Klassy Kids 4-H Club News

We are looking for new members. Enrollment is open until March 15th….

Klassy Kids 4H Club held their first meeting of the year on February 9th. Fifteen members were in attendance, including 2 new members. During the meeting we discussed basic club rules and expectations, 4H opportunities outside of our club, tentative meeting schedule for the year and also upcoming club plans. 

A safety tip was provided by Garrett Ziegler. He stressed the importance of always being aware of your surroundings. Emma Cotterman provided a current event: talking about the reopening of North Baltimore’s Virginia Theater, and Maddy Westgate provided a health tip: using a black light. Club members saw how fast germs can travel, and they also learned that germs can be found in some of the strangest places. 
Club president, Lilly Westgate ran the meeting with the support of the leadership team which consists of Emma Cotterman, Maddy Westgate and Garrett Ziegler. Club advisors are Laura Westgate, Lindsay Ziegler, Tracy Cotterman and Crystal Hubbs.   
4H membership is based on a child’s age and school grade as of January 1st of the current year. Cloverbud members must be age 5 AND enrolled in Kindergarden as of January 1st and Club Membership begins when a child is age 8 AND enrolled in 3rd grade as of January 1st. Enrollment is open until March 15th and we are gladly accepting new members.   
In an attempt to promote Wood County 4H and encourage enrollment older club members will be visiting Powell elementary students in grades 2-6 on February 19th to talk about 4H and the opportunities it’s provided them.  
Contact  Wood County 4H Extension Office 419-354-9050 or email the club at [email protected] for information on joining. 
Garrett Ziegler
Klassy Kids 4H Club
News Reporter

Impounded Pinewood Derby Cars

Hey Scouts: Did you forget to reclaim your Pinewood Derby car?

Attention former Cub Scouts! Every year all Pinewood Derby cars are impounded after the Pack Derby in case the owner/driver would be called up to represent Pack 372 at the District Derby. 

After the District Derby all cars are available to be taken out of impound, this is usually done at any Pack events following the District Derby.  Some owners, over the last several years, have not picked up their impounded cars.

Please take a look at the following pictures to see if you recognize any of these forgotten cars.  If you do recognize one or more please contact Eric Trout at 419-262-3967 or [email protected].  Don’t worry there is no storage cost on these impounded vehicles. We just want to get them back to their owners.

Unclaimed Derby Cars
More Unclaimed Derby Cars
Still More Unclaimed Derby Cars

Boy Scout Troop 315 February Newsletter

Scouts are busy as usual……camp, badges, service projects, court of honor, and more……

February is one of those months that resets the scouting year.  We receive the charter paperwork and scouts are registered for 2020 calendar year. 

This month also initiates summer camp kick off with a council wide meeting with troops and their youth leadership.  We also have a ceremony in the middle of the month to celebrate all scouts achievements up to date.  

Our troop has evolved over the past 10 years to be what you see.  Leadership invested many hours of time to see these young men grow into Eagle scouts and leaders in their own rite.  
With one payment left for Sea base scouts and a plane ticket away.  We will also talk about finalizing the Swa Base trip at the Court of Honor with parents.  There is a chance we will fly out of Detroit airport on Friday and stay in Florida at a hotel before we venture out to the islands.  Mr Boes will talk with you on Feb 16 .
Jan 31 – Feb 2
Camp Miakonda is hosting a Winter weekend for all council troops. Scout will be challenged in First Aid, Fire Building and other scout craft while camping in cabins.  We will leave at 6:30pm from the scout house,  All scouts make sure you have your mess kits , sleeping bag, class A shirt and your basic needs stuff.  We will return home Sunday morning around 930am
Home improvement merit badge

Mike Julien is wanting to teach Home improvement as a merit badge while doing some upgrades to our scouthouse in March.  If any parents can volunteer their talents to this venture,  plans are to replace windows, finish the kitchen area with sink installed,  replace water heater and remodel the bathrooms.  Either contact Mike Julien or let me know and I can refer you to him for a pan .
Feb 16  Court of Honor
We will meet at normal scout time at the Virginia Theater for a court of honor.  Full class A uniform for the event.  Note.  The theater will be open to the public at 3pm with a movie so we wont be able to start early however. I still would like to show a movie for free for the scouts after the ceremony.  We’ll discuss at the meeting after camp.  I may be missing info on some rank stuff per scout so be prepared to discuss your current rank and merit badges with me at the meeting after camp
Feb 26  Groundhog dinner
Our youth leadership and scoutmaster will be attending the annual summer camp kick off event at Miakonda.  All material will be given to us for this years summer program.  Looks like Aaron, Alex T. are the SPL and ASPL who get to go
March 7-8 Camp Alaska
We will hike out from Joe Whites house .25 mile to Doc Roberts woods for a 24 hr survival camp.  Scouts are required to build  ashelter, fire and  spend 24 hours in a survival environment.  
Baden Powell Quote

Pack #372 Pinewood Derby

Sunday, January 26th was the perfect afternoon for racing…..

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

Sunday, January 26th was the perfect afternoon for racing. There was a slight chill in the Powell Gym, and the smell of freshly opened Fritos and Doritos hung in the air. Fans came from far and wide to watch the scouts of Pack #372 participate in their annual Pinewood Derby.


With only one Lion, that race had a predetermined winner. Henry Engard propelled his car down twice unopposed, winning both first place and best of show. 

This happened again with Bear, Doni Boyce’s “Tiger” car. Since both cars achieved first place, they were able to compete in the overall championship race. 

For the Tiger Den, Parker Grilliot won Best of Show. Adam Mason took home first, Parker won second, and Shawn Albright took home third.

In the Wolf Den, Ethan Maloy took home Best of Show. Jayden Huff won the first place trophy, and Jackson Cook took second. In third, raced Kiean Wheeler.

The Webelos One group had the most competition as usual. Seven racers competed for three spots. Blaze Kline won best of show for this crowded field. Camden McCartney took first in a super close one to Leah Trout’s “Captain Marvel” car, which finished second. Levi Vanlerberg’s baconater came in third. Kale McDonald, Reese Williams, and Conner Coup also created some speedy racers to round out that den.

The final den was the Webelos Two. Ian Ramirez won Best of Show. Joseph Rose took first, and Liam Vanvooren  raced to second. Boden Lanham took home third.

There were also two Open races. The “17 and under race” saw Viv Ford versus Jackson Cook. Viv came up with the win. In the slightly older open, Joe Novak competed against Michael Boyce. In the closest race of the afternoon, Joe earned first. The overall champion for 2020 was Joseph Rose with “Buck.”

The boys of Troop 315 helped out by serving both as race  judges and assistants, and ran the concessions.  Josh Fennell helped prepare the cubs for their big entrance and the reciting of the Pledge. They helped the derby run smoothly, and did an excellent job.

We would like to thank Tammy and Eric Trout, Announcer Hank Matthes, the Boy Scouts of Troop 315, Custodian Chad Wright, and the North Baltimore Arbor Gleanors for their help with judging and registration.

Thanks to all the parents and families for putting in the time for the cars and for all of the support. The top two racers for each group will be invited to race at Districts at Otsego this spring. Way to go, Scouts!

Virginia Theater FREE Movie “Soft Opening” Sunday

Robert Devall and Michael Caine!!!

The Virginia Theater is welcoming our community to a soft opening of the Virginia Theatre. 
The people of North Baltimore have been working hard to bring this project back to life and our School basketball team got a sneak peak on Sunday, Jan 27. 
It is now time to give the community the same invite.  We will hold a free event on Sunday, Feb 2 at 6:00pm  
Concessions will be on sale and fully stocked . 
Remember the movie is FREE ADMISSION.  
Movie:  Secondhand Lions
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ebkrm7u44UI” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>
A coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas
Director:    Tim McCanlies
The pictures below show Hank Matthes back at the popcorn machine and Mandy Slane manning drinks and register while North Baltimore’s youth line up to watch the show, in the recently cleaned up theater!    

Boy Scout Troop 315 Newsletter

2020 January Troop 315 Newsletter

Latest news for Scouts in Troop 315
Scoutmaster minute
Are we ready for a new year?  I’m gonna ask a non scout question to all my parents.  One of my new projects in 2020 is to re open the Virginia Theater here in North Baltimore.  You may have heard some talk about it.  One really big task I’ll need to address is a full cleaning of the theater.  Now this is a private business venture but will open to the community.  We plan on having $1.00 movies, as well as first run.  I’m asking all older scouts and adults who can.  to give me a hand in this.  The big job requires us to shampoo all the seats and cloth materials to remove dirt and mildew..  So far.  Rich Rose is furnishing the commercial cleaner and Officer Mandy is stepping in.  Doug Wickard will be helping me with the food service stuff and getting the projector up a and running.  There is so much to do and a several days in January will be set aside for this to happen.  The goal is to open in February.  This leads to the next bit of info..  If the timing works. out,  We will have our February Court of honor at the theater followed by a free movie that evening.  I’ll even throw in the popcorn and pop.  To my parents, please think about your availability and let me know if you are interested.  
Sea Base payment due
All scouts who are going to sea base are required to turn in the 2nd payment of $270.00 no later than January 15,2020.  Mr Boes is looking at plane ticket prices and we probably will fly out of Detroit Airport.  estimated cost is 240.00 for the ticket .  All scouts going will need to pass a BSA swim test and re certify at Sea base and a current BSA Physical.  All 18 and older scouts will be required to fill out an adult BSA application and take Youth protection online prior to flying out.  Also need a state ID or license / temp permit.  We will split into 2 crews.  Mr. Boes leading one and me the other with equal split of 18 and over young adult participants with our scouts.  That means Wyatt and Jordan will be adult leaders alongside Frank and I
Please review the participation guide in preparation for the trip.  http://www.bsaseabase.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019-Sailing-Participant-Guide-FINAL.pdf
Wood District First Aid Meeting?When: Friday, January 10, 2020 Registration begins at 7 p.m., meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.
Who: Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, Webelos Scouts, and Girl Scouts (Juniors and above)
There will be two divisions this year: First division is Webelos Scouts, T21 or first year Scouts*, Juniors, and Cadettes* Second division is Older Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, Seniors, and Ambassadors
Why: Review and practice life-saving first aid skills
How: All skills and scenarios will be in line with the information available in the current Boy Scout Handbook and First Aid Merit Badge book. The theme is back to basics.
While there will be a small amount of instruction/ review during the night, everyone is expected to be prepared by learning and practicing first aid skills. You’ll have the most fun and get the most out of the night if you are prepared.
What to bring: Scouts in uniform, personal and troop first aid kits (reference Boy Scout Handbook First Aid chapter), do you carry your Scout ESSENTIALS when you are out, if so maybe that’s a good idea to have along? (reference Boy Scout Handbook Hiking chapter)
January 12  Cub Lock In at B.G. Field house
2020 Lock-In is Saturday, January 11, 2020, at 8:00 PM at the Perry Field House on the campus of Bowling Green State University. All volunteer scouts , wear class B t-shirt .  and bring water bottle and snacks.  You will get hungry.  We are in charge of Human Battle ship and Ga Ga ball this year.  First 8 scouts who respond get to assist and we will be done at 2am Sunday morning.  Leaders will drop off all scouts at home after the event.  No meeting the following Sunday.  
Check-in opens at 8:00 PM
January 17-19  Black Swamp Klondike Derby
Excitement is mounting in anticipation of the Black Swamp Area Council Klondike Derby to be held January 18, 2020 at Camp Lakota in Defiance, Ohio. Participation in the annual Black Swamp Area Council Klondike Derby will get your Scout Troop and Venture Crew off to a running start for the New Year.  Mark your Scouting Calendar now, announce the event at your next Troop meeting and watch the enthusiasm mount as your Scouts prepare for this great winter event! We will camp outdoors and leave the scouthouse on Friday at 6:30pm.  A list of groceries is listed below.  Please sign up for an item your family can send for this camp.  All scouts have been trained in cold weather camping so we hope they all have been paying attention.
    Grocery list
    3 bags frozen tater tots
    2 packs smoked sausage Eckrich or simalar
    1 big bag family cheese Monterey / cheddar blend
    2 onion
    2 doz eggs (BOES)
    3 lbs ground hamburger,  browned and bagged
    2 cans tomato paste large
    3 cans tomato sauce
    3 large cans kidney beans
    3 large cans chili beans
    2 boxes crackers
    3 pak hot dogs 8ct
    3 pak hot dog buns 8ct
    2 gal choco milk (BOES)
    5 bags little Debbie small doughnuts
    3 gal juice  (BOES)
January 31 – Feb 2  Wood District Winter weekend at Miakonda
We have a cabin reserved for this event so no cold weather camping however.  The program will require scouts to be outdoors all day, so cold weather attire including boots, gloves, and hats.  We will leave for camp at 6:30pm Friday night.  Class A only needed for closing campfire.  We will also need a grocery list for this event as well so when responding. please let me know which items for which camp you are opting to send with your scouts
    6 Grands biscuits pre baked and bagged
    3 bags of bagged sausage gravy, in freezer section
    4 packs hamburger buns
    2 lbs sliced ham
    2 lbs sliced turkey
    2 lbs sliced roast beef
    1 head lettuce
    3 tomatoes
    1 onion
    1 jar Sandwich pickles
    bottle mustard
    bottle mayonnaise
    2 box lasagna noodles
    3 jars spaghetti sauce
    1 family bag mozzarella cheese
    1 ricotta cheese
    3 lbs browned and bagged ground beef
    3 gal choco milk (BOES)
    3 gal fruit juice (BOES)
    7 bags little Debbie doughnuts
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
    “The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.”

Noon Year’s Eve Celebration & Jan. 2 Movie Time

Fun times for ALL at the NB Library next week!

Tuesday, Dec. 31 is the Annual Noon Year’s Eve Celebration at the North Baltimore Library. 

Running from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm., the library staff will offer crafts, games & a big countdown at Noon!

And on Thurs., Jan. 2, the library will be showing the hit movie ANGRY BIRDS 2 starting at 1:30 pm. Snacks are always offered for Kids’ Movie Times!

All ages are welcome, but preschoolers should come with a responsible caregiver!

Christmas Tree Lighting Held at The Bridge

The North Baltimore community was invited to share a Christmas Tree Lighting!


Troop 315 Newsletter – Dec. 2019

Wrapping up 2019 – Looking forward to 2020!

Levi Trout’s Eagle ceremony

Scoutmasters minute

Levi Trout’s Eagle ceremony was a great moment for North Baltimore Scouts. Levi’s speech was so heartfelt and noticing the scouts being so attentive during it was all I needed to know , we are a big family. He spoke of brotherhood, family, mischievous moments and milestones while being a Boy Scout. Noah Pelton, Kyle Gerdeman, Billy Trout and Aiden Gore were also in attendance. Such a great gift to see my older scouts return for these things. Gosh , we miss them.

During the month of December, we will work on winter survival topics during the meetings. The leaders have notice that scouts are forgetting basic Tenderfot items like whipping rope and nots. so we will include these topics during survival training. All of this in in preparation for Camp Alaska and a Klondike camp in January at Camp Lakota in which we will be camping outside, not cabins..

Recharter December 30

All scouts and parents, The dues for scouts have increased to $60.00 and are due by December 30,2019. If your scout has the money in his account, We will deduct from that. I will notify all scouts needing dues this month. .

2nd Meat Stick Turn in

December 15 will be the second meat stick turn in so if any scouts have orders. That will be the last date we can order and have in before Christmas.

Sea Base

The next installment for Seas base is approaching and below are the dates for the next payments. Cost for Sea Base is 960.00 per scout / leader. After the first of year. Mr Boes will be looking for the best deal on plane tickets so be ready for that info as we find the discounts.
Plane tickets will be added later but we will look for deals throughout the year for best price.

Third payment of 270.00 is due by January 15,2020

Final Payment of 270.00 is due by April 15,2020

Video Game Night December 28

Here is the schedule for this event

2pm Saturday, unlock scouthouse for game setup
3pm Leave for Reset Pizza shop 27250 Crossroads Pkwy, Rossford, OH 43460
7pm head home to scouthouse
8pm to 7am Sunday lock in – if there is snow we may go sledding at the reservoir
7am cleanup and all leave no later than 8am Sunday

Calender Dates looking forward

January 19-20 Klondike at Camp Lakota .. link https://www.blackswampbsa.org/event/klondike-derby/2279472

January 31 – Feb 2 Winter Camp at Miakonda

Feb 19 Court of Honor, Scout ranks. Location TBA

March 7-9 Camp Alaska at Doc Roberts woods

The Christmas Scout Story

In spite of the fun and laughter, 13-year-old Frank Wilson was not happy. It was true he had received all the presents he wanted. And he enjoyed the traditional Christmas Eve reunions with relatives for the purpose of exchanging gifts and good wishes. But, Frank was not happy because this was his first Christmas without his brother, Steve, who during the year, had been killed by a reckless driver.

Frank missed his brother and the close companionship they had together. Frank said good-bye to his relatives and explained to his parents that he was leaving a little early to see a friend; and from there he could walk home. Since it was cold outside, Frank put on his new plaid jacket. It was his FAVORITE gift. He placed the other presents on his new sled. Then Frank headed out, hoping to find the patrol leader of his Boy Scout troop. Frank always felt understood by him. Though rich in wisdom, he lived in the Flats, the section of town where most of the poor lived, and his patrol leader did odd jobs to help support his family.

To Frank’s disappointment, his friend was not at home. As Frank hiked down the street toward home, he caught glimpses of trees and decorations in many of the small houses. Then, through one front window, he glimpsed a shabby room with limp stockings hanging over an empty fireplace. A woman was seated nearby . . . weeping. The stockings reminded him of the way he and his brother had always hung theirs side by side. The next morning, they would be bursting with presents.

A sudden thought struck Frank : he had not done his ‘good deed’ for the day. Before the impulse passed, he knocked on the door. ‘Yes?’ the sad voice of the woman asked. ‘May I come in?’ asked Frank. ‘You are very welcome,’ she said, seeing his sled full of gifts, and assuming he was making a collection, ‘but I have no food or gifts for you. I have nothing for my own children.’

‘That’s not why I am here,’ Frank replied. ‘Please choose whatever presents you would like for your children from the sled.’

‘Why, God bless you!’ the amazed woman answered gratefully. She selected some candies, a game, the toy airplane and a puzzle. When she took the Scout flashlight, Frank almost cried out. Finally, the stockings were full.

‘Won’t you tell me your name?’ she asked, as Frank was leaving.

‘Just call me the Christmas Scout,’ he replied.

The visit left Frank touched, and with an unexpected flicker of joy in his heart. He understood that his sorrow was not the only sorrow in the world. Before he left the Flats, he had given away the remainder of his gifts. The plaid jacket had gone to a shivering boy.

Now Frank trudged homeward, cold and uneasy. How could he explain to his parents that he had given his presents away? ‘Where are your presents, son?’ asked his father as Frank entered the house.

Frank answered, ‘I gave them away.’

‘The airplane from Aunt Susan? Your coat from Grandma? Your flashlight? We thought you were happy with your gifts.’

‘I was very happy,’ the boy answered quietly.

‘But Frank, how could you be so impulsive?’ his mother asked. ‘How will we explain to the relatives who spent so much time and gave so much love shopping for you?’

His father was firm. ‘You made your choice, Frank. We cannot afford any more presents.’

With his brother gone, and his family disappointed in him, Frank suddenly felt dreadfully alone. He had not expected a reward for his generosity, for he knew that a good deed always should be its own reward. It would be tarnished otherwise. So he did not want his gifts back; however he wondered if he would ever again truly recapture joy in his life. He thought he had this evening, but it had been fleeting. Frank thought of his brother, and sobbed himself to sleep.

The next morning, he came downstairs to find his parents listening to Christmas music on the radio. Then the announcer spoke: ‘Merry Christmas, everybody! The nicest Christmas story we have this morning comes from the Flats. A crippled boy down there has a new sled this morning, another youngster has a fine plaid jacket, and several families report that their children were made happy last night by gifts from a teenage boy who simply called himself the Christmas Scout. No one could identify him, but the children of the Flats claim that the Christmas Scout was a personal representative of old Santa Claus himself.’

Frank felt his father’s arms go around his shoulders, and he saw his mother smiling through her tears. ‘Why didn’t you tell us? We didn’t understand. We are so proud of you, son.’

The carols came over the air again filling the room with music: ‘. . .Praises sing to God the King, and peace to men on Earth.’

NBFD Toys For Tot Drop-Off at Mid-Wood

Help Mid-Wood & NBFD help out the little ones for Christmas!

You have until December 6th to drop off your Toys For Tots donation down at the Mid-Wood Hardware & Tire Shop (“the elevator”).

Located on East State Street, the Hardware has everything you need for DIY and projects around the house, yard, garage and shop and IDEAS for CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! Tools, fasteners, paint and supplies, pet food and so much more!

The Mid-Wood Tire Shop always has great pricing on nearly any make of tire you desire! Dan the Tire Man also offers Oil Changes, and minor care maintenance and repairs.

Stop in and check out the Mid-Wood Today and don’t forget you Toys for Tots donation!