North Baltimore, Ohio

January 17, 2022 11:22 am


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3 MORE Inches of Rain Flooding NB Streets – NO WAKE LAW –

The relentless rain continued overnight and hasn’t stopped yet, although now just a drizzle and the weather persons are calling for clearing, sooner or later. However, North Baltimore streets, and no doubt basements and crawlspaces, along with some garages are probably taking on water at this point.

Some barricades have been put up by NB Public Works employees. With other PW workers in some areas trying to alleviate the pressures on the storm sewer systems, and trying to determine the best course of action to minimize the damage from the excessive and record rainfall of the past 60 days.

Turn around don’t drown is good advice, but generally not necessary with the current state of the thoroughfares in NB. However, please NO WAKE LAWS are in effect on Rudolph Rd. (photo didn’t come out), to keep water from getting into residents garages.

3 Responses

  1. Glad the separation of storm and sewer included those catch basins for storm water…. They do much more help sitting unused at the water department. Totally worth one of, if not the most expensive water bills in NW Ohio

  2. Actually Ryan, I would rather those stay out there. Those are extras for if one collapses and needs replaced! That way our water bills don’t have to pay for more replacements. If you have questions about the stuff out there, go to the next council meeting and I’m sure the water superintendent would love to explain the extras to you. As well as anyone on council I’m sure. That way it will clear up any confusion or concerns anyone has.

  3. Don’t expect council to make any attempt to alleviate the drainage issues. They can’t figure out how to fix a hole in the roof?

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