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Bbbrrrrrr…….. Mid November Winter Weather in the SouthWood


Because it’s cold in North Baltimore, been like Winter for a couple of weeks now…

To you in the warmer climes, we say “HEY” from YOUR hometown in Northwest Ohio!

photos by Chip Dimund

A definition of “pret·ty”
  1. 1.
    attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.
    “The snow is pretty, I’ve had enough already, and I can’t wait for Spring!”
The freezing rain could be “pretty”, if not on walk and roadways!
The “light” coating of ice on trees and bushes, likewise is “pretty” as long as it doesn’t weigh them down and break limbs.
The Wood County Park District’s Slippery Elm Trail is “pretty” no matter the weather!
Pine trees usually look “pretty” with a light layer of snow…
The CSX “depot” and the former Whistle Stop (and a POD) in Downtown NB.

A different kind of “pretty”…

Henry Twp construction Mov 2018 Rudolph Rd. – Oil Center intersection – this might be done “pretty” soon…

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