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Auditor’s Office Announces Tax Distribution

Matthew Oestreich, Wood County Auditor, today announced the distribution of the year’s first half manufactured home tax

BLOOM             277.89BAIRDSTOWN                   39.24
CENTER               92.38BLOOMDALE                 133.50
FREEDOM             454.54BOWLING GREEN              6,315.65
GRAND RAPIDS             440.39BRADNER                 260.16
HENRY             652.24CUSTAR                        –
JACKSON             431.19CYGNET                   25.42
LAKE         14,831.66FOSTORIA                 613.00
LIBERTY             989.66GRAND RAPIDS                 231.73
MIDDLETON                    –HASKINS                        –
MILTON             226.61HOYTVILLE                   94.88
MONTGOMERY          1,272.47JERRY CITY                 125.34
PERRY             125.84LUCKEY                        –
PERRYSBURG         42,633.17MILLBURY                        –
PLAIN             327.79MILTON CENTER                 195.89
PORTAGE             245.77NORTH BALTIMORE              2,751.76
TROY          4,237.57NORTHWOOD                   61.85
WASHINGTON               38.84PEMBERVILLE                    1.50
WEBSTER               16.98PERRYSBURG              1,163.31
WESTON          2,557.91PORTAGE                    8.54
NW WOOD EMS             487.44RISINGSUN                   42.81
CNTRL JOINT FI             659.00ROSSFORD                        –
MID COUNTY EM             696.74TONTOGANY                        –
TOTALS         71,696.08WALBRIDGE              1,575.05
SCHOOLSWAYNE                 161.17
WEST MILLGROVE                 182.56
ANTHONY WAYNE LSD                    –WESTON              1,642.10
BOWLING GREEN CSD         46,760.58TARTA                        –
EASTWOOD LSD         16,042.33SENECA CO HLTH                   18.08
ELMWOOD LSD          6,906.84TOTALS            15,643.54
FOSTORIA CSD          3,042.92
GIBSONBURG EVSD                    –
LAKE LSD         67,721.49
LAKOTA LSD          3,483.62
MCCOMB LSD          1,180.63
NORTH BALTIMORE LSD         22,081.70
NORTHWOOD LSD          2,117.04
OTSEGO LSD         15,011.37
PATRICK HENRY LSD               61.25
PERRYSBURG EVSD         14,424.80
ROSSFORD EVSD       121,982.98
FOUR COUNTY JVSD                 6.73
PENTA COUNTY JVSD         23,318.84
VANGUARD VSD             315.62
TOTALS       344,458.74
Matthew Oestreich, Wood County Auditor, today announced the distribution of the year’s first half manufactured home tax.
In addition to these collected taxes, Wood County subdivisions will share in homestead and rollback reimbursements from the State of Ohio of approximately $210,000.  This money together with an equal second half reimbursement will be distributed following the August manufactured homesettlement.  The Homestead Exemption is a benefit for those 65 years of age or older OR permanently disabled persons who own their home and reside there as their principal place of residence.
The applicants Ohio adjusted gross income cannot exceed $31,800.   Mr. Oestreich
urges those who think they might qualify to contact the Auditor’s office at (419) 354-9173 or
from Northern Wood County 1-866-860-4140, extension 9173.
There are 3,798 registered manufactured homes generating a tax of $545,432.99
That tax is disbursed to the political subdivisions as follows:
WOOD COUNTY             19,512.29
HISTORICAL CENTER                  415.15
BOARD OF DD             42,174.57
WCADAMHSB             18,231.50
WCCOA               5,082.66
PARK               7,260.92
JOB & FAMILY SERV               9,439.21
HEALTH DIST.               3,601.18
WAY LIBRARY                  326.05
WC LIBRARY BOND                  771.71
WC LIBRARY OPER               2,482.45
ROSSFORD PUB LIB               2,163.98
NO BALT LIBRARY                  858.40
KAUBISCH LIBRARY                   86.55
PEMBERVILLE LIB.                  461.99
WAYNE LIBRARY                  216.92
WESTON LIBRARY                  549.10
TOWNSHIPS             71,696.08
MUNICIPALITIES             15,643.54
SCHOOLS           344,458.74
 $        545,432.99


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