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Autopsy Ordered in Death in Downtown NB

NB Police Chief Allan Baer reports, “On 02/05/2016 at 1639 hrs North Baltimore Police and EMS responded to 110 1/2 S. Main St. Apr. #5, in regards to a Welfare Check. “
“Anyone with information please contact Chief Baer or Ofc. Fitzgerald. 419-257-2181 – Thank you.”
The report continues, “Upon arrival of police, Renee Williams age 25, was found deceased.  Preliminary investigation leads police to believe that the cause of death may be drug related, pending results of the autopsy ordered by the Wood County Coroner.”
Chief Baer adds, “For point of clarity Christopher Bell is currently incarcerated in prison and not related to this incident.  This matter is being investigated by the police department.”

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