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August 11, 2022 5:01 pm


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Can One Christian Have All of the Gifts?

Sunday Sermon Title: 

Spiritual Gifts Sermon Series-“Can One Christian Have All of the Gifts?”

Note from the Pastor:

I have been preaching a sermon series on “Spiritual Gifts”. Last week, I spoke on who can have spiritual gifts and are they still available to us. The Bible teaches that we are supposed to be disciples and that we are to make disciples. All of this is done through the power of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was given as a comforter for the church. This was after Jesus went to sit down next to His Father in Heaven. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to do any of the Christian walk.

God has established, through scripture, what the gifts are and that they are available to all Christians. The Bible demonstrates that we can operate in multiple gifts and all of the gifts of the Spirit. God knows that we need help in this present time. Who will need help when they are in Heaven? I encourage you to come and learn about the gifts of the Spirit. I am confident that you will be blessed and encouraged to dig deeper into the Word of God!

God Bless,

Pastor Jon

Service Times: 

9:30 am Sunday School (Discipleship Class) by Pastor Jon

(Adult & Children classes)

10:30 am Sunday Service(Adult & Children services)

Pastor Jon & Theresa Rhinehart

Praise Chapel PCG

P.O. Box 254

500 W. Broadway St.

(419) 408-HOPE (4673) Prayer & Info Line

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