandora-1

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