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NB Village Council Minutes – Oct. 21


Pledge of Allegiance 

Mayor Julien called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: 

Mayor Mike Julien-Here, Leslee Thompson-Here, Aaron Patterson-Absent,

Janet Goldner-Here, Bill Cameron-Absent, Rich  Rose-Absent, Art Patterson—

Here, Clerk Richard Van Mooy-Here, Student Representative Kylie Hiser—Here.

Ms Thompson made a motion to excuse Messer Cameron, Patterson and Rose.     Second by  Art Patterson.  All approved.

Approval of the Minutes:

Motion by Aaron Patterson to approve the minutes of the 10-07-14 meeting as corrected.  Second by Ms Goldner.  All  approved.

Public Participation:

Tom Clemons addressed council as a representative of the Wood County             ADAMHS board in support of the board’s 1.6 mill levy renewal.  Mr. Clemons             said that this levy represents 40% of the board’s annual revenue and without it             services would be greatly reduced.  He reviewed the services that the ADAMHS             provides to the community and urged all to vote yes for its renewal.

Letters and Communications:


Administrative Reports:

Finance Officer: Present. Report Submitted.

Mr. Kirk reported that we have received an 11% increase in our health insurance             premium. While this is a major increase it is less than the 20% increase that he             was expecting.

Mr. Kirk reported that the village has been victimized by fraudulent checks that were passed in the Columbus area.  He is working with law enforcement and     Huntington security on the issue.  The loss may be covered by insurance. Chief           Baer described the process by which fraudulent checks are passed.

Village Administrator: Present. Report Submitted.

Ms Dettling reviewed the bidding process for the 2014 tree removal.  She reported             that the lowest bidder did not provide insurance or workers’ comp information as             required.  After the bids were opened, Ms Dettling informed the bidder, Myers             Tree Service of the deficiency.  Myers subsequently submitted proof of insurance             and workers’ comp but both policies were dated after the bid opening date.  To             that end, Ms Dettling rejected Myers’ bid.  Mr. Marcin concurred with this             decision.

Based on Ms Dettling’s recommendation, Ms Thompson made a motion to          authorize the village administrator to enter into an agreement with Ashcraft Tree     and Shrub Service for 2014 tree removal per bid specs at a cost not to exceed $ 16,050. Second by Ms Goldner.  All approved.

Clerk: Clerk Van Mooy reported that the 11-04-14 agenda would not be    prepared until 11-02-14.

Aaron Patterson returned the conversation to the finance officer’s report.  He       questioned if sufficient effort was expended in seeking health insurance quotes,         In response to his question Mr. Kirk said that we have a new plan administrator        but we are sticking with our current carrier.  Aaron Patterson said that when he        was the chair of the Finance Committee  the village did a comprehensive market            search for the best rate.  Ms Dettling discussed several cost          savings measures that            are part of the 2015 coverage.

Appointed Legal Counsel Present.

Mr. Marcin discussed draft Ordinance 14-41 that could be added to the agenda or             held for the 11-04-14 meeting.

Mayor: Present.

Mr. Julien distributed copies of a letter in support of the street levy renewal.  It   will be sent to the media for publication.

Mr. Julien said that an executive session is need at the end of the meeting.

Standing Committees:

Economic and Community Development (Mr. Aaron Patterson)

No Report

Public Safety (Ms Goldner)

Ms Goldner distributed information on the 2015 EMS budget suggestions that     were a result of a brainstorming session held earlier in the day.  She said that our EMS service has improved and that we’re on the right track.  Chief Matthes      concurred. He said that without continued council support with funding that the   standard of care that is being delivered would be reduced. Members were asked to review the information in advance of the COTW.

Based on the recommendation of the Public Safety Committee, Aaron Patterson made a motion to authorize the North Baltimore Police Department to research funding opportunities to add a K9 unit to the force.  All approved except Ms Thompson who voted no.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Rose)

No Report.

Public Works (Mr. Art Patterson)

Ms Dettling reported that she asked the previous bidder for the pole barn roof replacement, JB Roofing, to provide an update of their 2013 quote for the work.  Based on that revision, Art Patterson made a motion to authorize the village administrator to enter into an agreement with JB Roofing for the pole barn roof replacement at a cost not to exceed$ 39,887 per quote #E13-180. Second by Aaron Patterson.  All approved.

Public Utilities (Ms Cameron)

Supt. Patterson and a representative from Jones and Henry explained the proposal             for a study to maximize the efficiency of the pumps at the treatment plant.  Due to             the reduction in flow caused by the SSP, the pumps are running inefficiently due             to their 1960’s design.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to authorize the Village Administrator to enter             into an agreement with Jones and Henry to complete a Project Cost Study for the             Headwork portion of the wastewater treatment Facility at a cost not to exceed             $16,150 per Jones and Henry             proposal dated 10-15-14 to be paid from the             wastewater professional services fund.  Second by Ms Goldner.  All approved.

Finance and Technology (Ms Thompson)

Ms Thompson reported that her committee is working on the 2015 budget and hopes to meet again before the COTW.

New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business

Aaron Patterson made a motion to add Ordinance 14-41 to the agenda.  Second by Art Patterson.  All approved.

Aaron Patterson  made a motion that Ordinance 14-41 be read by number and title only for the first reading.  Second by Ms Thompson

Ordinance 14-41 read by number and title by the mayor.


 Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


 Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


 Other New Business


 Other Old Business

Aaron Patterson asked for an update on the Cintas contract.  Ms Dettling said that she had a brief conversation with the vendor with no change.  She will keep an     eye on the contract renewal date and make sure that we cancel it.

Payment of the Bills

Ms Goldner  made a motion to put the bills totaling $ 299,900.26 (SSP 110,069.40) on the Claims Ordinance.  Second by Ms Thompson.  All approved.

Aaron Patterson made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 299,900.26.  Second by Ms Thompson .  All approved.

Executive Session

Aaron Patterson  made a motion to enter into executive session at 8:30PM for  121.22 G1 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee.  Second by Art Patterson  All approved

Return to Regular Session

Ms Goldner  made a motion to return to regular session at 9:08 PM.  Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.


Art Paterson made a motion to adjourn at  9:08 PM.  Second by Ms Goldner.  All approved.

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