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A Thanksgiving Prayer

by Pastor Ralph Mineo

It’s the season for Thanksgiving. It’s time to give thanks. It’s time to remember all the countless gifts of God. It’s time to remember our greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ and the salvation won for us by his life-giving sacrifice.

As a Thanksgiving Prayer, I invite you to pray the words of a children’s song I wrote a decade ago. (If you know the melody, feel free to sing it to the hymn “We Gather Together” and “We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer.” Search for the song name on YouTube to hear the melody.)

(1) We thank you O Father
for all of creation,
For birds in the air
and for stars in the sky.

We thank you for friends,
and we thank you for our fam’lies.
We thank you for salvation,
for Jesus the Lord.

(2) For food and for shelter,
for neighbors and loved ones,
For children in all
of the nations of earth.

For those who protect us,
for those who really love us,
And thank you heav’nly Father,
for all of your love.

(3) We thank you, we thank you,
we thank you, O Father!
We thank you again,
and again and again!

We thank you and thank you
and thank you and thank you!
We thank you heav’nly Father.
We thank you! Amen!

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