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Wood County Auditor Matthew Oestreich is notifying enrollees in the Current Agriculture Use Value (CAUV) program of their updated CAUV values via mail. “I am pleased to announce that CAUV values are lower for all soil types. This is welcome news considering the unprecedented increases that we have experienced during the past three reappraisal cycles. Lower commodity prices and recent changes made in 2015 and 2017 to the CAUV formula are the leading reasons for the decrease.”

Hoytville Clay (the most common soil type in Wood County, constituting 2/3 of all farmland) has a new CAUV value of $3,110 per acre; this compares to the prior value of $3,930 per acre in effect for tax years 2014-2016. This is a 21% decrease in value.

Wood County is required to update values during the year of general revaluation, which is the 2017 tax year (payable in 2018). The CAUV soil value is established by the Ohio Department of Taxation.  The department calculates these per acre values based upon the rolling five-year statewide averages for yield, commodity prices, and production costs per acre for each crop within each soil type.  Production costs are subtracted from the potential income.  The result is analyzed and an average price per acre is established for each soil type.

The CAUV program in Wood County totals 9,606 parcels, covering 318,785 acres (or, 81% of the county’s acreage). The program has been in existence since 1974 and has provided a significant reduction in taxes for agricultural land.

Auditor Oestreich concluded: “My staff and I are committed to serving you.  If you have any questions concerning the CAUV program, please contact Brian Jones by phone at 419-354-9174, or toll free at 1-866-860-4140, or email at bjones@co.wood.oh.us. Additionally, I would remind taxpayers that all property classes were reappraised – including residential and commercial properties –and 2017 (payable in 2018) property values are now available on our website: auditor.co.wood.oh.us.”



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