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May 28, 2023 2:54 pm

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Anniversary of Golf in NB – 50 Years!

by JP Miklovic

North Baltimore has been blessed to have a golf course on the south edge of town for 50 years! September 13, 1965 the original foursome played the first round of golf on the new 9 – hole golf course, Briar Hill Country Club. That group consisted of local residents Jack Monasmith, Ken Adams, Max Green, Sr. and Don Miller. Today, 50 years later, the course is now called Birch Run Golf Club and it is a full 18 – hole layout.

The original 9 – hole layout was designed by Lenard Schmutte, for Howard and Bernadine Williams, who developed the former Briarwood swamp area and built the 3,000 yard long “original 9”, on the south edge of town, at the confluence of the Rocky Ford Creek from the south and the 10 – Mile Crick from the west.

The elder Williams’ sons, Bob and Louie (Don), would eventually take over and operate the course as the years and Howard and “Bernie” passed on. Bob Williams designed and in 1988 built the “new” nine on the west side of South North Baltimore Rd. Bob passed to cancer and Louie and his son Russell would run the course for several years, until 2006 when it was purchased by Birch Run Golf Course, LLC, owned by Tom Young and Brad Miller, of Findlay.

As Birch Run, Tom, who is the Operations Manager, has  invested heavily in the course layout, landscaping, upkeep and they have completely renovated the clubhouse, making tremendous improvements to every aspect of the operation. The course has been fortunate to have a couple of great course superintendents who have worked for Birch Run, including Ben Taylor (now at Red Hawk in Findlay) and the current “Super.” Mark Kuligowski, who has the course looking great and playing in a challenging, yet fun way for all levels of golfers! Just this year the course has added a fleet of 44 brand new Yamaha Golf Carts!

The course has been the home of the North Baltimore High School Golf Team since the 1960’s. NBHS won the State Golf Title in 1980 and over the years has had several graduates enjoy college golfing careers, with a few fortunate “playa’s” move on to careers in golf, including professional tour action,  professional teaching and several successful coaches.

First official foursome:

Briar Hill - Birch Run First Foursome - Sept. 13 - 1965
The first official foursome at Briar Hill (now Birch Run) from left – Jack Monasmith, Ken Adams, Max Green, Sr. and Don Miller. This was September 13, 1965!

Birch Run Golf Club is located at 14451 Deshler Rd , North Baltimore, Ohio 45872-8700 United States

Give them a call for yourself, your foursome, your large or small golf outing and celebrations – – – (419) 257-3641

visit: Birch Run Golf Course

Birch Run Club House

Birch Run purchased Loudon Meadows Golf Club in southeast Fostoria a couple of years ago, which has allowed them to offer double the opportunities for local golf enthusiasts to enjoy the game.

So –

Thank You & Congratulations

To the Williams Family:

– for their foresight and many years (41) of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and dedication in developing golf in North Baltimore!

To the Birch Run Team:

– for their investment of time (10 years already) and money and love for OUR golf course. We wish you 40 more years of success and the celebration of golf in our community!

JP Miklovic


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  1. I’ve had the opportunity Birch Run with Mark’s dad Roger. The course is beautiful and Mark dose a great job keeping it that way. All the best for the next 50 years. Ed K.

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