Final Weekend! Virginia Theater – “News of the World”

Starts FRIDAY Feb 12 >>> Stars: Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel, Tom Astor

Starts Feb 12 thru 21,
Showtimes Fri, 7 pm & Sat/Sun 1, 4, 7 pm

News of the World

– A Civil War veteran agrees to deliver a girl, taken by the Kiowa people years ago, to her aunt and uncle, against her will. They travel hundreds of miles and face grave dangers as they search for a place that either can call home.
Director: Paul Greengrass
Writers: Paul Greengrass (screenplay by), Luke Davies
Stars: Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel, Tom Astor | See full cast & crew

Boards and Commissions NB Village 2021

Boards and Commissions for the Village of North Baltimore 2021


Boards and Commissions for the Village of North Baltimore 2021

Village Boards and Commissions 2021

Village of NB Website

Tree Commission

Mayor Goldner

Rick Van Mooy

Doug Wickard

Bonnie Knaggs

Leisa Zeigler

Michael Brillhart (staff)

Cherie Seiler


Planning Commission

JP Miklovic (chair)

Ginger Povenmire

Ronald ‘Ty’ Carles

Leisa Zeigler

Mayor Goldner


Tax Review Board

Tony Swartz (Finance Officer)

Janet Goldner (Mayor)

TBA (Legal Counsel)


Zoning Board of Appeals

Ryan Delaney (chair)


Malcolm Cameron no email – send letter

Roxie Emahiser no email

Michael Brillhart (Zoning Inspector)


Records Retention Committee

Tony Swartz (Interim Finance Officer)

TBA (Legal Counsel)

Jaimye Bushey (Citizen Representative)

Michael Brillhart (Administrator)

NB Snow Emergency Parking

All vehicles must be moved from the Snow Routes Listed below by 8 AM Tuesday.


The Village of North Baltimore has declared a Snow Emergency. All vehicles must be moved from the Snow Routes Listed below by 8 AM Tuesday.

Or risk towing and citation…

The following streets or portion of streets within the Village of North Baltimore are hereby designed at as snow emergency routes, and shall be posted as such as required by this chapter:
(a) Broadway from East Corporation limits to Mitchell Road
(b) Main Street from Roundabout to Quarry Road
(c) Second Street from High Street to Quarry Road
(d) Tarr Street from State Route 18 to Cherry Street
(e) West State Street from Main Street to Mitchell Road
(f) Poe Road from Broadway to State Route 18
(g) Water Street from Poe Road to Mitchell Road
(h) Rudolph Road from Quarry to Broadway.

POSTPONED – Kathy Irene Eninger, 72, NB

The funeral service will now be held at 12:00 p.m., on Thursday, February 18, 2021,

Kathy Irene Eninger, 72, of North Baltimore, passed away at 10:10 p.m., Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at her residence. She was born on November 3, 1948, in North Baltimore to the late Harry F. and Mary G. (Barnhizer) Eninger.

Kathy Eninger, 1948-2021

Kathy is survived by her sons: Nicholas A. Eninger and Steven F. Eninger, both of North Baltimore; sisters: Rebecca Eninger of Bowling Green, Martha “Marte” Sorg of Bowling Green and Jennifer L. (Daniel) Sherry of St. John’s, AZ; 3 nieces, 2 nephews, and numerous cousins.

Kathy retired after 30 years from Bowling Green State University, where she was the first female painter on staff. She was a member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church, North Baltimore. Kathy was a 1966, graduate of North Baltimore High School, and was a member of the Alumni Association and 50 year club. She was also a member of the Garden Club and Angels for Hope.

She was a lover of all animals, enjoyed traveling throughout her life, and was renowned for her crafts, cakes and crocheting.

The funeral service and visitation have been POSTPONED. The funeral service will now be held at 12:00 p.m., on Thursday, February 18, 2021, at SMITH-CRATES FUNERAL HOME, North Baltimore, where visitation will be held 2 hours (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.) prior to the service.  Reverend Robert A. Johnson officiating. 

Memorial contributions may be made to St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, North Baltimore. Online condolences may be expressed at

NB State of the Village 2020 by Mayor Goldner

In spite of this pandemic, we continued to press forward with our employees and with the work crews who came to the Village to complete projects.


February 2, 2021

Good evening.  I would like to welcome our Village Council, Mr. Brillhart our administrator, and Mrs. Miklovic. 

I have looked back over 2020 and would like to give my State of the Village address this evening.  Mr. Beegle was unable to finish his term of office and the council choose Bill Cook from a group of interested citizens.  His term will be finished on December 31, 2021. 

Our nation was hit by the Covid 19 virus in March and many things came to a complete stop.  State, County, and Village offices closed and people worked from home.  Many County offices still have people working from home.  Many projects that were in place either stopped completely or continued to move but at a very slow pace.  Employees that tested positive had to quarantine and several times whole crews that were working in the Village were not able to come to work on their project. 

In spite of this pandemic, we continued to press forward with our employees and with the work crews who came to the Village to complete projects.  The 100 Block of North Main St. project started in 2019 and was finished in 2020.  Main St. was dug out and reconstructed, new sidewalks and curbs were installed, decorative concrete work was included.  To improve our Storm sewer water disposal new catch basins were included.  New light poles and signals were erected and changed the look of our Downtown.  LED lamps increased the amount of light that shines on that area and included a significant cost savings. 

The 200 Block of North Main St. also had a face lift.  The road was removed down to the dirt and was reconstructed.  Catch basins and a new man hole were included in this part of the project to increase the efficiency of our Storm Water Management System.  New sidewalks, curbs, and improvements to several businesses sidewalks as well.  We worked with the Public Library, NB Historical Center, the owners of Mac & Alis along with Millstream Credit Union to let them improve their sidewalks to match all the new concrete work included in the scope of work.  Parking was changed to diagonal and along with the new Street Lights that match the lights in the 100 block it gives Main St. a vintage and welcoming look.  A new apron was included in front of the NBFD and was built to the standards needed to hold up to the heavy equipment used by our Fire Department. 

The Neighborhood Revitalization Project moved into its final stages this fall and several improvements were made in the Village.  The Public Parking lot on the north side of the railroad tracks was paved which included new storm water catch basins, the traffic flow was changed with an opening to Main St., the aesthetic additions of a fountain and a Train Viewing platform that will have a grand opening this spring. 

East Walnut St. was milled and paved and new catch basins were included to help the Storm Water management in the Village.

Shelter House #1 plans included a new roof, windows, doors, chimney removal, and ADA parking in front of the building.  It is RED.  There are some tasks that will be updated this spring. 

More parking was created in the Village Park to improve handicapped accessibility for our citizens. 

Northview was milled and paved as well.  The $500,000 grant we received was administered by Wood County, all the projects plus the engineering was included in that amount.

Trees were not neglected during these updates and several trees were trimmed along Walnut St. and dead and dying trees were removed.  This is a yearly task and we are replacing many trees that are removed.  There were 13 set-back trees planted this fall, 1 memorial tree at the Village Park, and 10 trees planted in the Village right of way on the east side of our reservoir.  Those trees are Crimson King maples and will turn a glorious shade of red next fall.  An Eagle Scout project at the Sewer Treatment plant will have a pergola, drinking fountain, and a bench.  This contemplative area will be a spot for memorial trees to be planted and will allow families to enjoy the trees.

Planting trees increase our Urban Forest and the trees themselves can help with storm water management.

Public Safety will be increasing the number of full-time staff.  In EMS 3 full time medics will be hired to increase the flexibility of the 24/7 scheduling.  2 out of the 3 medics have been hired and are currently in the rotation.  NBPD needs to increase the number of officers to make certain shifts have more than one officer available.

The basketball courts at the park were repaired and new goals were added.  At the request of several citizens Pickle Ball equipment was ordered and paid for through a grant from the Wood County Park District.

Council has approved a wholesale, bulk water contract with Northwest Water and Sewer to help supply the Village of McComb with water.  This project will begin this spring.

The Village has received Cares Act Funding from the federal government which has helped EMS purchase some much needed equipment like a cot lifter for our second ambulance. 

Looking to the future:

Water tower built on E Water St and water lines improved from the new tower to Main St.

W Broadway, Mitchell Rd., and Quarry Rd. improvements working with Henry Twp, Wood County Engineer, and the Wood County Port Authority.

Include the 100 Block of S. Main St. in similar improvements to the lighting and sidewalks as needed.

Thank you for your attention. 

Janet Goldner, Mayor



Raymond Lee “Stink” Chapman, age 82, NB

… died at his residence on Saturday, February 6, 2021.


Raymond Lee “Stink” Chapman, age 82 of North Baltimore, Ohio, died at his residence on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

He was born February 6, 1939, to the late Ruth and Rosie Chapman. He married Elaine Sherick on Jan. 26, 1963, and she survives.

He was a 1957 graduate of North Baltimore High School. After graduation, he enlisted and proudly served in the U.S. Navy. Raymond retired after 30 years of service from Whirlpool Corporation in Findlay. He was a life member of the American Legion Post 539 of North Baltimore and the Ohio Veterans of Foreign Wars. He enjoyed many years of camping with his family and traveling with his wife. He will be remembered for being a fun-loving husband, dad, and granddad, and will be greatly missed.

Also surviving are two daughters — Debbie (Frank) Bach and Cindy (William) Peters followed by the joys of his life, grandchildren — Andrew Peters, Matthew Bach, Rachel Peters, and Jonathan Bach; two brothers — Leonard (Kay) Chapman and Norman Chapman and many nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his sister, Beatrice Orians.

Memorials may be made to the North Baltimore Public Library.

A family graveside service to be held at a later date in Arcadia Memory Gardens, where military rites will be observed by the American Legion Post 539.

Consumers Shocked by 1099-G Form Identity Theft

BBB is receiving calls every day from consumers who have received 1099-G forms from the Job and Family Services offices in Ohio, Michigan or other states. The callers have no idea what these forms mean or whether they are scams. They have had their identity stolen!



Consumers Shocked by 1099-G Form Identity Theft

     BBB is receiving calls every day from consumers who have received 1099-G forms from the Job and Family Services offices in Ohio, Michigan or other states. The callers have no idea what these forms mean or whether they are scams. They have had their identity stolen!

     These 1099-G forms are just another unwelcome byproduct of the pandemic: crooks are taking advantage of increased unemployment to collect benefits in the names of unsuspecting victims. This fraud is costing state and Federal government billions of dollars!

     How the Scam Works: Thieves typically get the personal information they need for fake unemployment claims by purchasing it online. One con artist told USA Today that he compiles lists of real people. Then, on the “dark net,” he pays $2 in cryptocurrency to match each name with a Social Security number and date of birth. Amazingly, this is often all the information he needs to file a phony unemployment claim.

     Other times, scammers get personal information for fake claims through “phishing messages” that the consumers fell for. They may have received an email offering a reward like a gift card or free product. Or they may have been scared by an email that claimed to be from the government that they had failed to pay their taxes or missed jury duty. They innocently provided personal information which the scammers used for their fake unemployment claims. Most victims do not know their identity has been used for unemployment fraud until they are contacted about an unemployment claim they never made.

     According to BBB Scam Tracker, here are some common ways victims became aware of the fraud:

  • Most common is they receive a 1099-G form from the government telling them that they received thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits. This is serious! If the victim doesn’t report the scam, the “earnings” will be reported to IRS and may be taxable!
  • They received notification from an unemployment office “confirming” the date of their last day of work – even though they are still employed or have been retired for years.
  • A letter from the state unemployment office or department of labor informing them that their unemployment benefits were denied – even though they made no such claim.
  • Their employer is notified that they filed for unemployment benefits, even though they still work for the company.

BBB Warns Consumers! If you receive a letter, email, or any other notification about an unemployment claim that you never made, be sure to report it. Our BBB talked to one consumer locally who received a notice of his unemployment benefits from Kentucky! If you don’t notify them, you may be compelled to pay taxes on income you never received!

  • Check your credit report. An unemployment claim in your name means that scammers have your personal information. Be sure to check your credit report at com for unauthorized inquiries and accounts. This is the only free crediting reporting service authorized by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Consider freezing your credit. This keeps anyone from seeing your credit report without proof of identity. Contact the three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to do this.
  • Set up transaction alerts with your bank or credit union. This ensures notification of any withdrawal above a dollar amount which you determine. Explain to them what has happened.          

              Dick Eppstein, BBB President, (419) 720-7188,

Gigabit Fiber Nearing Northwest Ohio Villages

North Baltimore would love these speeds! Amplex does offer their excellentstandard services in our area…

Gigabit Fiber Hits Northwest Ohio Villages

Amplex Internet, a leader in local telecommunications for over 23 years, invests in bringing fiber-optic service to several small towns in Northwest Ohio.

Never before has this type of speed and reliability been available to families at such an affordable price. Residents and businesses in Woodville, Pemberville, Elmore, and soon Genoa, can receive anywhere from 100 to 1000 Mbps fiber-optic service, in addition to streaming TV, phone, and whole-house Wi-Fi.

“We’ve made it extremely affordable to sign up for a complete family solution, without all the fees and pricing games of the cable companies”, states Brian Hintze, Amplex Marketing Director. “Both village residents and businesses are extremely excited to finally have Internet speeds that are way above what was previously available. We knew from customer feedback that streaming TV and Wi-Fi throughout the entire home are essential service offerings, and we provide the complete package”.

Amplex Internet has plans to extend the fiber optic route to additional small towns in the near future. Complete information can be viewed on their website at
Hintze added: “We currently offer fiber-optic service to Woodville, Pemberville, Elmore, and to Genoa later this year.
We first run fiber optics to our access tower, located within these towns, to which this fiber provides the bandwidth for the access towers. Because we pass many rural residential locations along the way to the towns, we can break off the mainline and offer ultra-fast fiber service to homes along this fiber path.
Never before have rural locations in this area had the ability to receive 1000 Mbps fiber service!
Amplex Internet has invested more than $2.75 million into bringing fiber-optic service to these Northwest Ohio towns.
We will invest another $1.25 million to complete Genoa and several future rural routes to connect access towers.
We have a close relationship with village administrators and local offices, and they are very excited to see Amplex Fiber available for their residents and businesses.
Myer Construction from Green Springs, OH helps to build out the initial fiber cabling groundwork.  Sigma Engineering of Perrysburg, OH assists with fiber engineering plans and layout that take place before construction begins.
Amplex Internet is very proud to invest in our local communities to bring the latest advancements in telecommunications technology.”

NWS The District Projects – McComb Waterline

McComb: Waterline Replacement expect lane restrictions and possible water service interruptions on S. Main between Park Dr. and Liberty Str., on Todd Street and…

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Projects

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) delivers water and sewer services to over 20,000 customers in Wood, Henry, Sandusky, and Hancock counties.  Although many of our projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our service area.  Updates and additions are highlighted in bold and underlined.  Work may be delayed in extreme weather.

Reminder: The District offices will be closed on Monday, February 15, to observe Presidents’ Day. 

McComb: Waterline Replacement Project
Through February, expect lane restrictions and possible water service interruptions on South Main Street, between Park Drive and Liberty Street, on Todd Street, near the railroad tracks, and on West Cooper Street between Liberty Street and Rader Road.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project Investment: $600,000.  

Photograph (Pictured left to right): Northwest Regional Liaison for Governor Kasich Lu Cooke, District Engineer, Tom Stalter, U.S. Congressman Bob Latta, McComb Mayor Charles Latta, USDA State Director of Rural Development David Hall, Ohio State Senator Rob McColley, Hancock County Commissioner Timothy Bechtol, Northwest Ohio District Director for U.S. Senator Rob Portman Kelsey Krull.


Perrysburg Township: Waterline Replacement
Through March, lane restrictions and water service interruptions are possible on North and South Bramblewood, Bridgewood and Cliffwood Streets in Perrysburg Township for waterline replacement. Residents will be notified of service interruptions. Project complete: April 2021.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

Perrysburg Township: Sewer Lining
Through July, lane restrictions are possible in Perrysburg Township north of SR 795, west of 75, and south of the turnpike, for sewer rehabilitation.  Project complete:  August.  Project investment: $1,230,000.

District Wide: Valve Maintenance *WORK POSTPONED*
Valve maintenance work is postponed due to weather.  Work will be announced when rescheduled. 

District Wide: Bulk Water Replacement *WORK POSTPONED*
Upgrades to the bulk water station in Weston (12805 Van Tassel Road) and at the bulk water station at the CSX facility (18920 Deshler Road) have been postponed due to weather.  Work will be announced when rescheduled.