Remaining Care Compass dates for 2020 are scheduled for September 2 and November 4……



Bowling Green, Ohio (May 19, 2020) – The Care Compass project serves as a quarterly network gathering for caregivers. Care Compass is a place to gather together and obtain resources to make the journey of caregiving less stressful. The upcoming session will be held virtually using Zoom on Wednesday, June 3 at 11:00 a.m.


The Care Compass Project is free and open to all caregivers but requires pre-registration by calling 1-800-367-4935 or 419-353-5661 or by emailing programs@wccoa.net  Zoom login information will be given upon registration.


Lunch sponsored by Brookdale of Bowling Green will be delivered to your home by WCCOA to those Wood County residents registered for the session.



11:00 a.m. Michelle Richards, OT will discuss how to avoid falls in the home. Falls put you at risk of serious injury. Prevent falls with these simple fall-prevention measures, from reviewing your medications to hazard-proofing your home.


11:45 a.m. Angie Holt-Parks, PTA with Progressive Therapy Alternatives, will discuss exercises and techniques on what to do when a loved one falls. Angie will provide an opportunity to gather information for a future balance screening.


Remaining Care Compass dates for 2020 are scheduled for September 2 and November 4.


The CARE Compass Project is sponsored and brought to the community by: Brookdale of Bowling Green, Wood County Committee on Aging, BGSU Optimal Aging Institute, Golden Care Partners, Ohio Living Home Health and Wood County Hospital.


The mission of the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., shall be to provide older adults with services and programs which empower them to remain independent and improve the quality of their lives.


For information on programs and services, please contact the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., at (419) 353-5661, (800) 367-4935 or www.wccoa.net

Light Candles of Honor for Memorial Day

Memorial Day, for most of us, will be different this year. The meaning, however, does not change.

Dear American Legion Family Members and Friends,

Memorial Day, for most of us, will be different this year. The meaning, however, does not change.

I’m calling on The American Legion Family to encourage communities far and wide to pay tribute to our nation’s fallen heroes at dusk May 25, Memorial Day, by lighting candles of honor and placing them on front porches. Such a display will remind everyone that our resolve to honor those who served before us will continue even as social-distancing measures limit our ability to perform traditional Memorial Day remembrances.

We must adapt and overcome the pandemic in order to pay our respects to the true meaning of Memorial Day.

The manner and placement of the candles of honor are up to each individual. If possible, I recommend using a front porch as a visible reminder of the price that was paid for freedom.

Color options for consideration could include:

A red candle to remember the blood shed in battle for the protection of our freedoms.

A white candle to keep our POWs/MIAs ever in our thoughts and prayers as we await their return home

A blue candle to salute the memories of those who made it home but are no longer with us.

However you choose, whether it’s one candle or three, I ask that photos of those candles be shared on social media, tagging The American Legion National Headquarters and using the hashtag #candlesofhonor so our message will reach families everywhere. An additional option is to show your gratitude by having each member of a family or group hold up a sign spelling out a message of Memorial Day. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET would be a good choice.

Also, this year, remember our Virtual Memorial Day page on legion.org/legiontown. Please share with our national audiences the story of someone who served in the Armed Forces who holds special meaning to you. Share who you will be remembering this Memorial Day on social media using hashtag #VirtualMemorialDay.

And let’s not forget that Friday is National Poppy Day. While our poppy distribution plans may be different this year, it’s also an opportunity to innovate. The American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters is planning a Facebook watch party May 22 at noon EDT. American Legion Family members across the country are also planning other low-contact ways to remember the fallen and keep faith with the disabled through the symbol of our official flower, the red poppy.

No matter how we remember this year, the most important message we need to send is that we will never forget.

For God and country,

For God and country,
James W. “Bill” OxfordNational Commander

WCCOA Announces 2020 Poetry Contest Winners

Congrats to Carol, Larry( of NB) and Mary, 14th Annual Poetry contest winners!……

Bowling Green, OH (May 19, 2020) – The Wood County Committee on Aging is happy to announce the winner for the 14th Annual Poetry Contest along with the Honorable Mention and People’s Choice Awards!


Carol Kinsey from Bowling Green received first place with her poem entitled “Cancer Time Love”, winning a $50.00 gift card sponsored by Bowling Green Manor and BG Care Center. Honorable Mention was awarded to Larry Slaughterbeck of North Baltimore with the poem “A Christmas Morn Walk”. Public voting took place in April using the WCCOA Facebook and blog to select a People’s Choice Award winner. Mary Gambill from Pemberville received this award with her poem entitled “Persistence Until the Bitter End”. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s contest. We received many fantastic entries and look forward to more next year.


All of the submitted poems can be read on the WCCOA blog at: https://woodcountycommitteeonaging.blogspot.com/


If you submitted a poem for the 2020 Poetry Contest and would like a printed booklet of this year’s submissions, please contact the Programs Department at 419-353-5661 or 800-367-4935 or email programs@wccoa.net


The mission of the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., shall be to provide older adults with services and programs which empower them to remain independent and improve the quality of their lives.


For information on programs and services, please contact the Wood County Committee on Aging, Inc., at (419) 353-5661, (800) 367-4935 or www.wccoa.net




Carol Kinsey, First Place



Cancer Time Love

By: Carol Kinsey, Bowling Rreen

Winning Poem!


I came to bed the other night

you were already sleeping

making little deeply-asleep noises.

I usually crawl under the covers

turning away from you

but tonight, this night

I turn toward you

put my arm quietly across your chest

not wanting to wake you.

Wanting to be near

be dear

but not wake you.

I may not always remember this exact moment

but I will know there were times

I quietly slipped into bed along side you

touched you softly

without you knowing

but felt by both or us.

Other nights will come

taking us closer and closer to a time

when there will be no more nights to come.



A Christmas Morn Walk

By: Larry E. Slaughterbeck, North Baltimore

Honorable Mention


No matter how fast our lives are moving;

Sometimes it is good to feel life plainly,

As on a Christmas morning walk.

A wintry wind moved gently among the branches,

The trees now asleep as I walked

On one of the shortest days of the year.

The quiet morning air was filled with snowflakes;

The sounds of the holiday season,

From a distant church’s bell tower.

A blue jay flew among the low lying bushes,

High in the sky, three skeins of honking geese

Flew at an angle.

A brisk north wind encouraged me to

Pull down my stocking cap.


Persistence Until the Bitter End

By: Mary Gambill, Pemberville

People’s Choice Award


Her struggles were real,

So she tried to stay strong,

So her body would heal,

But the battle raged on.


Her pain it prevailed,

She got very frail,

She walked with a cain,

To help with the pain.


The Kemo was rough,

She tried to stay tough,

All she could say,

Is enough is enough.


The pain got so bad,

She could no longer fight,

Her body was broken,

Words were left unspoken.


She lost a tough battle,

The journey was long,

She pushed very hard,

To try to live on.


Now she soars like an Eagle,

High up in the sky,

Looking down on her family,

Saying please do not cry.

Your Nose Knows: Six Vehicle Warning Signs You Can Smell

Unusual smells can be the sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for your vehicle…..

BETHESDA, Md., May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Most vehicles start out with a “new car smell,” but there are other specific odors that motorists should never ignore. Identifying these suspect smells early on can help car owners be car care aware and avoid the hassle and expense of an unexpected breakdown, says the Car Care Council.

(PRNewsfoto/Car Care Council)

“Unusual smells can be the sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for your vehicle. By acting quickly and making necessary repairs, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing there is no harmful damage to your car,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

The Car Care Council recommends a sniff test of your vehicle to identify any unusual smells, including the following six warning signs:

  1. The smell of burnt rubber could be slipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses that might be rubbing against rotating accessory drive pulleys. Do not reach in if the engine compartment is hot.
  2. The smell of hot oil could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust system. To verify the leak, look for oil on the pavement or smoke coming from the engine area. 
  3. The smell of gasoline is likely the sign of a gas leak in some area of the vehicle such as a fuel injector line or the fuel tank. Any smell of fuel can result in a possible fire hazard, so immediate attention should be given. 
  4. The sweet smell of syrup may be a sign that your car is leaking engine coolant from a leaky component related to the car’s cooling system. Do not open the radiator cap when it is hot.
  5. The smell of burning carpet could be a sign of brake trouble and a safety hazard. Have your brakes checked right away, especially if this smell is happening during normal driving conditions.
  6. The smell of rotten eggs is never a good one and, if you smell it coming from your vehicle, it could mean a problem with your catalytic converter not converting the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. This smell can also be attributed to a poor running engine, causing the catalytic converter to become overloaded and fail due to meltdown. 

“When you smell any peculiar odor, you should not ignore it. Instead bring your vehicle to a professional service technician that you trust to get an informed opinion on the nature of the odor,” concluded White.

About the Car Care Council
The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. For the latest car care news, visit the council’s online media room at http://media.carcare.org. To order a free copy of the popular Car Care Guide, visit the council’s consumer education website at www.carcare.org.


SOURCE Car Care Council

American Legion Post # 539 Canteen specials

Going back to normal operating hours beginning with breakfast on Thursday May 21…..

This weeks American Legion Post 539 specials:
Wed May 20: Open Patio dining/take-out 11-7 meat loaf sandwiches and dinners
Thurs May 21 Breakfast open at 7 AM, Tacos is the special of the day…INSIDE Dining Permitted with social distancing requirements as well
Friday May 22 – Fish dinners at 5PM, menu open as well.
We will be going back to normal operating hours beginning with breakfast on Thursday May 21.  Please keep in mind the social distancing requirements.  We want to be able to serve our patrons safely.

“Welcome to Medicare” Webinars for Ohioans Turning 65

Webinar Events Start May 19, 2020.


COLUMBUS – Governor Mike DeWine and Department of Insurance Director Jillian Froment are pleased to announce a series of webinar events for Ohioans new to Medicare. These events will be conducted by staff from the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) and will educate soon-to-be Medicare eligible Ohioans about their health insurance and prescription drug coverage options.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Ohioans who will be eligible for Medicare to familiarize themselves with the program and understand their options,” Governor Mike DeWine said. “We encourage Ohioans to participate in the webinars and use the resources provided by the Department of Insurance when determining the plan that is best for them.”

One popular vehicle in which our volunteers and staff serve Medicare consumers is through statewide in-person Welcome to Medicare events that start in May. This year, to ensure the health and safety of Ohioans, the Department is shifting to webinar-only events to assist Ohioans’ transition to Medicare.

Participants will receive the same detailed engagement from the Department’s team in an interactive setting with one-on-one follow-up opportunities, including for help with enrollment. A list of OSHIIP’s Welcome to Medicare webinars is available at www.insurance.ohio.gov, and staff can also be reached at 1-800-686-1578 and OSHIIPmail@insurance.ohio.gov. Ohioans who have enrollment questions can also call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE. In 2019, OSHIIP worked with hundreds of thousands of Ohioans during outreach events, one-on-one meetings, and over the phone helping consumers save nearly $30 million. Medicare experts from the department will cover topics such as Medicare Part A and B benefits, Part D prescription drug coverage, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, financial assistance, and key deadlines.

“The department is proud to offer these informational sessions,” said Froment. “It is our goal to have those approaching 65 and have Medicare questions come away from these webinars better prepared to select the best coverage that meets their financial and health needs.”

Reminder: NB Graduation Plans for 2020

NB Plans GRADUATION for Class of 2020 with Social Distancing in place…

From North Baltimore Superintendent Ryan Delaney

Dear Families of the Class of 2020,

There will be a graduation. It will not be like the other ceremonies that we have had in the past, and we wish this were not the case. This is not a local decision; it is a decision that has been made for each school in Ohio. There is an order in place across the state that prevents large gatherings.

Thursday, April 23 at 4:16 p.m., we received an email from the Ohio Department of Education that began with the following:

“Governor DeWine, during his press conference on Monday, April 20, stated, “the gathering of significant numbers of people is a dangerous situation. Just as schools have been innovative in regard to how to teach from a distance, I know that they will be innovative as they look at how…they honor the students…” We are asking the education community to come together and honor our students, especially our seniors, in a manner that doesn’t pose health risks to anyone. Schools should continue to recognize the importance of restrictions on mass gatherings, and events should be aligned with the Ohio Department of Health’s Order.”

In response to this communication and reminder of the Governor’s order, we immediately began to pursue another option that we had been considering in the event that we would not be able to gather. We are working with the Wood County Health Department to do all we can to keep participants and guests safe.

The graduation plan is as follows:

We are planning to hold an individual graduation ceremony on Friday, May 22 from 5:00-8:00 PM in the NBHS gymnasium.  You can come to the building anytime during the three hour window.

We will be inviting the seniors and up to six (6) family members per graduate to come during this time. Seniors and family members will park in the back parking lot and are required to stay in their vehicles. A staff member will let the senior and their families know when to exit the vehicles and enter the gym. Once in the gym, each senior will have their name read, walk across the stage in their cap and gown, have a picture taken and receive their diploma. Once the senior has crossed the stage, family members can then take family pictures. They will exit out a separate set of doors and walk back to their vehicles. Then the next family will be allowed to enter the gymnasium. All of this will be live streamed on Face Book and later posted to YouTube.  The valedictorian, salutatorian and class president will also be allowed to give their speeches over the live stream.  Graduates and families will be safely staged.
Ryan Delaney

North Baltimore Wash and Dry Opens

Open 24/7 for your laundry needs…..

by Sue Miklovic, TheNBXpress

JP and I had the pleasure of meeting the Smith Family, owners of North Baltimore Wash and Dry, located at 237 N. Main Street, North Baltimore last weekend. 

Southern Wood County residents Ken and Patti Smith, along with help from their son Dylan, have reopened the laundry, formerly operated (2006-early 2020) by Sally Halstead and her late husband Don. The Smiths  opened their doors April 10th.

Dylan Smith makes sure the candy machines are well stocked.

Patti and Ken  have a friend in the laundromat business who has been mentoring them, and helping them look for an available location. “We have been looking for at least three years in many small villages and communities, which gave us some time to learn a lot about operating this type of business,” said Ken.

Ken told us he just happened to be in North Baltimore and saw the available opportunity here. He called Patti and told her, “I found it! I found our laundromat!”

They have given the business a facelift. It is clean and bright. There are front -loading and top loading washing machines in the NB Wash and Dry, as well as one 30 pound extra large machine. “We have another extra-large machine coming, and replacement parts for a dryer that needs repaired.  This pandemic has slowed down shipping on parts and equipment, so as soon as we receive them, they will be ready to go as soon as we get them installed.”

North Baltimore Wash and Dry Owners: Patti and Ken Smith, with their son Dylan. “We’re excited to be here!” they said. The business is open 24/7

The machines all operate on coins (quarters). “It is very expensive to make the machines capable of accepting credit/debit cards” explained Ken. The gas dryers run 7 minutes for 25 cents.

A new sign has been ordered for the front of the building. After it is installed,  they plan to have a grand opening(once the pandemic orders are lifted) with refreshments and door prizes. In the meantime, they are open 24/7. Stop in and welcome them to North Baltimore. “We’re excited to be here!” they said.


Family Fun with Fudgsicles

Who doesn’t love fudgsicles? Watch this video to see how to make this recipe!

(Family Features) Planning snacks you can enjoy with your children is a winning parenting strategy for spending more time together while creating tasty treats.

Take it a step further with a recipe like these Homemade Fudgsicles, which are an ideal example of an easy treat made with the goodness of real milk kids can help make, giving them an added incentive to enjoy moments together. To help your children reach the recommended 2-3 servings of dairy each day, serve with a glass of milk.

Find more snack recipes at milkmeansmore.org.

Watch video to see how to make this recipe!

Homemade Fudgsicles

Recipe courtesy of Milk Means More
Total time: 10 minutes plus 12 hours chill time
Servings: 12

  • 3          cups milk
  • 1          cup sugar
  • 3/4       cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4       cup honey
  • 1/4       teaspoon salt
  • 12        ice pop sticks
  1. In pot over medium heat, heat milk, sugar, cocoa powder, honey and salt, stirring often, until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Pour into ice pop molds and insert sticks then freeze until firm, about 12 hours.
  2. Remove ice pops from molds and place in freezer-safe bag until ready to eat.

United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Top Gardening Trends for 2020

Blooms and beyond: The top gardening trends for 2020

Blooms and beyond: The top gardening trends for 2020

(BPT) – Whether you have an outdoor oasis or are a nurturing indoor plant parent, gardening offers a multitude of benefits and has the power to brighten up any space or mood. Spring is the time to plan what plants to grow, and with some expert insight on top trends, you’ll be gardening with success and enjoying the results.

Indoor Garden Rooms

The team at Ball Horticultural Company shares the top trends for 2020, guiding plant lovers at all levels to confidently grow a garden, big or small.

Indoor Garden Rooms

Mother Nature has made her way indoors with more people planting inside their homes in a variety of ways. Whether it’s creating a soothing space by a windowsill filled with houseplants or growing your own edible herbs and microgreens in your kitchen, planting indoors is on the rise. Serious plant-lovers are even dedicating entire interior spaces to gardening, creating “garden rooms” or “indoor jungles.”

Indoor gardening lets homeowners experience the benefits of plants wherever they live, regardless of the weather outdoors. Easy-to-care-for houseplants, such as Dieffenbachia, a strong and sturdy plant that has stunning and unique tropical leaves, makes people feel like they are on vacation in their own homes. Studies show that foliage plants also clean indoor air and lift overall spirits. Finally, don’t be afraid of indoor flowering plants like Gerbera or Cyclamen. Their flowers last 3-4 weeks and are available in many colors to fit your mood or match your seasonal décor.

PanAmerican Seed offers the Kitchen Minis® collection as an option for gardeners who want to grow and harvest their own vegetables year-round. These potted vegetable plants can thrive on a sunny windowsill or counter. With Kitchen Minis, such as the Siam Edible Potted Tomato, people can pluck ingredients right from the container in their kitchen to use in a recipe. The collection also includes sweet and hot peppers with more options to come.

Gardening for Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that consuming fresh vegetables and herbs is beneficial to one’s physical health, and gardening at home puts a variety of flavorful produce within arm’s reach. The benefits of gardening also extend to mental health, as tending a garden and being close to nature helps reduce stress, calm anxiety and acts as a mood-booster.

Herbs are a simple place to start when growing your own food. You can’t go wrong with Everleaf Emerald Towers Basil, which adds flavor to many dishes like fresh Caprese salad. This beautiful, column-like plant not only gives a bountiful harvest, it is also late to flower and can be paired with colorful flowers in a mixed container for month after month of hand-plucked flavor and garden enjoyment.

Mardi Gras Fun Snack Peppers from Burpee Plants are the perfect healthy miniature peppers that add a conversation piece to any garden. They’re available in four eye-catching color options that can be grown together in one container for a fun patio display, and kids adore helping to grow, pick and eat these crunchy snacks.

Aromatherapy is also a popular wellness practice, with lavender plants topping the list of must-haves because of its reputation for inspiring relaxation. SuperBlue English Lavender grows rich blue blooms on short flower spikes, providing a calming scent and great garden texture. Alternatively, Primavera Spanish Lavender flowers throughout the summer, displaying great heat tolerance with bushy, scented florets that attract bees and other pollinators.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are planted in gardens across the country and different hues blanket landscapes large and small. Additionally, people with container gardens are planting flowers known for their vivid color for instant impact, making this trend accessible to all, including those who live in a condo or apartment with limited outdoor garden space.

Some standout plants that feature the best bold hues include Galaxy Geranium, a brand-new series that is vigorous enough to keep its large, semi-double blooms in-color all season. Look for stunning dark red, pink, purple, salmon, violet, watermelon and white, giving gardeners the option to choose their favorite shade or create a rainbow of flowers.

Another bold option that is wonderful for sunny borders or bright corners is Rose Marvel Salvia. Its mega-large bloom stems result in spectacular displays in spring and summer so you’ll enjoy color throughout the warm months. The rose-pink flowers are deer and rabbit resistant, plus they rebloom without being cut back, saving time and minimizing maintenance.

Rose Marvel Salvia

Ask for these plants at your favorite garden retailer, and you’re on your way to experiencing all that flowers have to offer. To learn more about these plants and the top gardening trends of the year, visit the plant experts at www.ballhort.com.