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June 3, 2023 1:46 pm

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Board of Education Meets for November

The North Baltimore Board of Education met at the NBHS building last Tuesday night for their regularly scheduled November 23, 2021 meeting. 

Superintendent-Mr. Ryan Delaney 

“We currently don’t have any Covid cases within the school.”  After the meeting Delaney explained that this means that no one at the school with Covid actually got covid from another student or staff person while at school. It was transmitted to the student from within their family or circle of friends outside of school hours, and therefore not reported by the school, but rather by the family.

District Treasurer- Mr. Steven Stewart

Mr. Steven Stewart, District Treasurer, presented his annual Five Year Forecast for the District (FY22-26) to the Board. The majority of the time used for this month’s meeting was focused on this report. The school district has over 700 students and 125 regular employees and is one of the largest employers in the area and plays a huge role in the local economy. The district prepares five-year forecasts in order to evaluate the district’s fiscal condition. It serves as a fiscal management tool that presents estimated information based on past, current, and projected financial conditions. It is important to remember that this is only a projection of the future of North Baltimore Local Schools general fund.

Some highlights of the report:

Our current enrollment is 700 students, with 50 students attending Penta Career Center. The district receives $6000 per student from the state of Ohio to operate.

Real estate taxes have remained flat for the year

Income tax was forecasted to be $880,000 but appears to be actually around $1.2 million

Total revenue and other financing sources for 2021 only will be around 12,152,393 ( normally in the $10M range)

With the supply chain shortage everyone is experiencing, supplies and materials are going to continue to increase in costs.

Planned Capital Outlay is forecasted at $4 million with the funds available from different ESSER funds. The district should have $1.5 million available for building improvements. The new football stadium and track facility will account for around $2.5 million in capital projects

Total expenditures and other financing uses is projected at $13,235,001

At the end of the report, Board President Jeremy Sharninghouse said “Thank you for all your hard work on the five year forecast. We appreciate it!”

EA Powell Elementary Principal-Mrs. Jonelle Semancik:

Virtual Food Drive

Thank you to Trina Hagemyer for partnering with Handyman Pro for a virtual food drive. Participants can order food via link that has been posted and emailed out. Food is delivered to Powell and disbursed to our local families in need. You may also drop off food to Powell if you do not wish to order online.

Variety Show

Congratulations to Emily Meyerson and all that were involved on a successful Variety Show.

Christmas Spirit at Powell

Thank you to Sue Phillips and Crystal Borchert for decorating Powell for the holidays. Crystal had all Powell students make ordainments for the Powell Christmas Tree.

New Sign

Thank you to Mr. Stewart, Mr. Delaney, and all the board members for our new Powell sign. It is digital and can produce many announcements for the community in an eye catching way.

**May you all have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving! Go Bucks!**

Other agenda items at the meeting included:

Accept the resignation of Sue Mills for the two-hour cafeteria position( cafeteria only-not bus driving) that she held, effective Nov. 8 2021

Approval of resolution to establish educational requirements for substitute teachers for the 2021-2022 school year as presented

Approve a supplemental contract for junior high basketball for Jeff Long- volunteer

The Board accepted the donation of proceeds received from the crops harvested on the district’s property of $13,116.65

The Board heard a report from the Athletic Council that the bleachers and lights for the new football stadium/track facility have been ordered. They said that approximately $125,000 will be needed for various types of track supplies for the new track facility.

Mr. Stewart shared that individual projects that are part of the building project could be put on hold if necessary, if costs continue to escalate. (Example: There is additional parking  to be added to the stadium project that could be delayed if needed, until future funds are available)

The board agreed to change the December 2021 meeting to December 7th, 2021 at 6:00 PM


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