Who will the MVP thank first? Will any player other than the QB take a direct snap? And more props from BookMaker.eu

The Big Game may be a little over a week away, however BookMaker.eu has released updated Super Bowl props.

Will J-Lo or Shakira show cleavage? Will a player be arrested? Who will the MVP thank first? And more props from BookMaker.eu

(January 23rd, 2020) — The Big Game may be a little over a week away, however BookMaker.eu has released updated Super Bowl props. “The Super Bowl is a uniquely social event.” said BookMaker Prop Trader Jason Malone. “Whether you are there to watch the game or just the commercials our props give even the most casual of fan something to cheer for.”

Live Odds here– https://www.bookmaker.eu/live-lines/football/superbowl-fun-props?t=2

Additional Odds- https://www.bookmaker.eu/live-lines/football?t=2

Will any player be arrested in Miami after the game?

Yes 7/1

No 1/14

Will Floyd Mayweather wager over/under $1 Million on the game?

Over 2/1

Under 1/3

Who will show cleavage during the Halftime performance?

J-Lo only 2/1

Shakira only 5/2

Both 2/3

Neither 6/1

What color will Demi Lovato’s microphone be?

Black 5/2

Silver/grey 2/5

Any Other Color 3/1

Will J-Lo show butt cleavage?

Yes 2/1

No 1/3

Who will they mention first on the TV broadcast?

Joe Montana 2/1

Jerry Rice 3/2

Steve Young 4/1

Who will the MVP mention first after getting the award?

Teammates 1/1

God/Religion 5/2

Coach or Coaches 5/1

Winning City 5/1

Family 7/1

Other 20/1

Will Pitbull appear on stage?

Yes 2/3

No 1/1

Will Shakira and J-Lo kiss?

Yes 8/1

No 1/20

Will Shakira and J-Lo both sing in Spanish?

Yes 1/4

No 3/1

Will Ricky Martin make an appearance on stage?

Yes 3/2

No 1/2

Will President Trump congratulate the winning team on Twitter?

Yes 1/4

No 3/1

Will Drake be shown during the broadcast?

Yes 4/1

No 1/6

Will Drake pick or promote a team on Instagram (Drake Curse)?

Yes 10/13

No 1/1

Will Jay-Z be shown during the Broadcast?

Yes 3/1

No 1/5

Will President Trump predict a winner before kickoff?

Yes 7/1

No 1/14

Will President Trump tweet during the game?

Yes 6/5

No 2/3

Will Roger Goodell be shown during the broadcast?

Yes 1/5

No 4/1

Will Colin Kaepernick be mentioned?

Yes 3/1

No 1/4

Will any player other than the QB take a direct snap?

Yes 1/2

No 2/1

Will they show a clip of the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV?

Yes 1/3

No 5/2

Will they show the Golden Gate Bridge?

Yes 2/1

No 1/3

Total times M. Shanahan is shown during the game?

Over 1.5 2/3

Under 1.5 1/1

Will Any player throw a ball into the stands after a TD?

Yes 3/1

No 1/4

Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say “Favorite” in reference to the odds?

Yes 2/1

No 2/5

Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say “Underdog” in reference to the odds?

Yes 5/2

No 2/7

Who will the MVP go to?

Quarterback 1/2

Any other position 3/2

Who will be shown 1st?

Andy Reid 10/11

Kyle Shanahan 10/11

Will MC Hammer say “Hammer Time” in the Cheetos Commercial?

Yes 10/11

No 10/11

Will the phrase “What will you be drinking?” be mentioned in the Moutain Dew ad?

Yes 5/1

No 1/7

Will Betty White be in the Snickers Commercial?

Yes 6/5

No 2/3

Will the Mountian Dew commercial say “Here’s Johnny”?

Yes 5/2

No 2/7

Will Donald Trump’s commercial say “Super Bowl”?

Yes 6/1

No 1/10

Will Michael Bloomberg’s commercial say “Climate Change”?

Yes 2/1

No 2/3

Will Michael Bloomberg’s commercial say “Impeach”?

Yes 4/1

No 1/5

Will Mr. Peanuts monocle come off of his eye in the Planters commercial?

Yes 3/1

No 1/4

Will any player raise a first during the National Anthem?

Yes 5/1

No 1/8

Will any player take a knee during the National Anthem?

Yes 8/1

No 1/15

Will Demi Lovato omit a word from the National Anthem?

Yes 9/1

No 1/22

Will the broadcast show any members of the military?

Yes 70/1

No 1/15

Will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the Halftime show?

Yes 5/2

No 2/7

Will DJ Khaled make an appearance on stage?

Yes 7/1

No 1/12

Will either singer drink Pepsi?

Yes 7/1

No 1/12

Will Gloria Estefan make an appearance on stage?

Yes 4/1

No 1/5

Will Jay-Z be shown during the Halftime Show?

Yes 7/13

No 1/13

Will Rihanna make an appearance on stage?

Yes 8/1

No 1/20

Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

Yes 9/1

No 1/23

Will Will Smith make an appearance on stage?

Yes 6/1

No 1/11

Will a Dan Marino highlight be shown?

Yes 3/1

No 2/9

Will Tom Brady be mentioned?

Yes 1/4

No 3/1

Which Anheuser-Busch brand’s commercial will air first?

Bud Light/Seltzer 2/3

Budweiser 3/1

Michelob Ultra 3/1

Michelob Pure Gold 7/2

Which Auto Brand commercial will air first?

Hyundai 3/2

Kia 3/1

Porsche 3/1

Audi 4/1

Toyota 4/1

Which Beverage brand commercial will air first?

Anheuser-Busch 1/2

Mountain Dew 3/2

Coca-Cola 4/1

Food brand commercial to air first?

Doritos 1/1

Snickers 3/2

Cheetos 4/1

Avocados from Mexico 6/1

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GUEST EDITORIAL: Teacher pay is just one aspect of funding our future

NBHS grad Nick Guy, “The same problems we face in Florida public ed are just as real and an issue in Ohio.”

GUEST EDITORIAL: Teacher pay is just one aspect of funding our future

Nick Guy

NB ’98 grad Nick Guy, “The same problems we face in Florida public ed are just as real and an issue in Ohio.”



By Nick Guy

On Monday I boarded a charter bus at 5:30 a.m. with a group of retired educators, other advocates/parents, and one local teacher who is dedicated to caring for some of the most vulnerable students, physically and cognitively, in Sarasota County.

“If you’re reading this, thank a teacher.” This was just one of the messages we crafted on large signs during our journey. By the end of the event we’d see thousands of messages that all boil down to one central theme — fund our future.

Our destination: the “Take On Tallahassee” rally to flex our First Amendment might by marching and assembling on the steps of the old capitol building. Capitol police estimate the crowd was around 15,000.

Our goal: joining the thousands of other current and former teachers, support staff, school board members, administrators, parents, grandparents, students, concerned citizens, and just about anyone else realizing the one-sided, two-plus decades of education policy must improve, and the newly minted legislative session is where to begin.

Since taking the legislative reins around the turn of the century, the constant and current majority has Florida racing towards the bottom nationally in teacher pay (46th), plummeting in teacher retention, and stagnant on per pupil spending (45th).

Our state has the money. Lawmakers continue to make the active choice not to invest in education. Public school funding has been given new life as a revenue stream it was never intended to be, thanks to a growing movement to privatize public education.

Title IX of the Florida Constitution states, “Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education.” Sending tax revenue intended for public schools to religious or private schools — schools that can deny students with disabilities, fire teachers or remove students based on their sexual orientation — clearly runs contrary to this provision and our humanity. Not exactly a high quality education.

Most media outlets have cited teacher pay as the lone reason so many traveled long and far. It’s much bigger than just that. It’s also about paying non-instructional and support staff a livable wage. It’s about ceasing the continued assault on local control. It’s about collaborating with educators on mandates. It’s about funding those mandates. It’s about finally committing to fixing a broken system.

This is no longer a political issue; it’s a moral one.

The tip of the spear in recent days materialized somewhere many would have never imagined a few years ago. But today that story is much different.

Polk County’s leap to the forefront was developing long before Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s legal arm of the Department of Education sent a threatening email intended to intimidate the approximate 1,200+ Polk staff preparing to head to our capital. When reality kicked in and his ability to fire them was exposed as nonexistent, it ignited something across the education spectrum. Polk’s enthusiasm was contagious.

So enthusiastic was the education community in Polk, a rally was held in Lakeland the same day by those that couldn’t make it to Tallahassee. Around 550 people showed up. When the 13 buses from Polk arrived in our capital, their group walked into a crowd erupting with applause and chants of “We are Polk.”

I spoke briefly with a few teachers and leaders from Polk asking how they built such a strong movement. Having school board members that support and defend public education helped. Having union leaders organizing school to school helped. Having parent-teacher organizations and other community groups actively support them helped. But the secret sauce was something we slightly lack locally: They communicated and worked towards the clear goal of fixing the problem, not attacking each other.

Imagine if there were 20, 30, dare I say 60 other Polks organizing in Florida. Imagine the generations who would benefit if this were achieved.

Monday was powerful and inspiring. How that translates into action and accountability in the relationship between us and our elected officials is yet to be determined. If we value those who value our children, we’ll remember this Monday every Monday until the first one in November.

When we rise that next day, the legislators and school board members will get their version of a standardized test from voters. Will they pass? Will you?

Nick Guy is a business analyst with Cognizant’s healthcare technology solutions division, former middle school teacher, and 2018 Sarasota County School Board candidate.

Carla Crocker, 64, NB

…passed away January 10, 2020 at Wood Haven Hospice Health Care, Bowling Green OH after a long battle with health problems.

Carla Crocker, 64, of North Baltimore, passed away January 10, 2020 at Wood Haven Hospice Health Care, Bowling Green OH after a long battle with health problems.

Carla was born at the Wood County Hospital on February 18, 1955 to Ranald M. and Eleanor (Kale) Crocker and both preceded her in death.

Carla was a graduate of North Baltimore High School and was a member of the South Liberty United Methodist Church in Rudolph. She had spent most of her working career at Wood County Hospital in the dietary department.

She loved entering baked goods at the Wood County County Fair and assisted many times in the Women’s Building throughout the fair week.

Carla leaves behind a brother Richard (Sue) Crocker of Rudolph, a sister Barb Fitzgerald of McComb OH, and 13 nieces and nephews a long with many loving cousins.

A celebration of life will be held May 17, 2020 at 2 p.m. at the South Liberty United Methodist Church of Rudolph OH with internment to follow at the Wingston Cemetery.

Memorial contributions can be made to the South Liberty United Methodist Church, 7983 Potter Road, Rudolph Oh 43462 in Carla’s honor.

“Virginia” Theater Update – Jan 20

The new operator of the Virginia Theater in Downtown NB updates the community…

The new operator of the Virginia Theater (Shawn Benjamin) in Downtown NB updates the community…

Shawn tells TheNBXpress.com:
There has been so much help from community.  A real labor of love for this old theatre. Thanks to all!!!
Dennis Miller paid for new led lights; 
Hank Matthes installed all new lighting; 
Doug Wickard has repaired all neccesary mechanics in theater and fixed the popcorn machine; 
Mandy Slane  cleaned conccession area;
Mary Casey, Kristen Hagemyer, Jim Casey, Mia Mccartney, Emma Cotterman, Maddy Westgate  cleaned bathrooms, kitchen, lobby;
Noah Pelton  dusted all dust bunnies and mopped audtorium;
Dan Grim cleaned storage areas;
Jennifer Olstander cleaned seats;
Tim Brown mopped all cement floors;
Shawn Benjamin shampoo carpets, seats and bleached auditorum; 
Jaymie Wickard is set to help me train in the digital technologies. 
If all goes well  our opening day will be Friday, February 7, 2020  for a 7:00 pm show. then Saturday shows at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm & a Sunday show at 3:00 pm.
Tickets are $5.00 for  all shows!
First run release…
DC Comic’s Birds of Prey
(US Release Date: February 7, 2020)
Starring: Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Derek Wilson
Directed By: Cathy Yan
Synopsis: After splitting up with The Joker, Harley Quinn and three other female superheroes – Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya – come together to save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord.  
Check out the trailer on this Youtube Link:  

Custom Cut Specials Jan. 21

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Fundraiser for Disabled Elderly NB Resident

You can help get a disabled elderly North Baltimore resident home safely!


You can help get a disabled elderly North Baltimore resident home safely!

Unable to share the name or what skilled nursing home he is at due to HIPPA laws.

You can help out to purchase the lumber ($1200) for a ramp big enough so this elderly man can SAFELY enter his home and help his caregiver by making his home more assessible.

An account is set up at Huntington Bank in NB – “A Ramp for Ronnie” if you would like to donate directly at the bank. There is a Fund Donation page on FB. Or call – Sara Mason’s work cell number is 419-708-6731.

Chris Bry at Bryar Woodworking & Custom Carpentry LLC was at the home to do measurements and provided an estimates for me (Sara Mason) in less than 24hrs. Chris is willing to do this work for free!!! We hope to raise more than what is needed for the materials, so that balance could go to him for his time and efforts!

Alexis Julien named to Heidelberg University fall semester Dean’s List

Julien, a junior, is a Psychology major.

Local student Alexis Julien named to Heidelberg University fall semester Dean’s List

TIFFIN, Ohio (January 14, 2020) – Heidelberg University has announced the names of 436 students who have earned academic recognition on the fall semester dean’s list. Included on the list is Alexis 

According to Provost Dr. Beth Schwartz, to be named to the dean’s list, students must be enrolled full time and meet academic criteria set forth by the university.

Founded in 1850, Heidelberg offers 34 majors, 35 minors and 10 pre-professional programs, awarding the bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of music degrees, as well as master’s degrees in education, counseling, business administration and music. Heidelberg has been consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top college in the Midwest. For more information visit the web site at www.heidelberg.edu.

Fotos Tiger Boys Over P. H.

Fotos by Ferg from win at Patrick Henry.

Fotos by Ferg (https://scottferguson.zenfolio.com/)

Tigers Get WIN on the Road

Fotos Lady Tigers vs. Arcadia

Fotos from the tough loss at Arcadia.

Lady Tigers vs. Arcadia

Fotos by Ferg (https://scottferguson.zenfolio.com/)

Council Update – Jan. 7, ’20

NB village council met Tues. Jan. 7th for the first meeting of 2020.

By JP Miklovic, reporting

North Baltimore village council met Tuesday January 7th in council chambers for the first meeting of 2020.

The first order of business was giving the oath of office to elected incumbent Mayor Janet Goldner. Re-elected City Council member Lisa Zeigler and newly elected council member Mike Julian (former Mayor) were give the oath of office by Mayor Goldner. Elected incumbent Kathy Bucher was sworn in as clerk. Mike Julian was elected President of Council for 2020.

The mayor made the chairperson assignments of various village council committees:
Economic and community development is Lisa Ziegler
Public safety is Mike Soltis
Personnel policy and ordinance review is Mike Julian
Public works Matt Beagle
Public Utilities Aaron Patterson
Finance and technology chair is Tim Engard.

Next was the drawing of seating assignments for council members. The mayor brought up appointments to commissions and other committees saying that there are still many additions and vacancies that need to be filled. Mayor Goldner said the list would be complete in the near future.

During the public participation portion of the meeting former councilmember Ty Carles wished the new council good luck and offered to volunteer to serve on any committees or commissions that have openings.

During the letters and communications portion Aaron Patterson said that he had been approached by a resident with concerns about cats running loose in the community. Mayor Goldner told Patterson that there appear to be a feral cat problem And that she will be looking to form a Commission to address the issue. Patterson seem to be surprised that there was a cat problem in NB. Several of the council members nodded in agreement that there is a problem with feral cats.

During the administrative reports Tony Swartz reported that with the year end and Holidays that the report will be submitted at the January 21st meeting.Swartz also reported that the water bill online paying system should be operational in February, they have had successful testing and are having a soft opening. Look for details on the village website at www.north baltimore.org.

Council reviewed the EMS report noting that there were 707 runs for the year 2019. Council also reviewed the fire report which showed 7 calls for December and 141 total calls for 2019. The police report show that NBPD responded to 239 calls for service in December with a total of 2,787 calls for the year.

Council also approved the hiring of two new volunteer firefighters Mitchell Gerdeman and Clinton Ebright. In addition council approved part-time patrol officer Matthew Gent being hired by Chief Lafferty.

During the village administrator report Michael Brillhart reported that site design survey work for the 200 block of North Main Street project has been completed. Village representatives and representatives from the North Baltimore Public Library will meet to discuss the project on their portion of North Main Street.

Brillhart also reported on the 100 block of North Main project saying that an on site assessment of repairs and finish work will be completed. The new traffic signal poles and mast arms are in fabrication with an anticipated install date before the end of March 2020.

The village administrator also reported that the neighborhood revitalization grant that includes 6 projects are now in the design phase. There will be a report that the January 14 committee of the whole .

Some outstanding CSX issues were addressed with CSX concerning the Main Street crossing, brilhart set said that a CSX Roadmaster II has requested the real estate division to conduct a boundary survey at the North Main Street crossing to determine land ownership for maintenance and repair projects. In addition Poe Rd and the Tarr Street crossings have been inspected by CSX and identified for minor repairs.

Additional administrative activities shared include hearing that Wood County Park District has approved the villages grant request for pickleball court equipment. Discussions with ODOT regarding the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program in regards to the repairs of the East Water St bridge over the Rocky Ford Creek. Also being considered is a housing market assessment with Reville consultants, getting a cost estimate.

Mayor Goldner said that she would be presenting her State of the Village address at the January 21 village council meeting.

In legislative action council gave the second reading to amend the penalty provisions for the codified ordinances pertaining to penalties for parking violations in North Baltimore.

3rd readings and approval were given to 2 ordinances regarding establishment of banking agreements with the Huntington bank.

There was a motion to convene an executive session to consider appointment employment dismissal discipline promotion demotion or compensation of a public employee they did not anticipate any further action, other than paying the bills.

Jr. High Girls B-Ball Update

Lady Tiger playing hard…

from Aaron Bowers
On Saturday January 11 the Jr High girls played a half of a game for the 7th  grade team and scored a win 9-6.
Scoring for the 7th grade was:
Addison Wilhelm-5
NaVeah Dewitt-2
Layla Delancy-2
Elmwood 4-2=6
NB           4-5=9
Then the combined Lady Tigers took on the 8th grade Royals losing a hard fought game.
Scoring for NB:
Alex Greeno-7
Sara Casey-2
Addison Wilhelm-4
NaVeah Dewitt-1
Mackenna Ducat-3
Kenadi Lennard-1
Elmwood 8-7-7-9=31
NB           2-6-3-7=18