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Boy Scout Troop 315 March Newsletter


On Wednesday, February 17, 2016 Billy Trout, Noah Pelton and Tyler Stimmel received scouting’s highest rank, EAGLE.  We’ve had so much going on with all the youth who are working on projects. The amount of service hours these young men have dedicated to our community is in the thousands. Larry Bateson has been coaching our scouts towards the top rank and we have quite a few fellas on their way as well. 

Just a reminder to all , Since 2010, we’ve had Corey Povenmire, Cody Switzer, Logan Carles, Robert Lyberg, A.J. Hotaling, Tyler Stimmel, Danny Crouse, Noah Pelton, and Billy Trout.  That’s 9 scouts and more to come this year!
boy scouts Noah Pelton
Congratulations Eagle Scout Noah Pelton
boy scouts Tyler Stimmel
Congratulations Eagle Scout Tyler Stimmel
boy scouts Bill trout
Congratulations Eagle Scout Billy Trout


Blue and Gold.  We have several Webelos II scouts crossing over to the troop on March 6th.  6:00pm at the American Legion.  Please plan on attending in full class A uniforms including merit badge sash.  Eric is holding a separate ceremony for younger cubs so this ceremony is for the oldest cubs who are joining the troop. 


This month Larry will be teaching the American Culture merit badge for all our scouts.  Please plan on attending the meetings though March .  We also will be starting the merit badge selection process for summer camp.


Yes the details are here.  Early bird cost is $268.00 if paid by May 1st.  Also includes a free camp hat.  IF you don’t make the deadline, cost is $288.00 with no hat.  Camp is plan B which means we all cook on patrol and food is delivered to our campsite.    Dates for camp are June 26 thru July 2 at Pioneer Scout Reservation.

All scouts can pick up to 5 merit badges.  I will select a couple for our T21 Scouts and review needs for Star and Life scouts.  PSR has over 80 merit badges to pick from but also has the “Bump” system,  Scouts can be bumped if the class overfills and older ranks need them based on age.   If you want to stop and talk with me about choices, please email and we can set up a time

BSA Physicals are mandatory and required yearly HERE IS THE LINK     .http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf .  Due June 1st .

All scouts can use their scout accounts to offset camp and parents can deposit money into their scouts account at any time .  Hint….. 3 payments of $90.00 is easier than one big chunk.


I just returned from Camp Alaska with 9 scouts.  The weather was a mild 48 and sunny on Saturday and 50’s for the pack up and hike back.  I don’t remember a camp Alaska where we did not have teens for night temps and snow.  I’ll dub this one “CAMP CUPCAKE”  That being said, scouts always seem to struggle with simple tasks of setting up shelter, making fire and cooking edible meals.  But all had fun, learned a bit about survival and thanked Levi for helping with all their campfires.  Thanks Levi and hope you used the EDGE method.


“A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”

Submitted by: Shawn Benjamin


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