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Board of Education Meets for July

by Sue Miklovic

It only took about  30 minutes to handle everything on the agenda for the July 2018 North Baltimore  Board of Education meeting.

Mr. Mark Lange, Powell Principal, and Dr. Bob Falkenstein, NBHS Principal  were not required to attend the summer sessions, since there is no student activity for them to report on.

District Treasurer Steven Stewart gave his report, followed by a few comments by Superintendent Ryan Delaney.

The treasurer reported the school finished the year with a deficit mainly because they have not received rebates for purchases they made that provided those offers–for example a propane bus and LED lighting. “Once we receive those, we will be where I projected,” said Stewart.

He also shared that the district currently has approximately 271 days of “Cash on Hand”. That would be about a year and a half of school, with what is now available. Superintendent Delaney commented, “Many large districts often have 30 or 40 days of ‘Cash on Hand’. They feel pretty good if they have 60 to 70 days available. We have a year and a half.”

The Board accepted the Federal Title Grant estimates (Title I, Special Education Part B IDEA, Title IIA)of almost $325,000. Without this funding the Board would not be able to provide these programs.

The Board approved a one year certified contract to Merci Goshe, Powell Elementary Teacher (6th Grade) for the 2018-2019 school year. She obtained both her Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Findlay, and lives near Bascom. Prior to coming to NB, she taught at Vanlue.

New Powell Elementary 6th Grade Teacher, Merci Goshe attended the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday evening. Welcome to North Baltimore!

The Board also approved a one year classified contract to Nicole Hale, Health Aide for 5 hours per day, 189 days per year.

Other Points of Interest:

*More baseball field tiling is in progress.

*The Board is seeking bids for a ticket booth and paving at the High School(see details here on theNBXpress)

*An agreement was approved with the Wood County Educational Service Center for ATOD on-site services for the 2018-2019 school year, at 2 days per week, for $7,000.

*Band Camp is currently in session, with approximately 45 participants.

*There are about 36 kids out for high school football. We will face some new opponents in football this season, as the BVC shuffles the mix of match-ups every three years, based on previous records.

*Supplemental contracts were approved for  14 people, plus 4 volunteers.

*Teachers will report back on Monday, August 20th-Staff and Board Luncheon@MS/HS at 12:15pm

*Back to School Open Houses will be August 20th from 5:00pm-7:00pm (Powell and NBHS/MS)

*First Day of School for students is Wednesday, August 22

Watch for lots of Back to School information to be posted on theNBXpress starting the first full week of August.


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