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Boy Scout Troop 315 Newsletter

Latest news for Scouts in Troop 315
Scoutmaster minute
Are we ready for a new year?  I’m gonna ask a non scout question to all my parents.  One of my new projects in 2020 is to re open the Virginia Theater here in North Baltimore.  You may have heard some talk about it.  One really big task I’ll need to address is a full cleaning of the theater.  Now this is a private business venture but will open to the community.  We plan on having $1.00 movies, as well as first run.  I’m asking all older scouts and adults who can.  to give me a hand in this.  The big job requires us to shampoo all the seats and cloth materials to remove dirt and mildew..  So far.  Rich Rose is furnishing the commercial cleaner and Officer Mandy is stepping in.  Doug Wickard will be helping me with the food service stuff and getting the projector up a and running.  There is so much to do and a several days in January will be set aside for this to happen.  The goal is to open in February.  This leads to the next bit of info..  If the timing works. out,  We will have our February Court of honor at the theater followed by a free movie that evening.  I’ll even throw in the popcorn and pop.  To my parents, please think about your availability and let me know if you are interested.  
Sea Base payment due
All scouts who are going to sea base are required to turn in the 2nd payment of $270.00 no later than January 15,2020.  Mr Boes is looking at plane ticket prices and we probably will fly out of Detroit Airport.  estimated cost is 240.00 for the ticket .  All scouts going will need to pass a BSA swim test and re certify at Sea base and a current BSA Physical.  All 18 and older scouts will be required to fill out an adult BSA application and take Youth protection online prior to flying out.  Also need a state ID or license / temp permit.  We will split into 2 crews.  Mr. Boes leading one and me the other with equal split of 18 and over young adult participants with our scouts.  That means Wyatt and Jordan will be adult leaders alongside Frank and I
Please review the participation guide in preparation for the trip.
Wood District First Aid Meeting?When: Friday, January 10, 2020 Registration begins at 7 p.m., meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.
Who: Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, Webelos Scouts, and Girl Scouts (Juniors and above)
There will be two divisions this year: First division is Webelos Scouts, T21 or first year Scouts*, Juniors, and Cadettes* Second division is Older Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, Seniors, and Ambassadors
Why: Review and practice life-saving first aid skills
How: All skills and scenarios will be in line with the information available in the current Boy Scout Handbook and First Aid Merit Badge book. The theme is back to basics.
While there will be a small amount of instruction/ review during the night, everyone is expected to be prepared by learning and practicing first aid skills. You’ll have the most fun and get the most out of the night if you are prepared.
What to bring: Scouts in uniform, personal and troop first aid kits (reference Boy Scout Handbook First Aid chapter), do you carry your Scout ESSENTIALS when you are out, if so maybe that’s a good idea to have along? (reference Boy Scout Handbook Hiking chapter)
January 12  Cub Lock In at B.G. Field house
2020 Lock-In is Saturday, January 11, 2020, at 8:00 PM at the Perry Field House on the campus of Bowling Green State University. All volunteer scouts , wear class B t-shirt .  and bring water bottle and snacks.  You will get hungry.  We are in charge of Human Battle ship and Ga Ga ball this year.  First 8 scouts who respond get to assist and we will be done at 2am Sunday morning.  Leaders will drop off all scouts at home after the event.  No meeting the following Sunday.  
Check-in opens at 8:00 PM
January 17-19  Black Swamp Klondike Derby
Excitement is mounting in anticipation of the Black Swamp Area Council Klondike Derby to be held January 18, 2020 at Camp Lakota in Defiance, Ohio. Participation in the annual Black Swamp Area Council Klondike Derby will get your Scout Troop and Venture Crew off to a running start for the New Year.  Mark your Scouting Calendar now, announce the event at your next Troop meeting and watch the enthusiasm mount as your Scouts prepare for this great winter event! We will camp outdoors and leave the scouthouse on Friday at 6:30pm.  A list of groceries is listed below.  Please sign up for an item your family can send for this camp.  All scouts have been trained in cold weather camping so we hope they all have been paying attention.
    Grocery list
    3 bags frozen tater tots
    2 packs smoked sausage Eckrich or simalar
    1 big bag family cheese Monterey / cheddar blend
    2 onion
    2 doz eggs (BOES)
    3 lbs ground hamburger,  browned and bagged
    2 cans tomato paste large
    3 cans tomato sauce
    3 large cans kidney beans
    3 large cans chili beans
    2 boxes crackers
    3 pak hot dogs 8ct
    3 pak hot dog buns 8ct
    2 gal choco milk (BOES)
    5 bags little Debbie small doughnuts
    3 gal juice  (BOES)
January 31 – Feb 2  Wood District Winter weekend at Miakonda
We have a cabin reserved for this event so no cold weather camping however.  The program will require scouts to be outdoors all day, so cold weather attire including boots, gloves, and hats.  We will leave for camp at 6:30pm Friday night.  Class A only needed for closing campfire.  We will also need a grocery list for this event as well so when responding. please let me know which items for which camp you are opting to send with your scouts
    6 Grands biscuits pre baked and bagged
    3 bags of bagged sausage gravy, in freezer section
    4 packs hamburger buns
    2 lbs sliced ham
    2 lbs sliced turkey
    2 lbs sliced roast beef
    1 head lettuce
    3 tomatoes
    1 onion
    1 jar Sandwich pickles
    bottle mustard
    bottle mayonnaise
    2 box lasagna noodles
    3 jars spaghetti sauce
    1 family bag mozzarella cheese
    1 ricotta cheese
    3 lbs browned and bagged ground beef
    3 gal choco milk (BOES)
    3 gal fruit juice (BOES)
    7 bags little Debbie doughnuts
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
    “The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”

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Sept. 2023
Sept. 2023
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