Cub Scout “Fun Raising” Time

Cheddar, double butter, kettle corn, caramel corn……What’s your favorite?

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

If you have journeyed around our lovely town lately, you may already know that it is popcorn time once again. With the warmer temps and open windows, perhaps you have noted the subtle scents of buttery delicious microwave goodness in the air. Maybe it was our thirty pack of double butter someone was partaking in. Possibly someone had just ripped open a tin of delightful cheddar cheese or some sweet real butter brown sugar glazed caramel corn.  Interested? I thought so.


Pack #372 is selling popcorn to friends and neighbors thru November 1st. Money is due first, with checks being made out to Pack #372. Online orders can be placed as well, with free delivery to your home! Want to order four tins of “Mud Puddles” or fourteen of “Peanut Butter cup?” You can! No quarantine is complete without something to mindlessly munch the time away.  Order yours today!

And what if you know of a boy or girl in grades Kindergarten thru Fifth that would like to join in on the fun? That is great! It is the perfect time to join scouts. If your family is like so many others that have discovered the  magic of outdoors lately, why not keep the fun rolling all year long? We do camp outs, family swim parties, flag raising at football games, pinewood derby races, auctions, service projects, participate in parades, and have regular meetings to earn our patches and learn new skills. Sound amazing? It is! (Disclaimer that any events are always pending due to possible pandemic precautions). Contact Cub Master, Eric Trout, at (419) 262-3967.

Welcome to a wonderful new year of scouting, fellow scout families!

Troop 315 September Newsletter

Troop 315 September Newsletter
Jordan Kimmel (left) ranked up to the highest rank of Eagle scout Wednesday, October 26,2020 at 7:30pm. His Board of review was held in North Baltimore via virtual meeting with advancement chair Kathy Bomer and assistant Jennifer Codding.  Committee member Larry Bateson and Frank Boes also sat on the board.  Jordan plans on enlisting in the military upon graduation and recently participated in the Sea Base trip our troop did in July.  Congratulations to a great scout .  Side note. Jordan also helps with the younger scouts. especially Skyler L. whom keeps Jordan busy at every camp.  We’re gonna miss him when he leaves.  As his family plans for his Court of Honor,  We will let everyone know when and where.  
Alex T.  John M. and Aaron B. are also working on Eagle projects and are at different stages .
The Patrol Leaders Committee had their first meeting Sunday laying out a calendar of events the troop would like to do .  Ideas were submitted from all 3 patrols from camps to outings that are all able to be done with safety in mind within a COVID world.  Fishing, hikes, camps and day trips as well as White water rafting were all discussed.     Note   — These outings are in the works so some items may change 
September Nixon’s Pond
September 28 – 30, The troop asked if they could go to Nixon’s Pond for a weekend camp.  I have made the call to Mr. Nixon for permission and will let everyone know asap.  This camp will be Troop 315 only and a grocery list will be going out after next weeks meeting to plan.  Looking at the school calendar,  There is a cross country meet Sat morning but scouts may arrive after that if they still wish to camp with us. 
Suters Corn Maze
Sunday, October 11.  The troop will go on a day trip to Suters Corn Maze in Ottowa Ohio.  Group pricing has youth at $4.50 and Adults at $5.00.  This will take place of meeting that day.    We would leave the scout house at 1pm.
Link to the Maze website   –
Scouting for food.  Although the council may not hold the food drive, talks with Pack 372 may lead to a local effort to help the needy.  We will let you know of dates and times.  
Also.  We will be selling Country Meats meat sticks again and will start the fundraiser 2nd week of October,  This is the only fundraiser we will have this year until hopefully 2021 summer
Haunted Doc Roberts Woods Camp
October 30 – Nov 1,  The Seiler family, next to the woods, had the idea of a spooky campout ,  The scouts thought this would be a fun camp and will have more details as we build on this idea.  
Law Merit Badge
Judge Reger would like to hold a Law Merit badge day on November 21 in Bowling Green at the Courthouse.  Mr. Bateson and Judge Reger will provide more info on this as it develops.  The idea is a day trip with lunch provided and a Merit Badge earned at the end
Video Game Night
If parents are ok with this idea.  We’d like to hold our lock in on Thursday, December 31, New Years Eve.  This would allow us to either do an outing at Sky Zone, or 2nd option have a party at the theater . similar to summer camps Root Beer Cantina.  The troop will divide into 3 patrols , 1 in each cabin to keep groups small.  
More events in the works for 2021 including White Water Rafting at Ohiopyle in August 
Quote from Baden Powell

NB Cub Scouts #372 STILL Collecting Plastic Caps

As many of you already know North Baltimore Cub Scout Pack 372 has been collecting plastic caps and lids as a community service project. These caps are being collected to make benches and other items to be placed around the community.

Our goal was to collect 400 lb of caps in order to allow us to make two 6-ft benches to be placed in the community. Recently the scouts were informed that their goal of 400 lbs had been met and that Cubmaster Eric Trout had made an appointment to travel to Evansville, Indiana to purchase the benches.

Unfortunately, last week Greentree Plastics, the company that produces the benches from recycled caps had a devastating fire and all appointments have been canceled until further notice. We were glad to hear that no one was injured in the fire, but this will now cause a delay in us being able to receive the benches.

We would like to thank the entire community for their efforts and helping us obtain our first goal. Cub Scout Pack 372 plan to make this an ongoing project so please don’t stop collecting caps!

Caps can be donated at the North Baltimore Recycling Center on Saturdays from 9:00 to noon or anytime at 222 West Walnut Street just dump them in the blue barrel out front.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact CubMaster Eric Trout at 419-262-3967 or

Troop 315 August Newsletter

Scout sponsored FREE movie August 16. Scout Family picnic August 23,,and more……….

Boy Scout news from Scoutmaster Shawn Benjamin:

Thorn ,Rose, Bud

Thorn – Scouts and leaders who participated in the Sea Base trip were given an opportunity to talk about ; What was challenging?, What was awesome? and what was something they could gain from a high adventure trip such as sea base?  It became clear that all of us were unprepared for an adventure such as this.  To the scouts,  It challenged mental and physical ability;  some , including me, questioned what we had joined up to do.  We rowed for hours to an island,  We tossed around in the Atlantic ocean swallowing salt water at every wave;  Heat and bugs were the environment we sent our nights on an island similar to the Survivor TV shows .  Sun burn, bug bites, fatigue and complaining from the peanut gallery steered my thinking for the first part of this adventure. I honestly felt as if I put myself in a situation beyond my abilities. Did I mention , We sank our war canoe in the Atlantic and had to be rescued

Sea Base Adventure (photo by Jordan Kimmel)
Rose – “It’s your adventure.” was the motto from the Sea Base Staff.  We were accompanied out to the island with one Staff for each crew who defined what our purpose was out there and to assist in challenging situations.  Youth and adults were split into 2 crews and the hardest thing was to let the youth scouts struggle with tasks such as cooking and learning about life on the island.  Growth and satisfaction came with small milestones.   Catching fish in the Atlantic, snorkeling above coral reefs.  Even seeing scouts band together as a crew to help one another, be it pulling yourself onto or into boats and docks with no steps,  working with a buddy when kayaking through the mangroves. Frowns became smiles as a sense of accomplishment was realized by all. A sense of . I did it really made me realize the “Rose”  and scouts also understood what this High Adventure trip was really about.  
Bud –  What are the takeaways?  I listened to each scout as they laid it all out there in our discussion afterwards.  To them.  They felt so accomplished. They banded together and pulled each other along.  I don’t believe we ever had done a camp like this.  Perhaps the meaning of their experience will help them realize what scouting truly is.  I hope this bud blossoms into the rose for each scout.  
To hear about all the things we did at Sea Base.  It’s best you ask someone who went.  The stories are best told with the thrills and emotion that can come from one who lived it.  For most of us.  Pane ride, Crocodiles, ocean and Key West were all a a new experience.  Now we have to wait 14 days til we can interact with each other.  This trip will live in our memories for a lifetime. 
Is that crocodile waiting for a scout to fall out of his boat? (Photo by Jordan Kimmel)
20 Mile Hike.
I received a text from Joe telling me all who participated in the hike completed it.  Wow 22 miles.  Congrats to all those scouts who did it.  So… Me being 1500 miles away.  How was the hike?   Was it hard?  Were you tired?  Did it take all your mind and soul to complete.  Time sent me a pic of the patch you all earned from the Hancock County Park District and will handed out at the awards picnic later in August.  
This hike hits so many of your requirements in your handbook as well as completes hiking and backpacking badges.  I hope you all stayed hydrated .  To all my younger scouts;  Hikes and scout craft challanges help you in a traditional set of scouting principles.  Baden Powell used these activities to train his young me back in the 1800’s to help them later as soldiers.  Nature , wildlife , and outdoor skill proved to be very important when he trained his troops. He felt that learning these skills as a boy would give young me the advantages needed to become skilled military .  In today’s world.  We’re just happy to get them away from the video games .
No Meeting til August 16
Reminder to all that due to 16 scouts and leaders going to Florida.  We will quarantine and not have meetings til August 16.  When we get together again.  Mask are required and we’ll try to have meetings outdoors.   Also we will finalize all achievements and ranks so I have all the right info for our Awards Picnic on August 23.
Free scout sponsored movie
Cub scout Pack 372 will be sponsoring SCOOB at the Virginia Theater at 1pm August 16.  Free admission to all. The invite goes out to both Troop and Pack and will be open to the public so bring your families.  Finish off the day at the part with our awards picnic.
August 23  Family picnic
Potluck style and bring table service and one hot or cold dish .  We will be at the park for our summer court of honor.  Scouts will recieve rank / office and merit badges as well as camp patches.   We will meet at 5pm at shelter house 3.
New Leadership 
We have a new Senior Patrol Leader.  Jesse Vanlerberg was voted in after summer camp and will take office this month.  Jess has told us he wants to really utilize the patrols and have each work  as a unit within the troop.  He will begin his leadership with a Patrol Leaders Committee meeting to plan our our program this year.  His ASPL is Zack Trout.  
Scout fees increasing
This is the part I hate the most.  National has, once again decided to raise membership fees.  $66.00 per youth and $43.00 per adult leader.  Our charter for each year has increased to $75.00 and here’s the craziest part.  If your new to scouting, They’ve added a joining fee of $25.00 just to join.  These fees will go into effect December 31 2020 for the next Colander year.   I’ve said this before.   This program means alot to me and our kids enjoy what we as a group can offer.  I don’t want to lose a single scout due to cost so please come to me if you need help so we can see what options are offered by Council or within .
As most of you may know,  All our fundraiser for this summer and fall have canceled,  Festivals and soccer tournament are not having events this year.  Budgeting out the year based on this will be a challange however,  with the pandemic and no council events.  Smaller troop planned events may be what we go for.  Cabin rentals at Camp Berry and tent camping can all keep us in good shape financially to endure the storm.  Our SPL will work with adult leadership to discuss what the troop wants and within budget.  We still plan on selling Meat sticks and wreaths so were not completely without income.    On average .  Patches and ranks cost the troop $600 to $700 per year and we are in good shape for the force able future
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk.”

NB 4-Hers Shine at Wood Co. Fair

Klassy Kids 4-H Club (based in North Baltimore), took home top Goat Showmanship honors….

North Baltimore was well represented at the Wood County Fair on Monday, August 3 during the goat showmanship show. Four 4H participants from North Baltimore, that are also members of the Klassy Kids 4H Club (based in North Baltimore), took home top honors. Lilly Westgate – 2nd place Senior Showmanship, Maddy Westgate – 3rd place Senior Showmanship, Sara Casey – 3rd place Junior Showmanship and Macie Baltz – 5th place First Year Showmanship. Congratulations, girls!

(From left- Lilly Westgate, Maddy Westgate, Macie Baltz and Sara Casey)

Sara Casey, daughter of Jim and Mary Casey

Maddy Westgate & Lilly Westgate, daughters of Jason and Laura Westgate

Macie Baltz, daughter of Nate and Mandy Baltz

submitted by Mary Casey

St. Lukes Offers “Rainforest Explorers”

Virtual Online Vacation Bible School

Virtual Online Vacation Bible School

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, North Baltimore,

Sunday, July 19, – Thursday, July 23, 2020

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Registrations required by July 8!

For 5-year-olds through those just completing 6th Grade online at,  or call the church and leave a message @ 419-257-3253.  

New Sign goes up at NB Historical Society

Another Eagle Scout project completed by Troop 315 Candidate….

In spite of a pandemic, there are still good things happening at the Historical Society.  A new sign was installed on Thursday afternoon by Eagle Scout candidate Jordan Kimmel of NB Boy Scout Troop 315.  Jordan planned, designed and completed the project in coordination with the NB library board and the NBOAHS board. 

Eagle Scout Candidate Jordan Kimmel with his completed project –a new sign at the NB Historical Society. Well Done, Jordan!!

Jordan got a little help from family and friends:  Mike Kimmel, Marina Kimmel, Cheryl Kimmel (supervisor), Johnnie Hernandez, Levi Trout, Wyatt Mowery, and Larry Bateson.  The sign stands in front of the L. L. Trout Sr. parlor window facing Main Street.

Many hands pitching in to help…..
Jordan adding some landscaping
Jordan and his Dad


Source: Thanks to Margaret Bobb for submitting this information to TheNBXpress

Troop 315 June Newsletter

Summer Camp details…….

 Troop 315 June Newsletter
The plans are set. The merit badges are defined.  The food is being purchased.  What am I forgetting,  Oh yes;–The scouts.  We seem to have really enlarged the number of scouts participating in our summer camp.  Currently, leaders are working preparations for training and program delivery.  It’s gonna be exciting..  I did get an email from Monsoon Lagoon stating , if they can’t open in June. The tickets will be good for the next 36 days after they can open.  Either way, we’ll go when they open the park.  The current schedule is as follows;
10:30am      Depart from Scouthouse :  Doors will be unlocked at 9:30am
11:00am      arrive at camp –  unload – set camp and kitchen
12:00pm      Lunch  -bring sack lunch
2:00pm        Swim checks
4:00pm        Set up merit badge stations
530pm         Supper
6:45pm        Flags
7:00pm        Vespers Service w Mr Mark Detamore
8:00pm        Opening Campfire
7:00am                  Breakfast
8:45am                  Flags
9:00am – 12:00pm Merit Badges
12:00 – 2:00pm      Lunch 
2:00pm – 4:00pm   Merit badges
4:00pm – 6:00pm   open time / swim
6:00pm                  Supper
7:00pm                  Flags
7:15pm – 10:00pm  Open Time
7:00am                  Breakfast
8:45am                  Flags
9:00am – 10:00am  Short merit badge
10:00am – 6pm      Monsoon Lagoon
6:30pm                  supper at Mc D’s
8:00pm                 return to camp
9:00[pm – 10:00   relax and open time
NOTE-  Monday schedule if Monsoon Lagoon does not open
7:00am                  Breakfast
8:45am                  Flags
9:00am – 12:00pm Merit Badges
12:00 – 2:00pm      Lunch 
2:00pm – 4:00pm   Merit badges
4:00pm – 5:00pm   open time / swim
5:30pm                  Depart from camp to Virginia Theater
6:00pm                  Movie and Pizza
8:00pm                  Root Beer Cantina at theater
9:30pm                  Cleanup and back to camp
7:00am                  Breakfast
8:45am                  Flags
9:00am – 12:00pm Merit Badges
12:00 – 2:00pm      Lunch 
2:00pm – 4:00pm   Merit badges
4:00pm – 6:00pm   open time / swim
5:00pm                   Outpost  Cycling and Wilderness Survival
6:00pm                  Supper
7:00pm                  Flags
7:15pm – 10:00pm  Open Time
7:00am                  Breakfast
8:45am                  Flags
9:00am – 12:00pm Merit Badges
12:00 – 2:00pm      Lunch 
2:00pm – 4:00pm   Merit badges
4:00pm   open time / swim / Parents arrive – Bring a hot or cold dish or dessert
Scouts and parents can enjoy an open time.  Bring swim gear and swim with us
6:00pm   Supper potluck
7:45pm   Flags
8:00pm    Closing Campfire with skits
7:00am   Breakfast
7:45am   Teardown and cleanup
9:30am ish   Depart for home
Scout meeting on May 31, 
To Do list
We will discuss merit badge schedule to scouts / menu plans ,and create a kitchen duty roster.and
pick movie for movie night
This will be the time to make changes and fine tune camp.
By the way–We are now up to 21 scouts from Troop 315  attending camp. WOW!

REMINDER: Recycle Plastic Caps for Pack #372 Community Project

Cub Scout Pack #372, boys and girls, have put it to a vote and they want to start collecting caps to keep them out of the landfill, and turn them into benches…..

from Eric Trout, Cub Scout Leader Pack #372

What to Recycle or not to Recycle?

As of May 23, 2020 the NB Recycling Center is REOPENED

A lot of community members of North Baltimore pull up to the recycling center south of the Village Park on Saturday mornings. Some get out of their cars while others wait for someone to help them get their recyclings out of their car. There are a half dozen dedicated men that run the recycling center every week. They take almost everything for recycling, almost everything.

Cub Scout Pack #372 has helped them out numerous times throughout the year and the boys and girls of our pack always enjoy helping sort the cans, bottles and magazines into the different bins.

This last time that a few of us were up there we learned something new. There is one item that many recycling centers will not accept, PLASTIC CAPS. Many of you probably didn’t know that. The helpers at the recycling center normally take any of the caps off of the bottles and containers before they sort them. The plastic cap is something that gets tossed in a separate bag to go to the landfill or if someone else needs them they are set aside.

Well it has been brought to my attention through one of the village’s recyclers that there is an organization that will take plastic caps and turn them into benches, trash receptacles, planters, picnic tables, etc. This organization is Green Tree Plastics located in Evansville, Indiana. Cub Scout Pack #372, boys and girls, have put it to a vote and they want to start collecting caps to keep them out of the landfill and make something useful.

Currently, I think the pack is leaning towards a bench or a trash receptacle that could be given back to the community. Below is the amount of caps that we need to collect to transport to Evansville:

6 feet long bench with back – 200 lbs caps

Trash Receptacle – 250 lbs caps

There is a fee associated with the manufacturing of each bench, but our concern right now is collecting the significant amount of caps needed. We will be setting up locations around town for you to drop off the caps, but for now continue to take them to the recycling center on Saturday mornings and the pack will get them from them. We will keep you updated on our collection and future drop points set up.

If you are interested in seeing what Green Tree Plastics can do, check out their website:


Since the recycling center is open again people can bring their caps for the cub scouts to the recycling center each week. The cub scouts are currently about half way to our 250 pounds of caps to get a bench made.  The more caps we get, the more benches that can be made.
Contact Eric Trout 419.257.3855(Home) or 419.262.3967(Cell)


UPDATED–Photo Gallery: 4-Hers say “Thanks”

“Thank you Essential Workers”…….More photos added

The Ohio State University Extension 4-H staff in Wood County shared a few pictures with theNBXpress, along with this message: “Our Wood County    4-H Members are reaching out to thank Essential workers during these challenging times.”  #4happreciatesyou       #4hgrowshere

Thank you farmers for continuing to raise animals and getting ready for Spring planting”
“Thank you Doctors and Nurses”
Thank you Essential Workers” (These siblings are the Westgates from NB)


Jenny Morlock , 4-H Program Assistant for OSU Extension in Wood County said ” I just want to reach as many people as possible to let them know how much they are appreciated and teach our kids we can still reach out to others no matter what obstacles we have. Oh, and these kids are all from the  Klassy Kids 4-H Club from your neck of the woods (Southern Wood  County)!”

POSTPONED – NB Youth League Uniform Fittings This Week

Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday FITTINGS POSTPONED!!!

We have an update on this weeks fittings.  We apologize for all these changes, but we are looking out for the best interest of everyone, during these trying times.

**In light of everything this is going on, the league has decided to cancel Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s uniform fittings. We will keep you up to date as soon as a new date is established.  As always, thank you for your support.**

With school being closed the next 3 weeks, the North Baltimore Youth League  will be rearranging the uniform fitting dates. North Baltimore Eagles 2633 will be the new location, in the side room. We want the children to have access to a restroom, to be able to try jerseys on. They will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 17th: 5-6:30pm

Wednesday, March 18th: 5-6:30pm

Thursday, March 19th: 5-6:30pm

We will have a form for the parents to sign off on, to ensure the correct size is ordered. No fittings will be held past March 19th. The league has decided to continue on with our season, so we have to get uniforms ordered ASAP!

As new officers not everything was turned over to us. We will be collecting birth certificates for ALL players. Please bring a copy with you to uniform fittings. We will not have access to a printer and will need to have them by the beginning of the season. We appreciate your understanding and help with this.

As always, please contact an officer with any questions. Please feel free to share this post, to help us get the word out.


Pack #372 Blue and Gold Ceremony and Webelos Two Crossover

Next up for the Pack, District Derby!!! See your favorite local racers at Otsego on March 21st……

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

The American Legion was the location of the 2020 Blue and Gold Ceremony. This past Sunday, March 8th, scout families were treated to both a taco bar and cake buffet. Delicious, whipped, light and fluffy chocolate and vanilla cake. Melt in your mouth cake. Where was I? Oh, yes, friends and relatives gathered to celebrate both our first year scouts during the Bobcat Ceremony, as well as those Cub scouts moving on to Boy Scout Troop #315.

This year, our pack had nine new scouts eligible for the Bobcat Rank Advancement. Shawn Albright, Ashley Albright, Parker Grilliot, Jayden Huff, Ethan Maloy, Adam Mason, Leah Trout, Wendell Troutner, and Kiean Wheeler. Congrats, Cubs!

Nine new scouts eligible for the Bobcat Rank Advancement


We also have four boys eligible to join our local Boy Scout troop. Boden Lanham, Joseph Rose, and Liam VanVooren participated in the Webelos Two Crossover and Arrow of the Light Ceremony, with Ian Ramirez also finishing up his final year in scouts. Guest Eagle Scout and archer Levi Trout assisted with the crossover, and our cub scouts were welcomed with open arms and left handed hand shakes.

Webelos Two Crossover ceremony


Cubmaster Eric Trout also shared a new and exciting project with the scouts. The cubs voted to support this endeavor, and we are happy to share it with all of you, so that you can help as well! For now, keep those plastic drink caps and look for more information soon!

Blue and Gold Scout Ceremony
Blue and Gold Scout Ceremony
Older Scouts welcome the Younger Scouts to Boy Scout Troop #315

We would like to thank our Den leaders. Without volunteers, we couldn’t do what we do! Thanks to Tammy and Eric Trout, Jessica Cook, Candace Boyce, Brian Vanlerberg. Kelly Kaufman, and Stephanie Rose. Den Chiefs are also play an important role in our scouting year. Thanks to Alex Trout, Daniel Hinkle, Zachary Trout, Isaiah Boyce, and Jesse Vanlerberg for your service as well! We would like to thank Shawn Benjamin, and all of the volunteer leaders of Troop 315, as well as our Charter Rep Mike Julien. Committee Members Arica Matthes, Becky Walter, Doreen Switzer are deserving of our thanks as well. Finally, parents and family members you have our gratitude for making it to the events, participating in fund raisers and donating your time.

Next up for the Pack, District Derby!!! See your favorite local racers at Otsego on March 21st.