Local Veteran Pens Book

Division–now available at Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon……..

Local resident, veteran, and author Nathan Aguinaga has written a book called, “Division” Life on Ardennes Street, published by Koehler Books and released for sale on December 1st. 

Nathan Aguinaga

Aguinaga is a retired Master Sargeant who served 20 years in the U.S.Army. His book is biography and autobiography; military and personal memoir-all rolled into one story.

The Book is available at Books A Million, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Book cover for “Division” by Nathan Aguinaga


At the recent Veterans Day assembly at NBHS ,  NB Art  Teacher Luke Archer presented Mr. Aguinaga with a plaque in honor of his published book and service to the country.

NW Water Sewer District Online Bill Pay Scam

Be sure to use the bill pay system affiliated with The District website…

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) has been made aware of a possible online bill pay scam that is not affiliated with our online billing system or nwwsd.org.

We are advising customers to use the bill pay system affiliated with The District website:


Access to online payments is still available at nwwsd.org. 

At this time, we urge customers to be cautious and alert when paying online. 

The scam site, doxo.com claims to process payments for an additional charge.  This site is not affiliated with The District and shows up through search engines.

District is taking action to remove our affiliation from this website.

Men’s Basketball League Scores

Action continues each Sunday at NBHS gym…….

Week 3: 11/17/19

First game: Miller’s vs. Wymer’s, Miller’s won 60-55

Miller’s top 2 high scorers: Brody Naugle with 19 points & Greg Allison with 17 points

Wymer’s top 2 high scorers: Luke Wymer with 21 points & Adam Flores with 13 points


Second game: Reineke vs. Gerdeman’s, Gerdeman’s won 65-56

Reineke top 2 high scorers: Julian Hagemyer with 29 points & Joey Hagemyer with 15 points

Gerdeman’s top 2 high scorers: Gage Bieber with 29 points & Mike Clark with 17 points


Third game: Casey’s vs. Patterson’s, Patterson’s won 71-64

Casey’s top 2 high scorers: Lee Broadman with 31 points & Sean Watson with 13 points

Patterson’s top 2 high scorers: Lane Bishop with 26 points & Shane Roa with 23 points


Week 4: 11/24/19

First game: Patterson’s vs. Reineke, Patterson’s won 80-75 in overtime

Patterson’s top 2 high scorers: Shane Roa with 27 points & Gabe DeLosReyes with 25 points

Reineke top 2 high scorers: Julian Hagemyer with 39 points & Austin Ogg with 13 points


Second game: Gerdeman’s vs. Miller’s, Gerdeman’s won 85-79

Gerdeman’s top 2 high scorers: Gage Bieber with 37 points & Mike Clark with 23 points

Miller’s top 2 high scorers: Chase Nichols with 20 points, Greg Allison & Cody Pelton both with 18 points


Third game: Wymer’s vs. Mak & Ali’s, Wymer’s forfeited & by default Mak & Ali’s won (still played the game with fill in’s from other teams), final score was 48-39 Mak & Ali’s

Wymer’s top 2 high scorers: Chase Drewes with 16 points & Luke Wymer with 9 points

Mak & Ali’s top 2 high scorers: Troy Rayle with 16 points & Mitch Wolfrum with 13 points

Week 5: 12/1/19

First game: Reineke vs. Mak & Ali’s, Reineke won 67-62

Reineke top 2 high scorers: Julian Hagemyer & Joey Hagemyer both with 21 points, Kurt Wood with 11 points

Mak & Ali’s top 2 high scorers: Troy Rayle with 34 points & Mitch Wolfrum with 14 points

Second game: Wymer’s vs. Casey’s, Wymer’s won 67-65

Wymer’s top 2 high scorers: Chase Drewes with 28 points & Adam Flores with 15 points

Casey’s top 2 high scorers: Noah Brian with 32 points & Jacob Casey with 18 points

Third game: Patterson’s vs. Gerdeman’s, Patterson’s won 77-58

Patterson’s top 2 high scorers: Shane Roa with 23 points & Gabe DeLosReyes with 20 points

Gerdeman’s top 2 high scorers: Gage Bieber with 26 points & Ryan Clark with 18 points

Week 6: 12/8/19

First game: Gerdeman’s vs. Casey’s, Casey’s won 84-79

Gerdeman’s top 2 high scorers: Gage Bieber with 39 points & Mike Clark with 23 points

Casey’s top 2 high scorers: Noah Brian with 33 points & Sean Watson with 20 points

Second game: Wymer’s vs. Reineke, Wymer’s forfeited & by default Reineke won (still played the game with fill in’s from other teams), final score was 74-49 Reineke

Wymer’s top 2 high scorers: Spencer Smith with 16 points & Chase Drewes with 13 points

Reineke top 2 high scorers: Austin Ogg with 24 points & Julian Hagemyer with 20 points

Third game: Mak & Ali’s vs. Miller’s, Miller’s won 67-57

Mak & Ali’s top 2 high scorers: Troy Rayle with 21 points & Mitch Wolfrum with 18 points

Miller’s top 2 high scorers: Greg Allison with 13 points & Cody Pelton with 12 points

Many THANKS to Olivia Frost for submitting scores!

NB Village Council Meeting Notes

Village Council plenty busy wrapping up end-of-the-year business……

by Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Village Council met for their first meeting of December last Tuesday, December 3rd. Councilman Ty Carles was absent. All other members were present.

Under “Public Participation” two NBHS choir members, Mason Byrd and Rhiannon Powell, were present along with their Choir  Director Emily Meyerson, to seek permission to hold public Christmas caroling in front of the NB Fire Department next Sunday evening. Caroling will take place for approximately 30 minutes at 7:00pm on December 15th.

Mason Byrd and Rhiannon Powell seek permission from the Council to host Christmas caroling in front of the NB Fire Dept. on Sunday evening.

Hot chocolate will be served to all participants by the NB Music Boosters. The Public is invited to participate and to bring donations, if possible, of personal products to donate to those in need locally.

News from the Village Finance Officer, Tony Swartz included:

~Introduction of the 2020 Appropriations and a comparison with the 2019 Appropriations to be discussed at the next meeting.

~ The annual Rates and Amounts resolution that confirms tax rates for the inside millage as well as road levy and Fire Truck Debt levy.

~Introduction of an ordinance for a depository agreement with Huntington Bank which will replace the current, about to expire agreement.

~Introduction of an ordinance to establish an additional investment account with StarOhio. It is a liquid (money in-money out) investment available daily. “Many communities use this fund. It’s better than not earning any interest on the money in our accounts” said Mr. Swartz. (Editor’s note: The NB Local Schools use the Star Ohio fund as well)

~The on-line bill pay, credit card payment, and emailing of bills services will hopefully be available  in January 2020.

News from the Village Administrator Mr. Brillhart included updates of the various stages of the various grants the Village is now working on, including participating in the application process for a new grant offered by the Wood County Park District.

~Still waiting on streetlights for 100 N. Main project.

~Still having difficulty with responses and communication with CSX representatives for on-going problems.

Mayor Goldner gave information to council members for an upcoming Sunshine Law training for those who need to take it.

The Council hired two part-time Police Officers, starting immediately–Joshua Cluley and Cameron Tsolis.

The Council approved the purchase of new handguns, rifles, and shotgun with payment coming from the Drug Enforcement Fund.

The next meeting is “Committee of the Whole”on December 10th.



Photos: Girls Basketball v. McComb

Overtime win for TIGERS….

The  Tigers outlasted McComb 37-36 in overtime for a Blanchard Valley Conference girls basketball win last Thursday. No scores, details,  or stats were submitted but here are some pictures.

Fotos by Ferg:

JV– Somehow Christina Schlak comes out of the crowd with the ball
This is how the game was played, tough and aggressive!
JV– Gabby Estrada pressures the ball
Varsity– Hailey Lennard with a runner
VArsity–Kenzie Perez fires from long range
Varsity–Grace Hagemyer splits the defenders and put it up



NBHS Wrestling Results

Saturday at Ridgedale…….

Wrestling, by Suzanne Bucher

Here are the wrestling results from Saturday’s Ridgedale Invitational:

Torien Lute placed 5th in the 132 class
Darrian Zitzelberger placed 2nd in the 138 class
Levi Trout placed 1st in the 145 class
Harley Wheeler placed 3rd in the 152 class
Timmothy Simon placed 3rd in the 195 class
Cory Noblit placed 4th in the 285 class
Congrats to our Tiger Wrestlers!

Chowline: Romaine Lettuce alert affects Ohio, other states

Avoid eating or selling any romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, California, growing region….

I saw that there’s been another alert about romaine lettuce. How do I know whether what’s in my fridge is part of the impacted varieties?

Unless you can verify whether the romaine lettuce that’s in your fridge was NOT harvested from Salinas, California, you should throw it out.

That’s per the latest warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which issued an updated food safety alert on Dec.4. The alert advises consumers, restaurants, and retailers to avoid eating or selling any romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, California, growing region. This includes all use-by dates and brands of romaine lettuce from the area. 

The warning is the result of the recent multistate outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli O157:H7) infections linked to romaine lettuce from the region. Since Dec. 4, some 102 reported cases of illness in 23 states including Ohio have been associated with this outbreak, the CDC said. Some 58 hospitalizations have been reported due to the outbreak, with 10 people having developed kidney failure, although, thankfully, no deaths have been reported, the CDC said. 

Of the 102 reported cases of illnesses, 12 were reported in Ohio, the CDC said.

“We had a similar situation just before Thanksgiving holiday last year, when Romaine lettuce that was grown in the Yuma, AZ agricultural region was implicated in an outbreak,” said Sanja Ilic, Food Safety State Specialist, Ohio State University Extension. OSU Extension is the outreach arm of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

“As a result, all Romaine lettuce was recalled then to prevent illnesses,” she said. 

The difference between that recall and the current one this year, is that the growers are since using traceability labels with the origin of the farm, which has helped to narrow down where the impacted lettuce originated, Ilic said.

“Every lettuce head or a package of lettuce you buy should have a sticker stating where it was produced,” she said. “Unless you can see it where it was grown, do not serve it.

“This is important when eating at home, as well when eating out in a restaurant. You can ask your server to verify that the restaurant is not serving contaminated lettuce before ordering anything that contains lettuce.”

This is the fourth time in two years that romaine lettuce has been associated with an E. coli outbreak. That begs the question, just how does a leafy green vegetable such as lettuce become infected with a pathogen such as this?

As noted in a previous edition of Chow Line, if animal feces are in the irrigation water, the field or in the soil in which the lettuce is grown, or if the lettuce comes into contact with water that contains the pathogen, E. coli can be transferred from the feces onto the lettuce.

It can also be spread if a person who carries the pathogen doesn’t wash his or her hands after using the bathroom, and then that person processes or prepares food.

It’s important to note that washing contaminated greens doesn’t remove all bacteria, food safety experts say. While cooking can eliminate E. coli, most people don’t cook their leafy green salads. For that reason, avoidance is sometimes recommended when the source of an outbreak is identified.

Symptoms of E. coli infection can begin as soon as 24 to 48 hours—or as long as 10 days—after eating contaminated food. Those symptoms include vomiting, severe or bloody diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

So, if you have—or have had—the affected romaine lettuce in your fridge, you should wash and sanitize the drawer, shelf, or other removable part in your refrigerator where the romaine lettuce was stored. You can wash the drawer, shelf, or other removable part by hand with hot, soapy water, the CDC says. You can then sanitize that part using a solution of 1 tablespoon of liquid bleach in 1 gallon of water.

Chow Line is a service of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences and its outreach and research arms, OSU Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. Send questions to Chow Line writer Tracy Turner, 364 W. Lane Ave., Suite B120, Columbus, OH 43201, or [email protected].

N.B. Public Library November 2019 Memorials

Donations given in memory of a loved ones…..

Here is the list of Memorial gifts received by the NB Public Library during November 2019:

The Drummer Boy

In Memory of: Jolynn Shaffer

Given by: Mark and Voni Detamore

Comfortably Wild

In Memory of: William “Bill” King

Given by: American Legion Post 539

John Force

In Memory of: Randall Frank Freeland

Given by: Dorothy E. Freeland


In Memory of: Drew Rister

Given by: Don and Pam Seiler

Black and Decker Carpentry Made Simple

In Memory of: William “Bill” King

Given by: Dr. Ralph Haven Wolfe

Ladder Ball Outdoor Game and Carrying Case

In Memory of: Drew Rister

Given by: Dennis and Shawyn Miller








Congrats to Birchaven Village and Independence House

Earned Five Star Rating from Nursing Home Compare…..

 Birchaven Village and Independence House, divisions of Blanchard Valley Health System, have earned a Five Star Overall ranking from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Recognitions such as this are a measure of how well we are doing,” explained Bridgett Mundy, Director of both facilities. “Throughout our organization we have forged a culture that inspires people to do the extraordinary every day.”

Nursing Home Compare allows consumers to compare information about long term care facilities. It contains quality of care information on over 15,000 Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing facilities in the country. CMS ranks each of these nursing homes on a scale of 1-5 Stars with 5 being the Top Score.  Health Inspections, Quality Measures, Staffing hours per resident and Registered Nursing hours per resident are each given an individual score. The individual Star Ratings are then combined into an Overall Star Rating.

To learn more about Birchaven Village and Independence House, visit bvhealthsystem.org.

Wyatt Mowery is December Student of the Month at NBHS! 

Eagle Scout, NHS, athlete, musician, and so much more…….Congratulations!

The North Baltimore staff have selected Wyatt Mowery to be the Student of the Month for December.  Wyatt holds himself to the highest of standards in whatever endeavor he pursues.  He is a 4.0 student and a member of the National Honor Society. 

His extracurricular activities include the track and cross country teams, band, and drama club.  Wyatt is also an Eagle Scout, which only further highlights his character and determination.  After graduation, Wyatt is planning on attending the University of Toledo to study Environmental Science.