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April 2019 EMT Spotlight

Meet Ms. Sara Shawver, EMT-Intermediate

Ms. Sara Shawver, EMT

I am proud to introduce Sara Shawver, EMT-Intermediate as North Baltimore EMS’s April Spotlight EMT/Paramedic. Sara just recently joined the North Baltimore EMS Team. Sara is currently a full time EMT-I with LACP Lima EMS system as well. She has been in the EMS system for 10 years. Sara has also recently completed her Paramedic class and is in the testing stage. We wish her success and look forward to her advancing.

 She has a son. Sara has been awarded professional accomplishment awards in the field. In her past time she advised they enjoy restoring her old farm house as well as restoring antique furniture. And when I asked she advised she absolutely loves Goats.

Sara has already presented herself during training as a very qualified and skilled addition to North Baltimore EMS Team. I am sure we are going to see great things from Sara in the future. Sara, I Thank You in advance for your service for the needs of the residents of North Baltimore and Henry Twp.  

Note from Phil Walter II, NB EMS Chief:

The North Baltimore EMS Spotlight has been created to introduce the members of the North Baltimore EMS, to the citizens of North Baltimore and Henry Twp. My goal is for all the citizens to recognize all the members of the EMS. In my experience it is always good to see a familiar face in those times when the EMS is need. 

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