North Baltimore, Ohio

November 27, 2021 2:57 am


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Caution – JP at work!

TheNBXpress lives on! We are still in the process of converting to a WordPress based system.

We have much learning and re-populating to do!

We will have the database of the old NBXpress available in the future.

You may notice various anomalies from time to time, as we try out different plug-ins and widgets. Some of the issues will be fixed pretty quick, but some my be around for a while. If you notice something that is really annoying in the way you are able to view or function on our site, please leave a comment.

To you smart phone users who are finally able to view our site without the jumping around and reloading… WELCOME!

We are planning many new experiences to enhance our service to the community and your viewing pleasure, we hope that you find them useful and beneficial!

Thank you for your kind patience as we work to improve your viewing experience!

3 Responses

  1. It is good to see that the NBXpress has continued to mature and grow. JP provides an excellent service to North Baltimore and area. We love the current/daily news format of our local on-line newspaper. Don’t forget to tell everyone to wear a hard hat when getting anywhere near where JP is “at work”!

    1. Thanks Doc! But hey, like you. I would be unable to do what I do, without the undying love and support of MY Susan Lorraine! Cya!

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