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September 17, 2021 2:32 pm


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A Day At The (Cub Scout) Races

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

On February 12, 2017, Jeff Gordon had another great day at the races. No, not NASCAR, but close. “Jeff Gordon” was the overall winner for Pack 372 that day. Jeff was the creation of Powell second grader, Ryder Walter. This year the boys all chose special names for their racers. Jeff Gordon had a lot of excellent competitors that day, including second overall winner, Dane Bonagaru.

For the Tigers, (first grade) Rhys Williams won “Best of Show.”  First Place was Dane Bonagaru with his Hershey bar look alike.  In Second place, was Conner Coup, and Levi Vanlerberg snatched the third place trophy.

The Wolves, (second grade) had some fierce brotherly competition. It was Ryder Walter versus Trevor Walter for the win. Ryder came in first for the Wolves, with Trevor following in second place. Gabe Patterson came in third behind the twins, and Joseph Rose took home “Best of Show.”

The Bear Cubs, (third grade) also had a Walter. Brody Walter came in second, behind Daniel Hinkle’s first place win. Kohl Rood achieved a third place win and Aiden Williams walked away with “Best of Show.”

Next came the first of two Webelos. The Webelos One winner was Isaiah Hernandez. Mitchell Novak had a second place win, and third went to Trace Trumbull.  Davyn Gaertner took home the prize for “Best of Show” for Webelos.

Finally, the big boys. It was their final year for racing. It was intense. Sweaty hands gripped the cars and silent prayers were offered. Our personal prayer was that my son, Jesse Vanlerberg, would finally win his first race of his long derby career. It was not to be. Seriously, not one race. But he is an excellent sport, I promise. First place went to Isaac Franks, second to Josh Fennell, and third to Kyle Green. Jacob Trout left with “Best of Show.”

The top two boys from each den will be racing at the District race in Bowling Green in March. Best of luck, boys! And amazing job on those cars. From a block of wood to a fine oiled (actually oils are banned, more like graphite?) machine.


Photo credits to Lindsay Ziegler. She took all of these pictures.

Pic one: Isaiah Hernandez pre race.

Pic 2:Trace Trumball

Pic 3: Jesse Vanlerberg and Kyle Green at the starting line

Pic 4:  Tiger Cubs waiting to race

Pic5: Tiger Cub, Camden McCartney

Pic 6: Dane Bonoguro, Second Place overall winner

Pic 8: Dane Bonoguro, Rhys Williams, Connor Coup, Levi Vanlerberg

Pic 9:Aiden Williams, Daniel Hinkle, Brody Walter, Kohl Rood

Pic 10: Davyn Gaertner, Isaiah Hernandez, Mitchell Novak, Trace Trumball

Pic 11: Jacob Trout, Isaac Franks, Josh Fenell, Kyle Green in their final year of racing


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