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Become a Member of NB Area Historical Society


     The North Baltimore Area Historical Society is having a membership drive for 2020.  Our goal is to have 50 new memberships.  The members will receive a quarterly newsletter and other benefits.  You can join or renew your membership by mailing a $10 check to NBOAHS, P. O. Box 174, North Baltimore, OH 45872-1213 or drop off your $10 check made out to NBOAHS at the NB Public Library.

      The NB Historical house is used by many different groups for meetings including:  the Questettes, NB Garden Club, the Quilters, Jr LL,  hosting of Good Ole Summertime open house, and tours for individuals and students from Powell School.

    In the last two years we had a book published on the most remarkable man to ever live in NB–The Adventures of George Monroe Pilcher.  The book sells for $15 plus shipping.    We have completed much research on many NB events and individuals.  Here is a partial list:  

     (1)  Daisy Perkins a NBHS 1896 graduate, the first female African-American attorney in the State of Ohio.  We successfully had a fund-raiser to repair her family’s tombstones at Maplewood Cemetery.

     (2)  A display of NB native, Gene Sharp, who was nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize and was founder of the Albert Einstein Institute (New York).

     (3)  1938 NBHS graduate Carl Stoner who was involved in the Manhattan Project and a champion hydroplane driver.  We have copies of letters he received from Robert Oppenheimer (“Father of the Atomic Bomb”) and Lieutenant General Leslie Groves (Director of the Manhattan Project). 

     (4)  Also, we have the national magazine article on Clark Gable hunting in NB area and his friendship with NB’s Pete Hawk and Margaret Bobb’s articles on “A Fiendish Murder in Hoytville”.  

     We are completing articles on President Warren G. Harding funeral train passing through NB; the NB Airport located at the corner of Oil Center Road and Mitchell Road; Cole Younger, Jesse James’ partner living in Hammansburg; the rumor that Jim Jefferies, the “Boiler Maker”, world champion boxer worked on the oil fields in Henry Township; and the NB native who changed the automatic washing machine to the appliance we know today.  We also just completed an article for our newsletter on the   1938 NBHS Tiger basketball team that qualified for ’38 state tourney.What a remarkable bunch of players! This is only a partial list of what we are doing. 

    We are looking for volunteers, too!  If you have a few hours to spare we would love to have you join our group.

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