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September 30, 2023 8:52 am

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August Newsletter – North Baltimore Boy Scout Troop # 315

The Brat Tent at Good Ole Summertime Day
August Newsletter – North Baltimore Boy Scout Troop # 315
The Boy Led Troop
Baden Powell started the Boy scouts to train his men in the early years.  His belief was to put the responsability in the hands of the young men to lead each other and grow into leaders.  Troop 315 had its annual election to decide who among them would take the role of Senior Patrol Leader and assistants.   
Cody G.  Is SPL,   Kyle G. is ASPL,  These 2 young men will guide the troop and help each patrol and its leaders to continue the tradition of scouting in our community.  Community service,  Eagle projects,  fundraising for camps, and connecting with troops from our county, state, and all over. 
Other responsibilities taken are,  Cade C.  Chaplin’s Aid,  Damon D.  Quartermaster,  Alex T.  Troop Guide,  Billy T.  Webmaster and Scribe.  The troop also has four patrols currently,  Eagles, Dragons, Border and Archer and within each patrol , a Patrol Leader and his assistant help the patrol succeed. 
Many thanks to Hank M. and Tyler for their role as SPL and ASPL  the past two years. 
GOST Recap.
Our brat booth did much better that pizza and many thanks to scouts and parents alike.  Special thanks to the Kimmel Family, Gore, and Carter’s for going the extra mile as we worked out the kinks of cooking for the masses.  One grill became 2 , 2 grilles became a boiler and 2  grills.  All remaining product has been used and sold. 
Total gross sales were $1202.00 plus $150 for cleaning the streets.  After expenses.  We made approx $800.00 and all scouts who helped earned 1 – 2 shares for their scout accounts.  Thank you everyone who helped.
Doc Robert’s Woods Camp
We will be leaving for Doc Roberts Woods at 5:30pm , Friday , August 7 from the scout house.  I will need parents to help take scouts to the trail on Hammansburg Rd.  Scouts will then hike back to the woods for the weekend.  Note.  The bugs are pretty thick so please make sure your scout has Deep Woods Off for the weekend.  I will be bombing the woods Thursday night.  We also have permission to swim in the pond and will also be cooking lunch with the Webelos Cub Scouts Saturday .  They may also be swimming with us. 
Forecast for the Doc Robert’s weekend is upper 70’s , day temp, and mid 50’s overnight.   
August 17 – School open house
The North Baltimore scout troops , Cubs, Girl, Boy set up table and recruit during open house at Powell .  If any our my Powell scouts would wear their uniform and join me after you tour your classes.  Non scouts can get an idea of the fun we have as a troop.    Hearing it from their peers gets them excited and it works.  Garret, Dom, Mason and Kalab all joined after open house and finding us in the gym. 
Pizza and Swimming
On Sunday , August 23, our troop will be going to Bluffton pool for a day of swimming.  We will leave the scout house at 1:00pm and swim till 5:00ish.  We’ll then trek over to Stevie B’s Pizza for the annual “How many plates of pizza can you eat”.   Tyler seems to have you all beat with 8 plates last year.  “GO TYLER”.  Again,  I’ll need drivers and feel free to swim and have fun with us.  Scouts will need to bring money for Pizza.  $8.00 usually covers it.    However,  they do have a game room.  hint, hint
Quote’s from Baden Powell
See things from the boy’s point of view.
Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster’s own personal example.
The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders, the more they will respond.
The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.
The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.
Shawn Benjamin
[email protected]
Boy Scout group August 2015

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