North Baltimore, Ohio

September 17, 2021 4:35 pm


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Amplex Internet Offering Additional Signal to NB

The new North Baltimore Amplex Internet tower is up and running. It is located on the NB water tower, east of town, just off Rt 75.  If you can see the tower (from your home or BUSINESS), then you can receive Amplex service!

With Amplex, you get local tech support, no hidden fees, and professional installation. 419-837-5015 or

All of our residential plans are available form this new tower.

Once again, we use a wireless signal from the tower, to a radio that gets mounted on the home.
If you can see the tower, you can receive our service.
This tower will also send a signal up to 12 miles away, so it can provide reliable high speed Internet to even the most rural locations.
With Amplex Internet, customers don’t have to worry about low monthly limits, extra fees, or hidden charges…and of course we offer superior local tech support.
Residential and Business-Class services plans are available, as well as VoIP phone service.

Amplex Website


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