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September 30, 2023 9:03 am

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2nd Annual NB Variety Show at NBHS on Saturday

Tickets for the 2nd Annual North Baltimore Variety Show are on sale now in the Middle/High School main office.

Tickets are $8.00.

The show is this Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Middle/High School Auditeria, and features many unique acts and a ton of talent!

Act I: 

01) Emma Cotterman, singing

02) Kaley McCartney & Allison Beaupry, twirling

03) Sydnee Smith and Lydia Hartman, singing

04) Meghan Thompson, clarinet

05) Alex Byrd and Hailey Powell, guitar/singing

06) Dalton Teaford, magic

07) Layla DeLancy & Gabby Estrada, singing

08) Brennin Gray-DuVall & Katie Dewulf, dance

09) Abby and Meg Empcke, singing/piano

10) Allison Beaupry, singing

11) Lindsay Davis, dance

12) Wyatt, Casey and Everett Mowery, rap

Act II: 

01) Bobby Crampton, singing

02) Damon Dotson, drums

03) Alex Byrd, singing/guitar

04) Caeli Empcke & Lucy Trout, instrumental duet

05) Alivia DeLancy &Kylie Grilliot, singing

06) Noah Pelton, piano

07) Zoey & Allison Beaupry, singing

08) Meredith Buchanan & Olivia Matthes, twirling

09) Chloe Lanning & Abbi North, singing

10) Lisa and First’s Americans, dancing

* Alex Byrd and Valerie Buchanan, Emcees

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