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August 11, 2022 5:21 pm


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Here is an update for contributions to the campaign from Ralph Wolfe:

As the Chair of the Committee to keep the Virginia Theater open, I am elated to report that as of November 1, 2014, contributions of $20,700 have been received by Ms. Mandy Baltz at the Huntington Bank.

The amount already received means that we are more than half way toward our goal of raising $40,000.

This amount represents contributions from friends and former residents of the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New York,  North Carolina, and Virginia; and the following Ohio town and cities: Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Cygnet, Dayton, Dunkirk, Findlay, Lyndhurst, Maumee. McComb, Miamisburg, North Baltimore, Perrysburg, Powell, Rudolph, Van Buren, Wayne, and Worthington. Several merchants and professional  offices in North Baltimore have also made contributions.

The Committee has stated that the Campaign ends on November 21 and the Committee now urgently asks all those who have not yet made a contribution to do so. The Campaign’s goal is that the Virginia Theater equipped with the latest digital technology will continue to offer first-run movies in the only small town theater that yet survives in Wood County. Let us continue to be proud of North Baltimore’s 77 year-old Theater and help keep it open.

A lighted Theater marquee tells visitors to town that North Baltimore has not fallen to ghost-town status. Please remember that if the Campaign fails to receive the total amount, contributors will have the contribution returned. If the campaign reaches its goal of providing funds for the purchase of the digital  equipment, the equipment will remain in the Theater as long as the building exists.

Ralph Haven Wolfe,
Chair of the Committee to Keep the Virginia Theater Open

The Virginia Theater has shown movies in North Baltimore for 77 years (July 10, 1937) by projecting light through film onto the silver screen. That method is over! Movie projection has changed from 35 millimeter film to digital projection.

The Virginia Theater needs strong support to help finance the transition from film to digital projection, thus keeping the theater open on Main Street in downtown North Baltimore.

A group of interested persons has voluntarily formed to seek financial assistance for the digital installation. This committee is offering the opportunity to all those who want to see the theater remain open on Main Street to lend their financial support by making contributions which will be memorialized with a brass plate on a seat in the theater or on a brass plate in the theater lobby.

The first opportunity is for those interested in theater seat contributions. Seats are being offered as follows: one seat at $100 each, a row of 4 seats for $500, or a row of 8 seats for $1000. Each seat will have a single brass plate. A couple making a donation may have both names on a single plate for $150. Individual seats may also be purchased in memory or in honor of someone for $100.

The other opportunity is for those who may aspire, especially merchants and other businesses and professional offices to have the contributor’s name on a large plaque in the lobby of the theater. The contribution required for the lobby plaque is at three levels: Gold Level: $1000, Silver Level: $500, Bronze Level: $200.

Copies of this campaign plan will be sent to residents, current and past, businesses, and professionals, with instructions to send a check for the appropriate amount to:

Ms. Mandy Baltz
The Huntington Bank
141 N Main St
North Baltimore, OH 45872

Payment is requested by November 21, 2014.

The contribution will be held in trust at the bank until all contributions have been received. If the campaign fails to receive the amount of money needed to allow for the digital conversion, the check will be returned to the sender and the Virginia Theater will close.

The Committee is excited to offer this opportunity for Theater Seat or Lobby Plaque Levels of giving. Yet, we also understand that it will take all levels of giving to help to keep the theater open to offer first-run movies, thereby keeping the “The Theater Lights On”, which will convey the message: “North Baltimore is Alive and Well”

The Virginia Theater Committee Members:

Ralph Wolfe, Chair Janis Dukes
Bonnie Knaggs Paula Miklovic
Pam Seiler



Option One: Theater Seat Contribution

One (1) Seat at $100
Four (4) Seats at $500
Eight (8) Seats at $1000

Option Two: Lobby Plaque Contribution

Gold Level: $1000
Silver Level: $500
Bronze Level: $200

Contribution requested by November 21, 2014

Please Remit Payment To:
Ms. Mandy Baltz
The Huntington Bank
141 N Main St
North Baltimore, OH 45872

2 Responses

  1. I was a little late, but I did finally donate some money to this very worthy cause. Actually to call it a donation is not really correct because it is for my benefit. It’s really nice to be able to walk up town, get a bite to eat, grab a $4 movie, and enjoy it with a big bag of very good popcorn and a drink. I really liked doing that, and I would like to continue to do it in the future.

    What I don’t like is driving to Findlay, buying expensive food, and paying a ton of $$$ for a movie and snacks when I can get right here in NB for a lot less. Plus, after the tenth movie ticket, Doug gives you one free. You can’t beat the value anywhere else!

    Doug was limited on the movies that he could run because they reduced the number of movies on film, and as you know, movie makers stopped using film and went to all digital. Now, with your donation for a new digital projector, he will have a better selection of first run movies, which means more variety of movies. He doesn’t make much, if any, money on the movies, so he needs our financial help to keep showing movies.

    They are half way there with over $20,000 now! They are really close to having it open again, so please make your donation by November 21st because I would really like to have my local movies back.

    Mark Povenmire

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