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“Bad News” For CSX NWO Intermodal at North Baltimore

Photos by JP Miklovic for NBX

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — CSX Transportation is preparing to scale back operations at its intermodal hub in North Baltimore, Ohio, which opened in 2011 as the $175-million centerpiece of a new intermodal strategy.

For the rest of the story:  

“TRAINS” link:  TRAINS: CSX Scaling Back at NWO

3 thoughts on ““Bad News” For CSX NWO Intermodal at North Baltimore”

  1. I pray this does not mean MORE blocked track/intersections. The heavy trains are damaging streets and foundations of houses. WE in North Baltimore also have a SAY

    1. Please explain how trains are breaking the foundation of homes and ruining streets? Heavy trains? The steam engines weighed more then locomotives do now.

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