CANCELLED – Want to Listen to the Village Council Meeting Tonight (Nov. 17)

Due to a lack of a quorum the Council Meeting is CANCELLED!


The next Regular Scheduled NB Village Council Meeting is Dec. 1, 2020.

Here is the agenda and how you can listen remotely:

 In consideration of Social Distancing and Public Gathering Directives issued by Governor DeWine and the Department of Public Health Director, this meeting is available by conference call to the public for remote listening (please mute phones).

 To listen remotely:   call 1-844-621-3956

        When prompted for meeting “number”, enter 146 720 0970

         When prompted for meeting “password”, enter 13579



Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 6:15 PM



I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call

Motion to excuse __________________ made by

_____________, Second by __________.

III.       Approval of the Minutes

  1. Letters and Communications
  1. Request motion to move into executive session – in accordance with

                  ORC 121.22 (G)(8) to consider confidential information related to

                  negotiation with other political subdivisions responding requests for

                  economic development assistance  

 Administrative Reports

Finance Officer:            report submitted       

EMS Chief:                   report submitted       

Fire Chief:                     report submitted          

Police Chief:                 report submitted             

Utility Director:            report submitted       

DPW Superintendent:   report submitted                                                                                                                                                    

Village Administrator:  report submitted   

Clerk:              First Readings:                 Resolution 10 – 2020

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 36 

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 37 

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 38

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 39

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 40

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 41

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 42

                        Second Readings:            

                        Third Readings:               Ordinance 2020 – 31


                  Appointed Legal Counsel



  1. Standing Committees

         Public Utilities (Mr. Patterson)

       Economic and Community Development (Ms. Zeigler)

  • Approval of the proposed Year 2021 contract extension with Todd Dickerson for economic development consulting services                                                                    

      Finance and Technology (Mr. Engard)

      Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Julien)

      Public Works (Mr. Cook)

  • Approval of a Cooperative Agreement between the Village of North Baltimore, Wood County Port Authority, Henry Township, and NP North Baltimore Industrial, LLC.

      Public Safety (Mr. Soltis)


VII.          New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business 

VIII.   Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

 IX.     Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Other New Business

 X1. Other Old Business

XII.     Payment of the Bills

XIII.    Adjournment


Wastewater monitoring detects elevated levels of COVID-19 in Wood County

Bowling Green Water Pollution Control Facility data reflects current increase in cases….

BOWLING GREEN — Community wastewater monitoring data from Bowling Green show an elevation in indicators for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, consistent with the local increase of COVID-19 cases.

In a new effort to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a network across Ohio is studying samples of wastewater to look for the presence of fragments from the virus that causes the disease. An upward trend of viral gene copies has been detected in the Bowling Green Water Pollution Control Facility sewershed, which serves the Bowling Green and Portage communities.

This trend is consistent with the increase in cases of COVID-19 recently observed in Bowling Green and the broader Wood County community.

Wood County Health Department is urging residents to remain vigilant in their efforts to help limit further spread of the disease. Everyone should limit social gatherings, social distance (6+ feet) when around people outside your household, wear face coverings, and adhere to prevention efforts, such as frequent hand-washing and staying home when sick.

These results come in the same week as Wood County was elevated to Level 3 (Red) in the Ohio Public Health Advisory System (PHAS). Wood County was at Level 2 (Orange) for several weeks due to increasing cases, with the majority coming from within the community and not in congregate settings. The reason for the move up to Level 3 is that more people went to a health care provider with COVID symptoms and then received a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis. The PHAS recommends that people living in an area with a Level 3 designation limit activities as much as possible, decrease in-person interactions with others, consider necessary travel only, and limit attending gatherings of any number.

The increase of COVID-19 cases in communities is typically tracked by testing people with symptoms, an indicator that lags behind the actual spread of the disease. However, research has shown that non-infectious RNA (ribonucleic acid) from the virus that causes COVID-19 can be detected in wastewater as many as 3-7 days before those infections lead to increases in reported cases or hospitalizations. This means that monitoring raw wastewater in sewage collection systems can provide an early warning of disease increase in a community.

When interpreting this specific viral data in wastewater, it is only appropriate to monitor and observe the trends detected in a community over time, not individual daily readings themselves. Levels in the Bowling Green community increased 7.5 times, from 1.5 million gene copies (MGC) per person per day on Oct. 25 to 11.3 MGC per person per day on Nov. 4. Based on the most recent sample collected Nov. 8, current levels are 5.6 times higher than they were on Oct. 25.

The mission of Wood County Health Department is to prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles and protect the health of everyone in Wood County. Our Community Health Center provides comprehensive medical services for men, women and children. We welcome all patients, including uninsured or underinsured clients, regardless of their ability to pay, and we accept most third-party insurance. For more information, visit

Health Order to Limit Mass Gatherings Signed

Revised Health Order signed to limit mass gatherings in Ohio…..

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that Ohio Department of Health Interim Director Lance Himes signed a revised health order to limit mass gatherings in Ohio. 

“Despite the health order that limited mass gatherings to 10 people that was signed in April remaining in effect, we have seen rampant spread of the virus as a result of banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings following funerals,” said Governor DeWine.  “We have seen great tragedy associated with such events.  It’s not the ceremonies causing the problem.  It’s the party afterward.”  

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 through airborne particles passing between people in close contact, wedding receptions, funeral repasts, and other events at banquet facilities are subject to the following restrictions:

  • No socializing or activities in open congregate areas and no dancing. 
  • Guests must be seated at all times. Traditional wedding reception events such as first dance, toasts, tossing the bouquet and cutting the cake are permitted.
  • If serving food and beverages, guests must be served at their seats. No self-serve buffets and no self-serve bar areas permitted.
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless actively consuming food or beverages.
  • No more than 10 people should be seated at a table and those individuals must be from the same household.

This order does not apply to religious observances; First Amendment protected speech, including petition or referendum circulators, and any activity by media; and to governmental meetings which include meetings that are required to be open to the public.

This order goes into effect November 17, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.

Join Conference Call to Listen Remotely: Village Council

Village Council will hold their “Committee of the Whole” meeting on 11/10/2020 at 6:15pm. You can “Listen” remotely by calling in……

In consideration of Social Distancing and Public Gathering Directives issued by Governor DeWine and the Department of Public Health Director, this meeting is available by conference call to the public for remote listening.

 To listen remotely:   call 1-844-621-3956

      When prompted, enter access code:  146 908 5854

          When prompted, enter password:  54321 





Tuesday November 10, 2020

6:15 PM





~Call to order   Economic and Community Development.      Leisa Zeigler – Chair

         Item A –   Review of proposed Year 2021 contract agreement

         extension with Todd Dickerson for economic  development consulting                      services

~Call to order Public Utilities Committee.      Aaron Patterson – Chair

         Item B –   Status report on the new elevated water tower and

          water line project “permit to install” application with  the Ohio EPA  

 ~Call to order Public Works Committee.       Bill Cook – Chair

  Item C –   Review of the Proposed Village of North Baltimore, Wood County Port Authority, Henry Township, and NP North Baltimore Industrial, LLC – Cooperative Agreement

~Call to order Finance and Technology Committee.     Tim Engard – Chair

Item D –   Staff presentation on a proposed digital messaging sign at the municipal building  

~Call to order  Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review.   Mike Julien – Chair

 ~Call to order Public Safety Committee.       Mike Soltis – Chair

 ~ Tree Commission


COVID-19 Update: Record-Breaking Cases & Hospitalizations

 Statewide High Incidence…..

New ODH Administrative Structure

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted today provided the following updates on Ohio’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Governor DeWine announced today that Ohio is once again breaking records in regard to COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

  • Between yesterday and today, health officials have reported a total of 4,961 new positive coronavirus cases in Ohio, the highest number of new cases in a 24-hour period to date.
  • There are currently 2,075 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 which is a 55 percent increase in hospitalized patients compared to two weeks ago. 
  • Of the hospitalized patients, 541 people are in intensive care. The previous record for intensive care admissions was 533 in April. 

“This virus is flaring up, and we have to push it down – the economy depends on it,” said Governor DeWine. “If the virus continues to aggressively spread, people will lose confidence in their ability to safely go to stores, restaurants, and other businesses. If we want to keep our economy moving, we must all live with this virus and we must all be more careful.”

Governor DeWine stressed that the new record number of cases is not due to increased testing capacity in the state. Since September 24, the total number of tests in Ohio has increased by approximately 44 percent, but positive cases have increased 280 percent in the same time period. If a person is tested multiple times, they are only counted once.


New health data compiled by the Ohio Department of Health revealed today that all 88 counties in Ohio are now considered “high incidence” as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

“There have been so many cases in the past two weeks that the risk of catching this virus in every county of this state is very real and very concerning,” said Governor DeWine. “Again, I ask everyone to recognize their personal responsibility in slowing the spread of this deadly disease. It’s up to every citizen in Ohio to choose to slow the spread by wearing masks, distancing, and making overall smart decisions.”

According to today’s updated Ohio Public Health Advisory System map, 56 counties are currently rated as having a very high risk of exposure and spread (Red Level 3), up from 43 counties last week. This represents the highest number of Red Level 3 counties since the launch of the advisory system in July. As of today, 86 percent of Ohioans are living in a Red Level 3 county. 

Advisory Map 11/5/20

A county-by-county breakdown outlining the presence of COVID-19 in all of Ohio’s 88 counties can be found on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System’s website.


Governor DeWine announced multiple key additions to the existing administration at the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). 

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff: Dr. Vanderhoff previously served for more than a decade as a Senior Vice President and as the Chief Medical Officer at OhioHealth. He has years of experience leading large teams in successfully dealing with important healthcare issues in Ohio and prepared OhioHealth to deal with the threat of Ebola and the H1N1 flu pandemic.  

Director Stephanie McCloud: Director McCloud previously served as Governor DeWine’s administrator of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, managing an agency of 1,800 colleagues and over $28 billion in assets. She has considerable experience in the area of mental health and addiction treatment which is a priority in Ohio’s health improvement plan. 

Senior Deputy Lance Himes: Himes had previously served as the interim director of ODH where he has played an integral role in running and managing many aspects of the pandemic response operation. He will lead the coordination of the state’s vaccine distribution plan and will continue to work directly with Ohio’s local health commissioners.

Chief of Staff Kathleen Madden: Madden had previously served as Assistant Director at the Ohio Office of Budget and Management and will now play a key role in keeping ODH’s pandemic and non-pandemic programs and operations on track. She will work to prioritize and resolve critical issues, provide oversight and guidance to ODH staff, and ensure that ODH funds are spent responsibly and strategically.

Other key members of the ongoing COVID-19 response who will continue their roles in assisting ODH are: 

Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John Harris, Ohio National Guard: Maj. Gen. Harris will continue work to ensure complex operations, such as COVID testing and contact tracing, are well-coordinated, monitored, and improved when necessary.  He will also work directly with Senior Deputy Himes on the planning and logistics of the forthcoming vaccine distribution program.  

Director Ursel McElroy, Ohio Department of Aging: Director McElroy will continue to direct virus prevention efforts for older adults in the community and in long-term settings, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  

Director Lori Criss, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Director Criss will continue to lead efforts to address the increasing mental health needs of citizens during the pandemic.


Governor DeWine announced that John Logue, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC) Chief of Strategic Direction, will become the new administrator of Ohio BWC effective on November 16.

Logue has worked for 26 years in the industry. Before returning to BWC in 2019, he most recently served as the vice president of client services for International Absence Management Company where he focused on Ohio workers’ compensation.


There are 235,170 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Ohio and 5,461 confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths. A total of 20,015 people have been hospitalized, including 3,969 admissions to intensive care units. In-depth data can be accessed by visiting

Video of today’s full update, including versions with foreign language translation, can be viewed on the Ohio Channel’s YouTube page

For more information on Ohio’s response to COVID-19, visit or call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Projects

Although many of our projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our service area. Please be careful.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio, – The Northwestern Water and Sewer District (The District) delivers water and sewer services to over 20,000 customers in Wood, Henry, Sandusky, and Hancock counties.  Although many of our projects are performed underground, our utility work can impact roads throughout our service area.  Updates and additions are highlighted in bold and underlined.

McComb: Scott Street Sewer Interceptor Project
Through January, lane restrictions are possible on Scott Street from the new wastewater treatment plant to Cooper Street for sewer replacement.  Project complete: January.  Project investment: $400,000.

McComb: Waterline Replacement Project
Through January, expect lane restrictions and possible water service interruptions on South Main Street, between Park Drive and Liberty Street, on Todd Street, near the railroad tracks, and on West Cooper Street between Pleasant Street and Rader Road.  Project complete: Spring 2021.  Project Investment: $600,000.  

Northwood: Waterline Replacement *UDPATE*
Through November, expect lane restrictions and water service interruptions on and near Curtice Road between Lemoyne Road and Bradner Road, on Chantilly Rue, Bordeaux Rue, Teri Rue and Reva Drive.  Residents will be notified of service interruptions.  Effective today through Tuesday November 3, daily from 7am until 5pm, Coy Road at Curtice Road is closed for waterline installation.  Detour: Curtice Road; Wynn Road; Brown Road.  Project complete: November.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

Perrysburg Township: Sewer Lining
Through December, lane restrictions are possible in Perrysburg Township north of SR 795, west of 75, and south of the turnpike, for sewer rehabilitation.  Project complete:  February 2021.  Project investment: $1,230,000.

Rossford: Waterline Replacement
Through November, lane restrictions are possible on Santus Drive, Valley Drive, and on Glenwood Road in Rossford.  The closure of Glenwood between Beech Street and Santus Drive will be announced.  Project complete: November.  Project Investment: $1.5 million.

District-Wide Hydrant Flushing *WORK COMPLETE*
Crews have completed flushing all hydrants throughout The District.  This work will resume next spring.

Council Meeting Minutes

October 20th minutes approved by Council on November 3,2020…..



 I.             Pledge of Allegiance

 President Julien called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

II.          Roll Call:

Here                Absent

Mayor Janet Goldner                                      ____                _x___

Bill Cook                                                        _x___              ____

Tim Engard                                                     _x___              ____

Mike Julien                                                     _x___              ____

Aaron Patterson                                              _x___              ____

Mike Soltis                                                      _x___              ____

Leisa Zeigler                                                   _x___              ____

Student Representative                                   ____                ____


Clerk- Kathi Bucher                                       _x___              ____

Legal Counsel-Joel Kuhlman                         _x___              ____


Motion made by Mr. Patterson to excuse Ms. Goldner. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

Motion by Mr. Soltis to appoint Mr. Cook as President Pro Tempore. Second by Mr. Engard. All approved.

III.       Approval of the Minutes:

Motion made by Mr. Patterson to approve the minutes from October 6, 2020. Second by Mr. Soltis. All approved.

Motion made by Mr. Patterson to approve the minutes from October 13th’s Special Meeting. Second by Mr. Soltis. All approved.

IV.             Public Participation:

Ruth Babel-Smith addressed council on her run for election as Sheriff.  She is attending area meetings and introducing herself.

 Letters and Communications:

 Shout out! Clerk Bucher wanted to recognize Tom Green as being a good citizen by mowing a yard all summer on Water Street.

 Mr. Soltis–W. Broadway is a muddy mess from construction. Mr. Patterson said it has been taken care of.

 Mr. Soltis and Mr. Patterson asked about garage receptacles for downtown.  We applied for a grant to get new ones. Old ones at least need painted. Poly One donated grey ones.

 Mr. Julien asked about trimming of overgrown shrubs, etc…Doug to look into it.

 Delay executive session.

 Administrative Reports:

Finance Officer:  report at last meeting

 Village Administrator:  200 Block-delayed due to rain- done early November; NRG-Walnut mill and paving work; shelter house 1; Whistle Stop parking lot have begun; UV- notice for bid has been published; Sanitary smoke test- compiling report due first week in November. 

One going discussions with NWWSD- 11 zoning permits given out-7 housing violations

Mr. Patterson wanted to know why the Village’s part of the road on Mitchell is closed? No one can close it but us. All council members agreed to have it reopened tomorrow. VA was never notified of it.

Mr. Julien had concerns about catch basin open pits on his road.

Mr. Soltis made a comment how everyone stepped up to help the family that lost their home.

    EMS Chief:     no questions

           Fire Chief:       no questions

Police Chief: Mr. Cook asked response time to calls: NB 2-3 min. From Sheriff 20min on average. Still wanting that second officer on duty.

Utility Director: no boat yet (building it) system went down but got it right back up-booster pump was last changed in 2012; starting interviews 7 applicants

DPW Superintendent:

Clerk:  nothing

Appointed Legal counsel:  nothing

Mayor:  nothing


  • Standing Committees:

Public Utilities (Mr. Patterson)

Executive session

Economic and Community Development (Ms. Zeigler)

            Reach out to Mr. Dickerson? Coming in November

Finance and Technology (Mr. Engard)         


 Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Julien)          


Public Works (Mr. Cook)

  • Downtown NRG project at Whistle Stop Parking Lot – staff requested revision to eliminate the proposed concrete aprons at alley and instead pave with asphalt (please see the attached map)

Mr. Patterson made a motion to authorize the change in the scope of work that Mr. Wickard recommends. Second by Mr. Soltis. (see paperwork) All approved.

Public Safety (Mr. Soltis)      


  • New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business



IX.             Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


 Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Mr. Patterson made the motion to read Ordinance 2020-30 by number and title only for its third reading. Second by Mr. Engard.

Ordinance 2020-30 read by number and title only by Mr. Julien


Mr. Patterson made a motion to adopt. Second by Mr. Engard. All approved.

  1. Other New Business



        XII.    Other Old Business


 Payment of the Bills



  1.       Request motion to move into executive session – in accordance with

                  ORC 121.22 (G)(8) to consider confidential information related to

                  negotiation with other political subdivisions responding requests for

                  economic development assistance


Mr. Patterson made a motion to move into executive session per ORC 121.22 at 7:05 pm.  Second by Mr. Engard. All approved.


Return to regular session at 7:52 pm


 Mr. Patterson made a motion to adjourn at 7:52 pm. Second by Ms. Zeigler. All approved.

             Approved                                                        __________________________

                                                                                     Kathi R. Bucher, Clerk

Joel Kuhlman                                                   __________________________

            Village Solicitor                                               Janet L. Goldner, Mayor












NB Village Council passed on 11/3/2020……..



AT THE November 3, 2020 MEETING


This is a summary of legislation passed by the Council of the Village of North Baltimore on the __3 day of November, 2020 as the full text of the legislation may be viewed at the office of the Clerk of the Village of North Baltimore.  Copies of the full text of said legislation may be purchased at the Office of the Clerk at $ .25 per page.










I, Kathi R. Bucher, Clerk of the Village of North Baltimore, Ohio hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of Ordinances/Resolution passed by Council on November 3_, 2020approved by the Mayor on November 3, 2020, and which was duly published according to the law on the NBXpress  on the following dates: November 4,2020.



Wood County Office of Economic Development will administer the program…..

BOWLING GREEN, OH – November 3, 2020 – Today, the Wood County Commissioners, Doris Herringshaw, Craig LaHote, and Ted Bowlus approved the use of up to $200,000 of federal CARES Act funds for a second round of the Wood County Small Business Relief Program.  

The program will provide eligible small businesses with up to $5,000 to cover business interruption expenses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In July, the Commissioners approved the use of $250,000 for this purpose.  In that first round just 17 applications were received, with ten receiving grants.  For round two, the program rules have been slightly modified to encourage more businesses to apply.  Wade Gottschalk, Director of the Wood County Office of Economic Development will administer the program.

Business owners can obtain application materials from the Wood County Office of Economic Development’s website at  Applications will be accepted from 8:30 a.m. Monday, November 9, through 4:30 p.m. Friday, November 20, 2020.  

To participate in the program, the business must have less than $1 million in gross annual revenue, have 30 or fewer employees, have experienced a decrease in gross revenue of 25% or more due to COVID-19, and have not received greater than $5,000 of federal assistance from the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) or Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).   All expenses must be related to the business interruption caused by COVID-19.  Eligible expenses include:  Mortgage costs; Rent or lease costs; Expenses for utilities; Salaries, wages and compensation paid to employees; Materials and supplies related to interruption of the business caused by required closures; and Personal Protective Equipment or other COVID-19 related costs such as expenses related to compliance with Responsible Restart Ohio.

To date, Wood County government has received $6.7 million in federal CARES Act funding.  This money is to be used to offset costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Commissioners have agreed to subgrant funds to many eligible entities in Wood County, including the Wood County Committee on Aging, Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board, Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Cocoon Shelter, Park District, Northwestern Water & Sewer District, as well as all offices and departments of county government.

For additional information, please contact Andrew S. Kalmar, Wood County Administrator.