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Bloomdale P. D. Reports Home Invasions

Press Release from Bloomdale Chief of Police, Tyler Nagy:   On 03/18/2016 at approximately 1:00 AM, a female contacted 911 stating someone had tried entering her home at the 200 block of Harrison Street in Bloomdale.

The female stated that her and her children were asleep in her residence when someone was banging on the rear door of her residence. The female advised that the male kicked open the rear door. The female stated that she held the door closed and advised the male that she was going to call the police. The female advised that the male then left the residence in a silver or gold car possibly occupied by a passenger. The male then returned shortly after. The male went to the front of the residence were he threw a large ornamental block through the window of her children’s bedroom where the children were sleeping. The block entered the bedroom window nearly striking a two year old child that was sleeping. Shattered glass was thrown into beds of the children. The female stated the male suspect then fled.

Please contact Bloomdale Police Department if you can provide additional information regarding this incident.


On 3/19/2016 at approximately 5:00 PM, Bloomdale Police Department received a complaint of a burglary of a residence in the 500 Block of N. Main Street. A female informed the officer that someone entered her residence which was unoccupied at the time, ransacked the home, stole jewelry and opened a safe. Damage was done to the inside of the residence.

If anyone has any any information in regards to this incident, please contact Bloomdale Police Department. This incident is not believed to be related to the incident that occurred on 03/18/2016, on the 200 block of Harrison Street.

Tyler Nagy
Chief of Police
Bloomdale Police Department

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