Robocall Update: Scams, Scams, more scamps!

AMAC warns ofmore Social Security phone scams

Robocall Update: AMAC warns of
more Social Security phone scams
WASHINGTON, DC, MAY 17 – Robocall Social Security Administration scams are on the rise. The Federal Trade Commission [FTC] says SSA telephone shakedowns specifically targeting senior citizens now surpass phony IRS calls, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].
For the past few years fake IRS calls topped the list of complaints received by the FTC. “But the new SSA scam is trending in the same direction – with a vengeance. People filed over 76,000 reports about Social Security imposters in the past 12 months, with reported losses of $19 million,” according to the FTC. 
AMAC president Dan Weber notes that at its peak, between October 2015 and September 2016, losses from IRS scams reached $17 million. Meanwhile, in just two months, February and March of this year, the FTC received some 36,000 complaints from individuals who received Social Security calls. And, $6.7 million in reported losses were logged.
Weber says that “these con men are ‘phishing’ for Social Security numbers that can be used to commit all kinds of online crime. They can use stolen SS accounts to take out loans in your name, leaving you holding the bag. In addition, while they are at it, they often try to extort money from you. Meanwhile, the solution is quite simple– just hang up.”
In addition, AMAC advises that if you get such a phone call don’t fall for the scam even if your caller ID shows that the Social Security Administration is calling you. The SSA does not make threats. In fact, you should never give out your SS number, your bank account number or any such sensitive personal information to anyone who calls you out of the blue– especially if the voice on the other end of the line is a recording. 
Dan Weber also recommends that you simply hang up on such callers and then call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to report the incident. He says the Social Security Administration has issued a procedure notification for those who might receive scam calls, which can be accessed on the Internet at this address []. 
“Robocall scams are fast becoming the methodology of choice for tech-savvy crooks. And, while we are each responsible for protecting ourselves from these criminals, the government has a responsibility, too. To that end, there is legislation in Congress that seeks to address robocall stings.”

Construction Update: Lucas Co. Hiways

Lane restrictions and ramp closures…

Lucas County Weekly Construction Update

Updates are highlighted in bold and underlined


Interstate 75

I-75 Widening and Bridge Work 

Project 485-14/PID 77254

Through Spring 2019

Lane restrictions possible between I-475 and Lagrange Street


Through Friday, May 24

  • Lane restrictions possible on southbound I-75 between Stickney Ave. and Delaware Ave. for paving
  • Ramp closures possible to/from southbound I-75 to/from exits between Stickney Ave. and Delaware Ave. for paving


Friday, May 17, 9pm to 6am

  • Ramp closed from southbound I-75 to westbound I-475 (Exit 204)
    Detour: northbound I-75; Alexis Rd (Exit 210); southbound I-75


Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22, 9pm-6am daily

  • Ramp closed from eastbound I-475 to southbound I-75 (Exit 20A)
    Detour: northbound I-75 (Exit 20B); Phillips Ave. (Exit 206); southbound I-75

Through Spring 2019

Pioneer Ln. between SR 120/Central Ave. and Jeep Pkwy. interchange closed

Detour: Willys Pkwy.; Berdan Ave.; Jeep Pkwy.; Central Ave.


Interstate 75

Pavement Widening and Bridge Work

Project 277-18/PID 93594

Through Fall 2023

Lane restrictions possible on I-75 between South Ave. and Monroe St. for major reconstruction

Nightly ramp and lane closures possible on I-75 between Monroe St. and South Ave.


Through November

  • Dorr St. bridge closed between Division St. and Washington St.
    Detour: 17th St.; Monroe St.; Collingwood Blvd.; Dorr St.
  • Ramp closed from northbound I-75 to Collingwood Blvd.
    Detour: Northbound I-75; SR 25/Downtown; Erie St.


Through summer 2020

  • Ramp closed from Collingwood Blvd. to southbound I-75
    Detour: Collingwood Blvd.; Erie St.; Washington St.; SR 25; Southbound I-75
  • Emerald Ave. and Segur Ave. under I-75 closed. Seek alternate route.


Interstate 75

Indiana Avenue Bridge Replacement

Project 8010-17/PID 86926

Through July

Indiana Ave. over I-75 closed to through traffic

Ramp from southbound I-75 to Washington St./Downtown (Exit 202A) reduced to one lane

7pm-6am: Lane restrictions on I-75 possible between Dorr St. and Nebraska Ave.

Pedestrian access maintained on Indiana Ave.


Interstate 280

Drain cleaning and Sweeping

Lane restrictions possible on I-280 between Greenbelt Pkwy. and Starr Ave. 

Short-term ramp closures possible


I 475 

Interstate 475

Interstate 475/US 24 Interchange Improvement

Project 93-19/PID 103739

Through October

Ramp from southbound I-475 to westbound US 24 (Exit 4B) will be closed for ramp realignment

Detour: Eastbound US 24 (Exit 4A); northbound I-475 (Exit 68B); westbound US 24 (Exit 4B)

Additional lane restrictions possible

US 24 

US Route 24

Turn Lane Modifications

Project 63-18/PID 100995

Lane restrictions possible at the intersection of US 24 and Monclova Rd. for seeding


state route 2 SR 2 

State Route 2/Anthony Wayne High Level Bridge

Bridge Dehumidification Project

Project 3001-18/PID 101556

Through June 2020

Lane restrictions possible between Broadway St. and Clark St.

state route 2 SR 2 

State Route 2

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 2/Airport Hwy. near Holloway Rd.

SR 25 

State Route 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Bridge Replacement

Project 142-18/PID 85266

Through summer 2020

Lane restrictions on SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail between Western Ave. and Collingwood Blvd.


Until further notice

Inbound SR 25 reduced to one, 11-foot lane

Outbound SR 25 remains two lanes


Through October

Emerald Ave. closed between Vinton St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail and City Park Ave. closed between Greene St. and SR 25/Anthony Wayne Trail

Seek alternate route

Additional lane restrictions may be announced

SR 64 

State Route 64

Waterville Bridge Replacement
Project 567-17/PID 92088

Through September 2020

Lane restrictions possible


One weekend closure in 2019 (dates TBA)

Memorial Park remains closed through October 2020

SR 184 

State Route 184

Resurfacing & Drainage Work

Project 262-18/PID 99662

Through May

Lane restrictions on SR 184/Alexis Rd. between Acres Rd. and Flanders Rd.

SR 184 

State Route 184

Traffic Signal Replacement

Project 33-19/PID 101148

Through December

Lane restrictions possible on SR 184/Alexis Rd. near Whiteford Rd.

SR 295 

State Route 295

Bridge Painting

Project 553-18/PID 102923

Through September

Lane restrictions possible on SR 295 in Grand Rapids for bridge painting preparation work

Various Routes District-wide

Guardrail & Electrical Maintenance

Projects 1052-17, 1050-18 & 1059-17/PIDs 103414, 103373, 106115

Through December

Lane restrictions are possible district-wide

**All work is weather permitting.**

NB Lion’s Club Donated to Aquarium at Briar Hill

“Over the Top”…

Rick May’s, local Lions Club representative gives Bonnie Knaggs, project initiator and coordinator a donation for an aquarium project at the Briar Hill Health Campus.

This check puts the fundraising effort “OVER THE TOP” to purchase the Aquarium for the Assisted Living wing. The total funds raised for the project were $5,000 from the many donations received from all around the area.

“Over the Top” that is what I’m talking about… These two right here – over the top!


Isn’t technology grand?! (“Ain’t I a Stinka?”)




Last day for Leisure Time in Wood County exhibit will be May 19, 2019

Last day for Leisure Time in Wood County exhibit will be May 19, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019 will be the last day to take a tour of the exhibit THE RETURN TO NORMALCY: A Life of Leisure in Wood County, 1920-1939. The exhibit features then Presidential candidate Warren G. Harding, desired a return to the pre-World War I lifestyle or a “Return to Normalcy.” Soldiers returned from WWI, to their homes in Wood County with a desire to succeed, to relax, and to enjoy life. Advancements in technology also created opportunities for fun in this rural community. 

As THE RETURN TO NORMALCY: A Life of Leisure in Wood County, 1920-1939 leaves, the Museum is preparing for a new exhibit to open. Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives will open on June 16, 2019, and run until August 11, 2019. This traveling exhibit from the National Endowment for the Humanities’ touring program, “NEH on the Road,” documents the squalid living conditions of New York’s poor immigrants and laborers in “The Gilded Age” of the early 20th century. This contrast to the growing wealth of millionaires, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller, inspired many reforms of working-class housing. Riis was a Danish-born American photographer (1849-1914). This exhibit was made possible with a generous donation from Edwin & Irma Wolf.

The museum will be open for self-guided tours Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 4 PM and weekends from 1 PM – 4 PM (closed on government holidays). Admission is $7 for adults and $3 for children, with discounts for seniors, students, and military. 

All events detailed at or by following the Wood County Historical Museum on social media. The Museum is located at 13660 County Home Road in Bowling Green. 

I-75 at Findlay Major Ramp Changes May 18

Southbound ramps at Lima Avenue and U.S. 68/state Route 15 to open Saturday, northbound ramps to close Monday

HANCOCK COUNTY: Southbound ramps at Lima Avenue and U.S. 68/state Route 15 to open Saturday, northbound ramps to close Monday

The following are current or upcoming traffic impacts related to the reconstruction and widening of Interstate 75 in Hancock County through the city of Findlay. All work is weather dependent.



Dates to note:

May 18

  • Southbound ramps on the west side of U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue (airport side) scheduled to open.
  • U.S. 68/state Route 15 southbound traffic through the Lima Avenue area will be in a new pattern.

May 20

  • Northbound ramps on the east side of U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue (Cooper Tire side) scheduled to close for three weeks.



Lima Avenue closed Oct. 15, 2018 until the end of the 2019 construction season during construction of a roundabout. The following traffic impacts are in place:

  • On Saturday, May 18, the southbound ramps at U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue on the west side of U.S. 68/state Route 15 near the airport will open.
    • The ramps are expected to reopen by mid afternoon Saturday.
    • When the ramps reopen, traffic will be in a new pattern and will utilize portions of the future roundabout.
    • Traffic is currently detoured onto state Route 12 and county Road 9 back to Lima Avenue.
  • On Monday, May 20, the northbound ramps at U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue on the east side of U.S. 68/state Route 15, near Cooper Tire, will close for approximately three weeks for roundabout construction.
    • Work to place the detour will begin around midnight on Sunday, May 19 and be completed by the Monday morning commute.
    • Traffic will be detoured to the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange south of Findlay, to U.S. 68 (Main Street) to Lake Cascades Parkway back to Lima Avenue. 
    • Per the city of Findlay, sections of Main Street and Lake Cascades Parkway where trucks are typically prohibited to travel will be permitted access during the three-week detour. Signs which now indicate trucks are prohibited on these sections will be covered. 
    • The restriction of trucks on this section of Main Street will be reinstated once the detour is removed.
  • Lima Avenue traffic will still not be able to travel east or west beneath U.S. 68/state Route 15.
    • No access from U.S. 68 southbound to Lima Avenue eastbound, or from U.S. 68 northbound to Lima Avenue westbound is possible.
    • Once the ramps on the west side of U.S. 68/state Route 15 open on Saturday, access to Lima Avenue will be via I-75 northbound to the state Route 12 interchange to I-75 southbound back to Lima Avenue.

Lima Avenue east open, west closed

About the Hancock I-75 project:

Interstate 75 will be reconstructed and widened beginning just south of Harrison Street/County Road 144, which is just south of the U.S. Route 68/state Route 15 interchange, to the county Road 99 interchange, Findlay, Hancock County. The project will reconstruct approximately five miles of the existing four lanes of Interstate 75, construct an additional lane of travel in each direction, replace all mainline bridges on I-75, replace the Harrison Street overpass, redesign and reconstruct the interchange between U.S. 68/state Route 15 and Interstate 75, and redesign and reconstruct the interchange with U.S. 68/state Route 15 at Lima Avenue. The project also includes the construction of noise walls at particular locations. Expected completion is fall of 2020. Beaver Excavating, Canton, serves as the general contractor.

Project information may be found at:

180th Training This Week

Don’t you just love hearing fighter jets flying and then trying to catch a glimpse of our FREEDOM in action?

The 180th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard will be conducting increased, daytime and nighttime, training flights throughout this week as part of an operational readiness training exercise.

Toledo/Swanton Area residents may see or hear F-16 fighter jets taking off and landing at various times throughout the week. Throughout the area training flights normally take place during daylight hours, but F-16 pilots and maintenance personnel are required to conduct enhanced training operations as part of their overall mission readiness requirements. 

Residence immediately surrounding the installation may also experience increased traffic flow and increased noise activity such as variations of sirens, messages from loud speakers and loud booms, throughout the week as wing personnel react to simulated training scenarios.

Readiness training, conducted in realistic environments under realistic circumstances, ensures our forces maintain the highest levels of proficiency and readiness for worldwide deployment.

The 180th Fighter Wing appreciates the continued support we have from the citizens of Northwest Ohio as we continue to train in support of our mission.

Brush Pick-Up Details for Next Monday 5/20

NO thorns, poison ivies, garden waste or trash will be picked up!


Brush Piles

Pick up Schedule

Public Works employees will pick up brush placed in Village right of way.

The 3rd (third) Monday in May, August, November

The North Baltimore Brush Pickup and Drop Off program is for weather
related and trimmed brush, for North Baltimore resident’s only.

Brush from a contracted tree removal/trimming project on a resident’s
property will be the owner’s responsibility.

The Village will only pick up piles that measure a maximum of 6’x6’, larger
piles should be referred to a contractor.

Drop off Schedule

Drop brush behind the public works building between 8 & 11am.
Proof of residency required.

The 3rd (third) Saturday in:
April, June, July, September, October

FYI – 

An “informal” Community Garage Sale will be June 14 – 16th 

Community Trash Pick-Up is Monday, June 17th

Street department 419-257-2394
DPW Superintendent: Doug Wickard

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Wet Weather Delays Ohio Planting

Many farmers statewide question whether they can still produce crops with strong yields after such late planting,

Wet weather delays Ohio planting: Persistent rain and saturated soil conditions have delayed corn and soybean planting in much of Ohio thus far this planting season.

For the week ended May 5, only 2% of Ohio’s projected corn acreage was planted. In comparison, 20% was planted at that same time last year, and 27% is the five-year average for that time.

Soybean planting is also down, with only 1% of Ohio’s projected soybean acreage planted. In comparison, 7% was planted at that same time last year, and 9% is the five-year average for that same time.

so agronomists at The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) have published several recommendations about late-planted corn and soybeans in the latest edition of the C.O.R.N. Newsletter.

The newsletter is produced by agronomists with Ohio State University Extension, CFAES’ outreach arm, and can be found online at

Peter Thomison, an OSU Extension agronomist, and Laura Lindsey, a soybean and small grains specialist with OSU Extension, are two of several Extension experts who can provide insight into spring planting.

Thomison can be contacted at 614-292-2373 or; Lindsey can be contacted at 614-292-9080 or

Water Projects from The District

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Projects

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Projects

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) delivers water and sewer services to over 19,000 customers in Wood, Sandusky, and Hancock counties.  Although many of our projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our service area.  The District will announce updates and when additional projects are under contract.  Updates and additions are highlighted in bold and underlined.

The District office will be closed, Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day. 

Perrysburg Township – Sanitary Sewer Improvements 
Through May, short-term intermittent lane restrictions are possible throughout Perrysburg Township for sewer work and manhole repair.  Project complete: May.  Project investment: $998,000.

McComb – Sewer Line Replacement Through May, lane restrictions and short-term closures are possible at the intersection of Bond and Liberty Streets.  Project complete: June. Project investment: $490,000

Northwood/Rossford – Lead Service Line Removal Project 
Through May, lane restrictions are possible in Rossford and Northwood for restoration.  Project complete: May.  Project investment: $900,000.

Northwood/Perrysburg & Lake Townships – Water Main Installation *NEW PROJECT*
Effective, Wednesday, May 15, through July, lane restrictions are possible at Tracy and McNerney Roads for water main installation.  Additionally, at this time, lane restrictions are possible at the intersection of Oregon Road and Cable Boulevard.  Project complete: July.  Project investment: $155,000.

Rossford – Sewer Lining Project
Through June, watch for shoulder restrictions and construction crews on roads north of Eagle Point Road for sewer lining. Project complete: May. Project investment: $767,000. 

District Wide Hydrant Flushing *NEW WORK*
Through October, weekdays from 8 am until 3:30 pm, crews will be flushing hydrants in various locations throughout Wood County.  Residents are advised to flush water from their taps if the water becomes discolored.  For more information:

Who Are Local Farm Families Leading in Conservation?



Individuals have until June 3, 2019 to nominate families 


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (May 13, 2019) – The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is accepting nominations to honor Ohio farm families who are leaders in conservation for the 2019 Conservation Farm Family Awards. The Conservation Farm Family Award program has recognized Ohio farm families since 1984 for their efforts in managing natural and human resources while meeting both production and conservation goals.  

“There are many farmers working hard to conserve natural resources, and this is an opportunity to recognize Ohio farm families who are going above and beyond in their conservation efforts,” Governor Mike DeWine said. “We thank farmers for their efforts, and we encourage people to participate in this program.”

“We are always so excited to take a moment and celebrate the Ohio farmers going the extra mile in the conservation practices they use on their farms,” said ODA Director Dorothy Pelanda. “I look forward to seeing the diverse ways our farmers are working to conserve our state’s natural resources and giving them the recognition they deserve.”

Five area finalists will be selected from across the state and will be recognized at the annual Farm Science Review in September. They will also receive a $400 award, courtesy of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, and be featured in the September issue of Ohio Farmer Magazine. The following photograph is from the 2018 ceremony.

farm family awards

Individual farmers, partnerships or family farm corporations are eligible for nomination, provided a substantial portion of their income is derived from farming. The judging is based on the nominee’s use of new and traditional conservation techniques, comprehensive management, individual initiative in applying conservation measures and the nominee’s willingness to share conservation information, experiences and philosophy with others.

Nomination forms can be obtained from local county soil and water conservation districts or by visiting ODA’s website at The forms can be submitted by email to or by mail to Conservation Farm Family Award, C/O Ohio Department of Agriculture 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068. The forms must be returned by Monday, June 3.

The awards program is sponsored by the ODA Division of Soil and Water Conservation, Ohio Farmer magazine, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Group Photo to Show Global Support for Wood Co. Historical Center

Group Photo to Show Global Support for Wood Co. Historical Center

To support the national campaign for preservation #ThisPlaceMatters, a group photo will be taken at the Wood County Museum, 13660 County Home Road in Bowling Green, this Thursday, May 16 at 5:30 PM in the Museum, in the “For Comfort & Convenience” exhibit. This event is free & open to the public.

This Place Matters is a national campaign that encourages people to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and to their communities. During the month of May, the community is encouraged to post on social media photos of the Wood County Museum, or other cultural institutions that are important to them, using the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters.

This campaign isn’t just about photography – it’s about telling the stories of the places we can’t live without. Through This Place Matters, the National Trust hopes to encourage and inspire an ongoing dialogue about the importance of place and preservation in all of our lives that lasts far beyond the month of May.

 More information about the campaign is available at or from the Facebook page for the National Trust.

The Wood County Historical Museum opened in 1975 after serving as the Wood County Infirmary from 1869-1971. The Wood County Historical Center & Museum is managed jointly by the Wood County Commissioners Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D – President; Craig LaHote – Vice President, & Dr. Theodore H. Bowlus – Member; the Wood County Historical Society; and the Wood County Park District. The Society is a community organization that makes connections between our past, present and future by capturing stories and cultivating memories of Wood County, Ohio and the County Home.