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NB Fire Report May 2019

North Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department Monthly Calls for Aid Report to Village Council.

Chief Ted “Hunker” Francisco II

May 2019

Total Monthly Calls 11 for Aid

2019 Yearly Total – 74

Response to:CountComments
Great Scot12Fire Alarm
Main St13Assist EMS
Oil Center10MVA
Cygnet Rd7MVA
Liberty Hi Rd8MVA
Tiger Dr10Fire Alarm
CSP5Fire Alarm
Cygnet Rd22MVA
Tiger Dr7Fire Alarm
E Broadway St6Power line down
Tarr St7MVA
Active  MemberTraining Level
Ted Francisco IIFFChief
John StewartFFAsst Chief
Harley CaldwellFFAsst Chief
Jim StewartFF/MFRCaptian
Joe StewartFFLT
Troy GreenoFFLT
Matt MatthesFF/MFRSec
Will Matthes     FF/EMTTreas
Andy Allison     FF/MFR     
Matt Archer     FF     
Adam Bateson     FF     
Cory Bateson     FF/EMT     
Bryant Matthes     FF     
Rob Buchanan     FF     
Mike Deibert     FF/Paramedic     
Tim Engard     FF     
Chris Gerdeman     FF/MFR     
Hank Matthes     FF     
Wade Ishmael     FF     
Kyle Jordan     FFEngineer
Rick Lonsway     FF
Greg Mills     FF     
Hank Matthes III     FF     
Chad Wright                         
Trenton Strickland     


Greg Rockhill     FF     
Ryan Cook     FF/EMT I     
Chase Nichols     FF     
Zach StewartFF
Tyler TrumbullFF
Pat WoodruffFF
Taylor Bishop                   

Reserve Members:
Dave King
Mike Hosler
Ron Stewart
Ron Meggitt
Mike Clark
Jeremy Ray
Skip Baltz

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