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Boy Scout Newsletter Oct 2017

North Baltimore Boy Scout Troop #315 – October 2017 – Newsletter
The Luckey fest has come and gone including the HOT, HOT weekend that it was.  I will have financial numbers as those come in from the Bloomdale troop.  Thank you to all scouts and parents who helped with the event.  These food fundraiser’s are essential to keeping the troop financially stable when it comes to budget plus allows scouts to feel invested in their program.  The more you do , the less parents have to pay for program.  Serving food is a lot of hard work and requires planning, permits and volunteers but has the largest impact in making money for the scouts.  Pictures of the event are attached.
Re charter
A bit of news that caught me off guard.  Our annual membership fees are going up for 2018.  In December when we require scouts to pay their annual dues, the cost will increase to $33.00 per year.   The last increase happened 5 years ago when the fees were raised from $15.00 to $24.00.  This is a National memo that went out to all councils, districts and troops.  Our leadership is still covered by the charter as well as the insurance that covers us at a troop.    There is some scout sponsorship so talk to me if needed
October 1 & 8
We will continue with the public speaking merit badge at meetings on these dates
October 13 – 15
Wood District Camporee will be held at Harrison Park in Pemberville.  We will leave the scout house at 5:30pm Friday afternoon.  There will be a common lunch but we will cook the following.  Friday night, Hot dogs, chips.   Saturday, Breakfast- Pancakes & Sausage .  Supper Saturday,  Tacos and doughnuts for Breakfast on Sunday.  All scouts will need their mess kits, changes of clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries and pack their class A shirt.   Parents are invited to attend and cost is $10.00 per scout.  Please let me know if you are attending.  Below is the grocery list needed for the event.  Please select an item and include on your email back
Grocery List
3 packs Hot Dog bums
2 bags asst chips
1 head lettuce
2 tomatoes
1 family bag fiesta cheese blend
36 ct large tortillas
8 packs same flavor kool aid
1 small sugar bag
4 bags little Debbie doughnuts asst flavor
1 Gal sunny D
We have the rest of the supplies
October 21
Scouting for food.   We will meet at the scout house at 10:00 to collect .  I am in need a 2 or 3 parents to go around with scouts throughout the town to collect.   The job will take about 1 – 2 hours.
October 21
Also, after scouting for food,  We are laying down the new tile floor at the scout house.  I really need some parents to help with laying tile , muscle work, mixing concrete and cutting of tile.  4 – 8 people would be great.  We have the materials , thanks to American Legion’s donation. Now we just need volunteer sweat equity. 
Wreaths sales
Yep. hard to believe that this time of the year is here.  During October troop meetings, I will hand out wreath order forms as well as meat stick forms,  A hint about the wreaths,  Scouts selling wreaths after church really do well so consider talking to your congregation when the time comes.  I like to use a past scout, Nick Enninger, who always had 2 pages of orders , just form church. 
October 28
Halloween parade.  Line up is village park due to main street project expected to cause closure of downtown.  .  I don’t have exact step off time yet but scouts can wear a costume to the event.  After the parade, we go to firehouse for refreshments and then off to the park for the cub scout wagon ride.  We are able to set up a light scare environment  for the cubs but will need planning from the troop.  I will also need parents to help with the parade since I am obligated elsewhere that night.
November 10 – 12
Hike & camp.  We will hike with our gear our to Doc Roberts woods from the scout house.  about 3 miles to and from. There is no cost for the camp but we will do a grocery list as this gets closer.  I will have more info about this on the next newsletter.  PLC and SPL have been asking for a hikes and this one will get the scouts used to carrying their supplies in a minimal setting.  Note.  Temps this time of year can vary so we will go over some Camp Alaska prep beforehand.
Shawn Benjamin

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