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May 27, 2022 2:13 am


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NB Council Minutes – Jan. 17 2017


I. Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Goldner called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Roll Call:

Mayor Janet Goldner-Here, Ty Carles-Here, Ms. Emahiser- Here, Art Patterson -Here, Rich Rose-Here, Leslee Thompson- Absent, Richard Van Mooy-Here, Student Representative Noah Pelton- Here, Clerk- Kathi Bucher- Here.

Mr. Rose made a motion to excuse Ms. Thompson. Second by Ms. Emahiser.

All approved.

III. Approval of the Minutes:

Motion by Mr. Rose to approve the minutes of the January 3, 2017 meeting. Second by Ms. Emahiser . All approved.

IV. Public Participation: (5 min limit)

Harold Haynes- business owner uptown, has a water line he would like moved (from side of the store in the alley, to out front) and to add 2 more taps. He feels he is getting the run around. Would like to add this to his taxes. Would like to have some answers.

Bonnie Knaggs- what is going on with the town clock? It isn’t working. Allyson Murray informed her it was the Rotary’s clock and it is on their agenda to decide what to do with it.

Also Bonnie mentioned there are street lights out. 2 on the round-about alone.

V. Letters and Communications:


VI. Administrative Reports:

Finance Officer: reported submitted- it is straight forward.

EMS Chief:

Fire Chief:

Police Chief: no reports due, no questions asked

Utility Director:

DPW Superintendent:

Village Administrator:

Ms. Murray informed all of council there was a phishing scam today. Mr. Kirk received an email from what was similar to Ms. Murray’s email address asking him for money. Luckily, they caught this and no money was transferred.

3) Main Street Corridor – waiting on permit- then will go door to door informing people.

4) Municipal Building Communications Tower – project is finished and everyone seems pleased.

5) Wood County Economic Development Membership – Membership dues for 2017 are due. Previously North Baltimore has had a Board Level Membership ($1500 per year) but last year dropped down to a Supporting Level Membership ($500 per year).

Mr. Van Mooy wanted to know is the $1500 worth it? Maybe Wade Gottschalk could give us 5 good reasons to go with the higher cost verses the lower cost. Was he too busy to answer the email?

Mr. Carles was interested in knowing what does this do for us? It was explained by Ms. Murray that we get a seat at the table or we don’t.

Mr. Van Mooy said “no question- we go for the 1500, important to have a seat at the table.”

Proposed Motion: To authorize the Village Administrator to send in our Membership dues for 2017 to Wood County Economic Development Commission at the _$1500__level.

Mr. Van Mooy made the motion to authorize VA to go with the $1500.00 dues for membership. Second by Mr. Carles. All approved.

6) Winter Weather Policy – The Personnel Policy and Ordinance Review Committee met on Monday January 9 to condense and finalize an updated version of snow removal procedures for the village public works department. The final product was reviewed at the COTW meeting and should be adopted at the council meeting on Tuesday January 17, 2017.

Proposed Motion: To adopt the 2017 winter weather policy and revoke any and all winter weather policies that were in place prior to this 2017 policy.

Mr. Rose made the motion to adopt the 2017 Winter Policy. Second by Mr. Patterson. All approved.

7) Resolution 2017-01 – This resolution authorizes the Village Administrator to sign documents on behalf of the village for the Main St. Waterline Replacement Project. This is similar to the resolution we passed last year for signatures on documents for the Headworks Project.

Proposed Motion: To authorize the Village Administrator to sign documents for the Main Street Waterline Replacement Project

8) Baseball/Softball Meeting – Tuesday, February 21 at 6:00 pm in the Village Hall. Anyone wanting to use the fields needs a representative at the meeting.

9) Rotary Wine Tasting Event- March 10, 2017. 2=$25.00/limited tickets.

Mr. Van Mooy added regarding the new Main Street Corridor that he would like to know if any other businesses want their water lines moved before we put down a new road.

Clerk: nothing

Appointed Legal counsel: absent due to illness


State of the Village Address

Our lovely Madam Mayor mentioned items that were highlights of the past year. Projects completed: May 24, Safety Service Day; June 14, CSX, FD, EMS collaborated in a safety drill; New Municipal roof; water meter change over; sewer plant headworks project; communication tower; street paving; hazard tree removal; tree planting; ADA compliant crosswalks; grant funds reaching over $378,339.

Upcoming projects: Water line on Main street; CDBG grant update of concession stand; Natureworks at the park; replacement of the water line (phase II); Phase III the streetscape; Phase IV paving of Main street to Corporation limit sign (to the North).

Council changes: Ms. Emahiser replaced Mr. Archer; Mr. Marcin retired and replaced by Joel Kuhlman; all the legislation passed; Ms. Mayor, starting year 2 of her term.

VII. Standing Committees:

Economic and Community Development (Ms. Thompson)


Public Safety (Mr. Patterson)

Henry Township- the last meeting went well. Rick sent an email to the committee.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Rose)


Public Works (Mr. Carles)

Still no information regarding digs of the broken lines. Will discuss at the next COTW.

Public Utilities (Mr. Van Mooy)

Mr. Patterson will retire at the end of March, 2017.

Mr. Van Mooy made a motion to let the Village Administrator seek applications to fill the upcoming vacant operations position. Second by Ms. Emahiser. All approved.

Finance and Technology (Ms. Emahiser)


VIII. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business


IX. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Mr. Rose made a motion that RESOLUTION 2017-01 be ready by number and title only for its second readying, suspend the rules, dispense with the third reading and declare an emergency. Second by Mr. Van Mooy. All approved.

RESOLUTION 2017-01 read by number and title only by the mayor.


Mr. Patterson made a motion to adopt Resolution 2017-01. Second by Mr. Rose. All approved.

X. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


XI. Other New Business

Report from Chief Baer. 2016 Annual Report (copy on file at the hall) Holly, questioned the public property.

XII. Other Old Business


XIII. Payment of the Bills

Mr. Carles made a motion to put the bills totaling $ 93,221.73 on the Claims Ordinance. Second by Mr. Rose. All approved.

Mr. Carles made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 93,221.73. Second by Mr.Rose. All approved.

XIV. Adjournment

Mr. Rose made a motion to adjourn at 7:36 PM. Second by

Mr. Carles. All approved.

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    1. Robert – The Council Minutes are sent to us by the Village Clerk, following approval by council. They are posted as is. So there was no reference “by the press” within the context of this posting.

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