St. Luke’s Lutheran News

We are recommending that everyone wear a mask…..

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, North Baltimore, Sunday Worship, August 1, 2021, in person and live on Facebook @ 10:15 am @  

Due to new information from the CDC we are recommending that everyone wear a mask.  Communion will be shared using safe handling protocols.  All are welcome!

Plan now to join us on August 8, when we will welcome guest preacher Tammie Showalter, who will share her experiences working with deaf children in Haiti.

OHSAA Updates and Precautions as Fall Sports Begin

Media regulations, Board of Directors, academic requirements and divisional breakdowns also covered….

COLUMBUS, Ohio – With practices for all fall sports beginning this Sunday, August 1 and the season kicking off later that month, the Ohio High School Athletic Association has sent updates and reminders to it 817 member high schools and 747 member 7th and 8th grade schools.


In addition to the items in this release, the OHSAA’s memo to member schools on July 23 included information about upcoming meetings and other reminders. The July 23 memo is posted at:


Key dates for all 26 OHSAA sanctioned sports are posted at:


Heat Precautions

School administrators and coaches are asked to review the heat acclimatization and exertional heat illness prevention section in the OHSAA Handbook prior to any interscholastic practices. The section is on pages 81 and 82 and can be found at The sport of football has a five-day required acclimatization period and cross country has a 10-day required acclimatization period. All athletes joining the team at any point of the season also must participate in the sport-specific acclimatization period prior to any contact drills (football) or competition (cross country). Visit the sports medicine section of the OHSAA website for additional resources at:


COVID-19 Update

The Ohio Department of Health released newly revised guidance for K-12 schools on Tuesday, July 27, with some information related to interscholastic sports. Although Ohio lifted most statewide pandemic-related health orders on June 2, 2021, the risk is still there for illness from COVID-19. The OHSAA and ODH urge the membership to continue to follow safe protocols to protect everyone, especially those individuals who are not fully vaccinated. There are currently no mandates regarding vaccinations and social distancing, and the only mandate on masks is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirement that masks be worn while using public transportation, which includes school busses. It is highly recommended that coaches and student-athletes who are eligible for vaccinations to be vaccinated and it is highly recommended that those who are unvaccinated maintain social distancing and wear masks in indoor facilities and in outdoor facilities where there are crowded situations.

    The OHSAA’s complete school memo from July 27 is posted at:


2021-22 Media Regulations

The 2021-22 OHSAA Media Regulations have been approved by the Board of Directors. Similar to last year, for all regular-season events, including all sports and all days of the week, the host school controls all media access and broadcasting permissions, including live video. The OHSAA asks host schools to accommodate the broadcast requests for the visiting school.


For OHSAA postseason tournament contests, Spectrum has exclusive access for live video (TV and streaming) at selected football playoff games, along with the girls and boys basketball state tournaments. The NFHS Network also has exclusive access for live video streaming at selected tournament contests in several sports. If the NFHS Network is covering a contest, delayed video is still permitted with payment of a rights fee. If neither Spectrum nor the NFHS Network is covering a contest, live video is permitted for some contests with payment of a rights fee. The Board will approve the postseason broadcast rates in August. Media shall contact Tim Stried for details.


2021-22 OHSAA Board of Directors

The OHSAA would like to thank all school administrators who are serving on District Athletic Boards. The following administrators will serve as the 2021-22 OHSAA Board of Directors:

Scott Kaufman, Board President; Athletic Director/Assistant Principal, Lakota West High School (Class AAA Representative-Board of Directors thru 2022)

Steve Watkins, Board Vice President; Principal, Dalton Middle School (7th-8th Grade Representative-Board of Directors thru 2022)

Bo Arnett, Dean of Students/Athletic Director, Waverly High School (Class AAA Representative-Board of Directors thru 2024)

Ryan Fitzgerald, Athletic Director, Hamilton Twp High School (Class AA Representative-Board of Directors thru 2022)

Gina Franks, Director of Student Services, Dover High School (Female Representative-Board of Directors thru 2024)

Gary Kreinbrink, Athletic Director, Leipsic High School (Class A Representative-Board of Directors thru 2022)

Dr. William R. Nye, Jr., Superintendent, Grand Valley Local Schools (Class A Representative-Board of Directors thru 2024)

Jeff Wheeler, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, Meadowbrook High School/Middle School (Class AA Representative-Board of Directors thru 2024)

TBA – Ethic Minority Representative-Board of Directors thru 2022)

Glen Gillespie, (ex-officio, Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association)

Dr. John Richard, Deputy State Superintendent, Ohio Department of Education (ex-officio, State Department of Education Representative)


Academic Eligibility Reminder

A reminder that for the first grading period of the 2021-22 school year, the OHSAA has suspended the academic requirement that student-athletes must have passed five one-credit courses (or four classes at the 7th/8th grade level) in the final grading period of the 2020-21 school year. Therefore, all student-athletes are eligible with respect to their OHSAA scholarship eligibility, for the first grading period of the 2021-22, unless a school chooses to enforce its own scholarship standard.


However, the OHSAA’s academic requirement will be back in use for the second grading period. That means that fall and winter student-athletes need to be certain they pass at least five one-credit courses at the high school level or four classes at the 7th-8th grade level.


Divisional Breakdowns Remain the Same for 2021-22

Per action by the OHSAA Board of Directors, the 2020-21 enrollment data and tournament divisions will be utilized again in the 2021-22 school year. With some schools not offering sports along with many students transferring to non- traditional learning modules last fall due to COVID-19, the Executive Director’s Office deliberated on how to handle enrollment data, since October 2020 is when the OHSAA traditionally would have received that data (EMIS) from the Ohio Department of Education for use in tournament representation, tournament division breakdowns and classifications for OHSAA District Athletic Board elections. While understanding many schools had various unique enrollment situations this year, it was determined that utilizing the same data for a third and final year was the fairest for all OHSAA member schools since any new data collected would likely be severely skewed and/or an unreliable representation. Constitution Article 6-1-9 allowed the Executive Director’s Office to make this change, and it was subsequently approved by the Board.


Fall Sports (Official Practice Begins August 1)

The starting date for coaching for all 2021 OHSAA fall sports is Sunday, August 1. Each school/school district shall determine if they choose to start on that date or later. As a reminder, at the January 14, 2021, OHSAA Board of Directors Meeting, a recommendation was approved that permits schools to complete the first two days of the football acclimatization period in July. During that time, a helmet is the only equipment that may be worn.


Girls Tennis:

Field Hockey:

Cross Country:





Village Unveils New Water Bill Pay Online

Late fees will resume on all outstanding balances as of August 16, 2021.


CLICK for NEW Water Bill Pay

We have implemented a new utility billing software effective with this August 1, 2021 utility bill. The new software will allow you to do a number of things:

1. You can now pay your bill electronically from your bank account with No Fee! We encourage you to sign up for auto-pay and your bill will automatically be paid from your bank account each month!

2. Your bills can be delivered via email to your inbox monthly!

3. Payments can be made with credit cards and the fee has been reduced from a $2.95 service fee down to a $2.30 service fee.

3. There is a link to the utility billing software, where you can set up and make electronic payments on our website. The link is: 

Water Shutoffs and Late Fee

Late fees will resume on all outstanding balances as of August 16, 2021. Payments not received by end of day; August 25, 2021 will result in the water being shut off! There is an additional fee of $25.00 to turn your water back on!

If you cannot pay your account in full, contact the office, 419-257-2394, prior to August 25, 2021 and we will try to accommodate a payment plan that will allow your water to remain on.

CSP: “Women Breaking the Mold”

Five Continental Structural Plastics Professionals Recognized…

Auburn Hills, Michigan – July 28, 2021 — Continental Structural Plastics (CSP), a Teijin Group Company, today announced that five of its female employees have been recognized by Plastics News in the publication’s annual “Women Breaking the Mold” edition. This special issue features women who have made significant contributions to their organizations within the plastics industry.

The CSP 2021 honorees are:

  • Janice Brandenburg, plant controller, Sarepta, Louisiana, operations
  • Deanna Fry, assistant plant manager, North Baltimore, Ohio, operations
  • Jodi Poulson, plant controller, Van Wert, Ohio, operations
  • Roxanne Siebeneck, Human Resources manager, Carey, Ohio, operations
  • Jessica Van Epps, plant manager, Conneaut, Ohio, operations
Deanna Fry, assistant plant manager, North Baltimore, Ohio, operations(at the time of the story-currently: Continuous Improvement Manager)


“We are beyond thrilled that these women from CSP were selected to be recognized by Plastics News,” said Steve Rooney, CEO of Continental Structural Plastics and General Manager, Teijin Composites Business Unit. “As an organization that values diversity in its workforce, we truly appreciate the skills, dedication and unique perspectives each of these women bring to the company.”

Roxanne Siebeneck, Human Resources manager, Carey, Ohio, operations

Those recognized were selected from hundreds of applications submitted for consideration. Profiles and photographs of each honoree were included in the July 26, 2021, issue of Plastics News.

The Peak of Summer Season Temps

When outages do occur, it’s rarely due to a lack of available power on the grid…..

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Ohio was 113 degrees on July 21, 1934. While most Ohio summers don’t reach this extreme peak, temperatures in the 90s and 100s affect the demand on the electric grid. Managing that demand and ensuring the continuation of power requires coordination between utilities and regional organizations. 

Ohio’s six PUCO-regulated electric utilities are members of PJM Interconnection, the nation’s largest regional transmission organization that is comprised of over 65 million electricity customers in 13 states and the District of Columbia. PJM and utilities start the grid preparation for both the summer and winter seasons far in advance by conducting operations studies. These seasonal operating studies assess the electric system and attempt to predict the upcoming demand based on several factors.
PJM summer checklist

The image above, from the PJM Learning Center, summarizes the steps in preparation for the season.

For the 2021 summer season, PJM power system operators have forecasted a peak demand at approximately 149,000 MW. The organization then performs reliability studies at even higher levels to make sure the grid can withstand the demand – in this case, over 155,000 MW for 2021. At any time, the PJM’s Market and Operations page also displays the current and forecasted MW load. 

When summer arrives, so does the highest peak usage of electricity for the year. Extended heat waves can lead to an increased power load and more wear on facilities. Dispatchers monitor the grid 24/7 and use computer algorithms to predict what electricity may be needed. PJM also issues Hot Weather Alerts to help prepare transmission and generation facilities for potential problems on the grid before they occur.  

Utilities can help offset demand during peak energy times with programs that reduce the electrical load, known as demand response programs. These demand response programs can engage customers by using time-based rates. Time-based rates rely on supply and demand: as demand increases, so does the real time energy price. When demand is lesser and supply is more generous, in the early morning and late evening, the rate decreases. This in turn incentivizes customers to use less energy at peak times to help reduce costs. 

When outages do occur, it’s rarely due to a lack of available power on the grid. Advanced preparation and real-time monitoring ensure that the electric demands made by high temperatures are met. 

Source: Ohio Public Utilities Commission

August Troop 315 Newsletter

Big plans for the scouts for GOST and the rest of the summer!


August Troop 315 Newsletter
Pictures are Rafting in 2018
Scouts;  We are very blessed at all the things our town and troop  represent.  At the end of every newsletter, I end with a quote from our founder Robert Baden Powell,  I do this to show that the basics in scouting are meant to have our boys grow up into productive , fine citizens who can pay it forward , showing the next generation of scouts the same courtesy that was shown them.  
Planning every meeting, every camp or outing is an exciting opportunity to work with each other to see everyone’s likes or dislikes and deliver a program that has our troop large and solid.  Your youth leaders are passing the torch to all the newest of scouts and for that , I am very proud of all of you.  That’s what makes the adults who support and participate wanting to volunteer .
Now that the pep talk is done.  I am happy all our leaders and parents are coming together at the Festival.  Hard work will pay off.  We do very well .
Reminder Festival workers schedule
Friday Setup
6:00 – 8:00    Kale & Fam & Aaron B. Fam & Vanlerbergs, Kline Fam.
10:00 – 12:oopm  Joseph Fam & Boden Fam, Cole C & Fam & Isaiab B. Fam
12:00 – 2:00pm    Cole C. & Fam, Daniel Fam & Josh Fam & Jordan C.Fam
2:00 – 4:00pm  Joseph Fam & Boden Fam & Isaiah B Fam & Zack T.
4:00pm – 6:00pm Zack, Skyler L Fam, Jayden F & Fam & Billy T & Fam
6:00pm – 8:00pm  Skyler L, Rhys W. & Fam, & Jackman Fam.Jesse , Levi, Noah & Fam ?
8:00pm – teardown  J Coup Fam & Aaron B. Fam & Skyler L.
August 5-7  We’re Ready,  White Water Rafting
Bring spending money for 2 meals and souvenirs.  Tent, Sleeping bag,  Water shoes or grubbys to get wet,  They do have a shower house and swimming pool.  
9:00am   Meet as scouthouse and pack trailers
9:30am   Depart to Pennsylvania
12:00pm  lunch in travel
3 – 4pm  arrive at Benners campsite
              we will set up camp, cook supper, swim and settle in for the evening
8:00am  Go to Cantina for breakfast
9:00am   Rafting on Middle Yough , Lunch on the river
3:00pm   return to base and sight see till supper
6:00pm  supper at Cantina
7:00pm   Back to camp
8:00am  Breakfast at cantina
9:00am  breakdown camp at Benners and depart
12:00pm  lunch in travel
4:30ish  should be back to N.B.
Pemberville Free fair August 12- 15.  We are in charge of trash detail, on tractors and emptying cans throughout the day.  If I missed your sign up email.  Refresh my memory,.  Thanks,  We will need some parents to drive tractors during the event
Thursday 5 pm to 8pm
Friday  5pm to 9pm
Sat 12 – 4pm /  5pm – 9pm
Sunday  11 – 3pm & 3 – 7pm.
So Far            Friday 5-9   Boden & Joe
                       Saturday  12-4  Boden & Joe
                       Sunday 11-3  Skyler & Zack L.
August 21.  Cannon painting.
Although I haven’t heard since the Legion had asked.  There is a community service project penciled in for that Saturday where we will help renew the cannon at New Maplewood cemetery.  I’ll hopefully know more as they give me updates. Looking forward, The village also asked for us to paint fire hydrants so as this info gets to me I’ll let you all know
August 22.  PLC meeting
Scouts, your youth leadership will need to sit down and come up with the calendar of events for this year.  This need to happen so the , Then adult committee can approve and discuss program, finances, and membership at its meeting.  
Committee meeting
It’s been some time since we had one of these but adults who are registered need to schedule a meeting in early September for the items listed in the PLC meeting.  I’ll discuss with Mike Julien on a date for that. 
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“Life would pall if it were all sugar; salt is bitter if taken by itself; but when tasted as part of the dish, it savours the meat. Difficulties are the salt of life.”
Shawn Benjamin

NB Board of Education Meets for July

More positions filled with new hires…

By Sue Miklovic,

The North Baltimore Board of Education met on July 27, 2021 at 2012 Tiger Drive for their July meeting. Board member Jaimye Bushey was absent.

The meeting was mostly filled with back -to-school-updates, including hiring of several new employees.

Superintendent Ryan Delaney said interviewing was finally finished as of last Friday, and “It was exhausting this year”. The District had more than a normal number of openings this year.
He also reported:
– Kindergarten registration numbers are in the high 50s
-All school supplies for the elementary school are being donated again by National Beef
-The new school playground equipment is “Guaranteed to be in place before the first day of school”
-Masks are optional for students (Editors note: this meeting was held Tuesday,7/27/21, before the CDC updated their recommendations for masks on Wednesday, 7/28/21-stay tuned for updates)

District Treasurer Steven Stewart reported $11.8M in appropriations for fiscal school year 22. He also shared that $7M is in the Star account(investment)and the district is “Still in the black. This looks real good”

Mrs. Semancik, Powell Elementary principal was in attendance at the meeting, even though it is Summer Break for our principals.

Here are some actions of interest taken during the meeting:

The Board accepted resignations from: Zach Walls, elementary PE Teacher; Martin Zamudio, Spanish Teacher; Holli Satler, elementary Counselor; Maggie Seeger, Intervention Specialist;

The Board approved a one-year unpaid, sabbatical leave of absence to Erika Miklovic, elementary Art.

The Board hired: Makayla Rein, Intervention Specialist; Emily Jones, Intervention Specialist; Lauren Rohrs, elementary PE; Allison Flick, half-time Spanish teacher; Crystal Borchert, elementary Art teacher; and Trina Hagemyer, elementary Counselor;

New to NBLS: Emily Jones, Allison Flick, Lauren Rohrs, Makayla Rein


The Board approved an agreement with the Wood County Educational Service Center for On-site Prevention Specialist for the 2021-2022 school year.

New to NBLS DIstrict: Trina Hagemyer, elementary Counselor; Lauren Rohrs-Powell PE

Many athletic related supplemental contracts were approved.

A three year Administrative contract was approved for Chad Kiser, MS/HS Principal, 8/1/2022-7/31/2025

A five year Administrative contract was approved for Steven Stewart, Treasurer, 8/1/2022-7/31/2027

A five year Administrative contract was approved for Steven Stewart, as Assistant Superintendent, 8/1/2022-7/31/2027 at no additional cost to the Board.

Accepted the resignation of Ryan Delaney, submitted for the purposes of initiating earned retirement benefits, effective at the end of the work day on May 31, 2022.

Approved a contract to employ Ryan Delaney as Superintendent on 8/1/2022-7/31/2027.

Approved Jeremy Sharninghouse as Delegate, and Tami Thomas as Alternate, to the Ohio School Boards Association for the 2021 OSBA Business meeting.

Approved the graduation date for School year 2022 to Sunday, May 22,at 2:00pm
The Board moved into Executive Session, with no further action expected


BACK TO SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE-POWELL AND MS/HS-Monday, August 16th from 5:00pm-7:00pm

TEACHER IN-SERVICE DAY- Tuesday, August 17










Rides Again Coming to GOST > NEW Location

D & D Amusement’s and Putting … coming to GOST for many years now!


GOST 2021 featuring D & D Amusement’s and Putting … coming to GOST for many years now!
Rides will be located on the north side of the CSX RR Tracks…in the
Village of North Baltimore parking lot and onto N Main St.
Ponies rides will be located in front of the Virginia Theatre.
The amusement rides are very popular (GOST 2016 photo by JP Miklovic).

Boys Scouts Will Have Breakfast & Sandwich Food Stand GOST

Breakfast served 730 to 1030 am.

Local Boy Scout Troop #315 and Troop #337 will have a FOOD STAND at the Good Ole Summertime fest in front of the Fire Station.

Stop by and support your local troops. Thank You.

Breakfast will be served from 730am to 1030 am. Breakfast Sandwich and Biscuits and Gravy are on the menu.

With Burgers, Hotdogs and Shredded Chicken sndwiches after that…

Cub Scouts & Gleaners G.O.S.T. Bingo 2021

G.O.S.T. Bingo (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Prizes include:

G.O.S.T. Bingo
North Baltimore Cub Scout Pack #372 in conjunction with North Baltimore Gleaner Arbor #461 will again be hosting the GOST Bingo.
Bingo will run from 1 pm till 6 pm in the Fire Hall.
This year all games will be 3 bingo cards for $1.
Most games will be split the pot game with special Bingo’s approximately every half hour.
For the special Bingo games the prizes will be a $20 gift certificate to a local merchant and Gleaner items.
At 5:30 pm we will start a cover all bingo for the grand prize. Each participant will be limited to 3 cards only for the final bingo and the price will be $1 per card. The grand prize this year will be a $400 Lowe’s Gift Certificate and a Gleaner Stadium Blanket.
Children 15 and under must play with an adult.
All proceeds from the Bingo will go to Pack #372’s future activities.
This year all bingo cards and chips (corn) are disposable.
Upon paying for your initial cards and receiving your chips from the entry table you can join the next round that will be starting soon.
To continue playing your card you pay the person coming around to the tables, unless you want another set of cards to receive those they have to be purchased at the entry table.
We are trying to reduce the amount of contact for volunteers and participants.
Thank you.
G.O.S.T. Bingo (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Prizes:
1:00 pm – Mak and Ali’s Gift Certificate ($20)
1:30 pm – Midwood Gift Certificate ($20)
2:00 pm – Great Scott Gift Certificate ($20)
2:30 pm – Daily Queen ($10) and Fairy Garden Kit (N.B. Library)
3:00 pm – N.B. Nutrition ($20)
3:30 pm – Virginia Theater ($20)
4:00 pm – McDonalds ($20)
4:30 pm – Marathon ($20)
5:00 pm – McDonalds ($10) and Virginia Theater ($10)
5:30 pm – Lowe’s ($400) and Gleaner Stadium Blanket
Each gift card or certificate also comes with a Gleaner Life Insurance Item (blanket, cooler, pens, tumbler, koozie, etc.)
One Winner Per Game.
Bingo games in between the above times to split the pot. 1/2 to the Winner and 1/2 goes to North Baltimore Cub Scout Pack #372.

Virginia Theater Open for GOST 2021

Please remember to stop by the Virginia theater this weekend.

July 31 thru August 8th Showtimes Friday 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 1/4/7pm
July 31 – Aug 8 Jungle Cruise
Aug 13 – 22 Free Guy
Aug 27-29 Suicide Squad —1 week only—
Sept 3 – 12 Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings
With Good Old Summertime coming up this weekend. We should remember the reason it exists. Back in its infancy. The festival was designed to attract downtown businesses to come out and share their craft and wares in a festival environment. I remember those days. The theater has always struggle to exist , having 5 owners in the past 30 years. We offer this go at it to the community.
With that in mind. Please remember to stop by the Virginia theater this weekend.
We will be open during the festival for a nice air conditioned movie , soda and popcorn.
We have lots of movie posters for sale and welcome carryout customers.
Parking in rear since Main St. will be closed
Jungle Cruise – – – comes to Virginia Theater this weekend July 31 thru August 8th Showtimes Friday 7pm. Sat/Sun 1/4/7
Dr. Lily Houghton embarks on a journey into the Amazon jungle to try and find an ancient tree with fabled healing powers. She hires Frank Wolff to take her on his boat and help her navigate the jungle.
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra (Director)
Writer: John Requa (Scriptwriter) Glenn Ficarra (Scriptwriter)
Cast: Emily Blunt Dwayne Johnson Jesse Plemons Paul Giamatti Édgar Ramírez Veronica Falcón

GOST Flower Show 2021 INFO & FORMS


North Baltimore Garden Club Flower Show

NB Public Library Community Room

Saturday, July 31, 2021

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Specimen drop off: July 30, 5pm-7pm and July 31, 9am-10am

Garden Club Flower Show

The North Baltimore Garden Club in conjunction with the Good ‘Ole Summertime Festival is pleased to announce that their annual Flower Show will be returning for 2021. It will be  held on July 31, 2021 at the North Baltimore Public Library Community Room. Doors will be open from 12pm-5pm. 

All gardeners are invited to enter specimens into the competition. 

Specimens will be collected at the Community Room on Friday, July 30th, 5pm-7pm and again on Saturday, July 31st, 9am-10am. The Community Room will be closed from 10am-12pm for judging. Entries must be picked up between 5pm-6pm after the show unless arrangements are made at the time of drop-off. 

This year’s categories are as follows:

Houseplants Outside planters and hanging baskets Fairy gardens

Floral arrangements: miniature < 6 inches, large > 6 inches Cacti and Succulent Garden

Specimen flowers, foliage, and plants: annual, perennial, rose Terrarium

Entry blanks along with official category specifications and requirements are available by contacting Tracy Cotterman at or can be picked up at the following locations: NB Public Library and NB Nutrition.

Show Requirements:

All flower and foliage specimens must be in a clear vase or jar. There will be vases available to borrow at the time of drop off. Please remove all spent flowers prior to judging. Please have the required number of blooms for category specific entries. Roses will need to be labeled with their sub-category at time of drop off. The North Baltimore Garden Club in conjunction with the judge reserves the right to add or subtract categories based on entries.

Plant Categories:

Annual or Indoor Hanging Basket House Plants Small Cacti or Succulent Garden

Fairy Garden Orchid Bonsai

Large Floor Plants African Violet Flowering House Plants

Begonia Geranium Terrarium Garden

Annual Specifications:

Marigold: Large = 1 bloom, dwarf =  2 blooms

Petunia: Single = 2 flowers, one color   Double = 2 flowers, one color

Zinnia: Dwarf = 2 blooms one color   Large = 1 bloom

Snapdragon: 1 stem

Salvia: 1 stem

Sunflower: Small = 2 blooms   Large = 1 bloom

Gladiolus: any variety nt to exceed 20 inches

All other annuals, not listed: Small = 2 blooms   Large = 1 bloom

Perennial Specifications:

Clematis: any variety, 1 bloom Rudbeckia: any color, 2 blooms

Coreopsis: any variety, 3 blooms Echinacea: any color, 1 stock

Daisy: any variety, 2 blooms Hosta: any variety, 1 leaf

Delphinium: 1 stock Butterfly Bush: 1 stem

Day Lily: 1 scape Oriental/Asiatic Lily: 1 stem

All other perennial, not listed: Small = 2 blooms, Large = 1 bloom

Rose Specifications:

Hybrid Tea: 1 bloom Grandiflora: 1 spray

Floribunda: 1 spray Miniature: 1 spray

Landscape/shrub/Knock-out: 1 spray

Arrangement Specifications:

Large: greater than 6 inches

Small: less than 6 inches

Patriotic Theme: any size

Specimen pick-up: July 31, 5pm-6pm, unless other arrangements are made at time of drop-off