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Boy Scout Troop 315 October News

October Newsletter
Our troop has been asking to plan another white water rafting trip to Ohio Pyle.  Since there is a lot of planning involved.  I need parents input and participation in this.  Last year the cost was $110 per person and included camping, meals, and rafting.  Logistics such as dependable transportation, drivers, and adults are necessary to pull this off.   If you or your son are interested in a rafting trip in 2017,  talk to me so we can start the planning.  If you go, you will fall out of the raft. 
The Luckey fest was a busy and great success this year. Fast paced food service and a hard work detail but worth it. I will have numbers to you as soon as Troop 337 treasurer can finalize the details. Billy, Levi, Jordan, Noah, Clayton , and Alex B. all stepped up to the challenge. My leaders, Tim Brown and Antheny Morrison also made life a little easier that weekend. P.S. I’m glad it’s behind us til next year .
October has turned out to be a very busy month for our scouts. Please read through all the upcoming events to be aware of what’s happening this month.
October 8 Soccer Tournament
We have been asked to help park cars and do trash duty at the fall soccer tournament in Van Buren on October 8. They would like us there from 7am to 4pm. We will leave the scout house at 6:30 am that morning to assist. We also need a few more adults if possible to help and drive the tractor for trash duty. It is a fundraiser for the troop and scout accounts.
October 14 Homecoming parade
Scouts; We traditionally walk in the homecoming parade and will line up in full BSA class A at Powell school. Line up starts at 5:30pm, step off at 6:00pm We will finish up at the football field by the flag pole.
October 15 Pumpkin Chunkin Camporee
Now I know this is Homecoming weekend and we are also marching in the parade so this will be a day trip on Saturday. Scouts can meet me at the scouthouse at 7:00am to go to Pemberville for the camporee. We will be dining with Troop 337 for lunch and supper and stay til closing campfire. Scouts will be returning home after, which should be around 9:45pm and arrive in N.B. by 10:30pm. Cost for camp is $5.00. you can use your accounts or pay for the day when you arrive.
October 19  Wednesday, Committee meeting
It’s been a while since we last met and long overdue for an update and conversation concerning the troop.  Activity planning, finance, membership and other items need to be discussed.  My hopes are that Oct 19 will work but please let me know if you cannot make it.  7:00 pm at scouthouse. 
Here is the list of current members.  Mike Julien, Larry Bateson, Tony Hetrick, Kathy Enninger, Mark Povenmiere, Ed Kaman,  Uniformed leaders,  Shawn Benjamin, Tim Brown, Antheny Morrison, and Joe White.  Jim C., and Marci B.  Still waiting on adult applications. but I have you as members
October 22 Scouting for food
Cubs will have placed door tags on the N.B. House the week prior for us to pick up food on Saturday morning Oct 22. I will need 2 – 3 drivers with trucks to blanket the town to gather non perishables to deliver to the local food pantry. Scouts and parents can meet me at the scouthouse at 8:45am
October 29 Halloween parade
Costume or uniform; we will line up at Powell school and march to Water and S. Main on October 29. I won’t be able to be the leader in charge of this event due to prior obligation so I need a few parents to help my uniformed leaders keep this a fun and safe evening for our scouts. After the parade, we go to the fire station for donuts and cider plus go to the cemetery and have a spook moment with the cub scouts
In the , Not so distant future, May 19-27 ,2017
As you know.  we are know in the council as a retro troop with our old uniforms and cool throw back gear.  That being said.  The Erie Shores Council’s  Camp Miakonda will be celebrating their 100th year and having  public tours. 
We have been asked to maintain and hold a retro campsite, complete with canvas camps, full BSA 1950’s /. 60 uniforms during the weekend and very 1950’s camp model. 
It is truly an honor to do this.  Everything from clothing , backpacks.  1950’s books and tents, model campsite with gate, us flags, troop and patrol flags, old scout songs, games . basically a living history lesson for the public, kinda like Sauder village for scouts
All scouts who are currently wearing a BSA pre 1970’s uniform are being asked to do this ( From our troop), we will add to your uniform, including classic socks, garrison hats, shorts,   The camp is recreating Indian Village for the anniversary and we will be placed in on of the historic campsites.  If you don’t own an old uniform.  and want to come.  I have a full rack of uniforms
We also plan on setting up our old 1950’s Jamboree tents we own as a troop plus some of our scouts and leaders own pup tents. 
They are also setting up a pre 1930’s campsite and asked about a couple scouts who do own this stuff about that.  more to come . 
The dates are May 19- 21 , 2017.  Like Sauder village.  All costuming is to be complete so we will be wearing class A’s  all weekend and working in them.    It’s a 1950’s Boy’s Life, Norman Rockwell moment for us. 
P.S.  I can lend out old back packs,  camp gear, vintage mess kits, neckerchiefs, etc.  This a once in a lifetime experience for us.  Lets get excited
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
” The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game of scouting by doing so himself. “
Submitted by:
Shawn Benjamin


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