Troop 315 Activities March 2019

NB Boy Scout Troop 315 planning for busy “Camp Season”! Loads of learning and fun outdoors!

Troop 315 April Newsletter

This newsletter will remind and update all on camps and outings plus all fees needed as well as, pay by, dates.  Our troop is planning for an exciting summer.  Memorial Day parade, Good Ole Summertime Food Booth, Family picnic and awards ceremony, to the end of summer swimming party.  It’s all here.  These items will be, detail listed, in upcoming newsletters.   All scout accounts are updated so please inquire if you need a breakdown of your son’s account info. 
To my new scouts…  Daniel, Noah, Weston, Cole,  and David.  You guys are in for a great time in scouts.  Just ask anyone in the troop or around our community how active we are.  We are one of the largest troops in Wood county and our North Baltimore program  tells the story.  The troop follows Lord Baden Powell’s “Boy Led Troop” mentality.  You guys decide what we do and adults help deliver the program.  I thank everyone of our families who are involved and am very excited to have every boy who wants to be a scout in the troop.  And.. If you have a friend who might like this kind of fun.  Tell them to check it out.    We are again at 30 boys with the new scouts ,Lets see if we can make that number grow. 
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
Starting March 31 thru April.  Mr. Bateson will be teaching E Prep so please plan on attending.  This is an Eagle required merit badge.  and as a reminder.  Only 3 scouts completed Genealogy so get all your work into Tammy Trout to earn the badge. 
Summer Camp June 16 thru 22.  Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio
Cost this year is $295.00 if paid by April 28,2018… $315.00 after that.  All early bird paid scouts will also receive a Camp Frontier hat.  Here is a link to the leaders guide..    If you are a parent and would like to go with your son;  Cost is $112.00 and also having Youth Protection completed. Make checks payable to Troop 315
Also Physicals are required for all scouts and adults participating.  Here is the link for that 
A copy of your insurance card is also required with this packet and due by June 1st, 2019
All scouts who filled out their merit badge request form will have first shot at the available slots.  If you haven’t done this yet.  Please get with me before May 1st to ensure you get what you want.
Troop Shoot April 13
Here is a list of scouts and adults who are attending this event.  All slots are full a this time.  Brian Vanlerberg, Frank Boes and Shawn are driving.  We will leave the scouthouse at 8:30am Saturday morning.  We will stop at Stevie B’s after the shoot.  Be back by 1:30pm ish
Jordan Kimmel , Conner Bowling  ,Josh Clayton,Jesse Vanlerberg  ,Noah Vanlerberg, Everett Mowery  ,Skyler Livingston , Isaiah Boyce , Aaron Boes, John Maloney, Zack Trout , Levi Trout , Alex Benjamin
Wood District Spring Camporee April 26-28
Cygnet Ohio, Heavy machinery camp,  Cost $10.00.  There will be a grocery list coming out. We will leave the scout house at 6:30pm Friday.  Pack sleeping bag, mess kits, Class A shirt,  and clothes, pj’s toiletries.  You can buddy up with a scout who has a tent or bring your own. 
Armed Forces Camp  May 16-18
Location Findlay Fairgrounds,  Same prep as above camp plus we cook breakfast for military folks early Saturday morning.  No cost for camp but there is a military flea market.  NOTE TO PARENTS.  there are a lot of weapon type items for sale.  Any scout who buys such items will be held by leaders til parents pick them up Sunday.  This includes Air soft, knives, non functioning guns, swords, etc.  This is a safety procedure . Scouts may watch all shows during the weekend . 
Monsoon Lagoon June 12, Wednesday
I have commitments from the following,  Jackman(6), Benjamin(3), Livingston(3) ,Daniel , Kyle, Conner, Troop 337(6) = 21 of the 30 tickets so far.  Please let me know so we can get them before the sale ends.  Cost $18.00.  IF We miss the deal $40.00.  Also We’re gonna need drivers so parents , let me know if you can take the day off for this event. The entire troop raised their hand when asked who’s going,  Just need parents commitment.  
Sea Base July 2020
Here is a list of who is going .    Frank Boes, Shawn Benjamin, Mr. Livingston, Clayton Heineman, Alex Benjamin, Aaron Boes, Isaiah Boyce, Jesse Vanlerberg, Josh Fennel, Conner Bowling, Wyatt Mowery, Casey Mowery, Skyler Livingston, Alex Trout, Jayden Bucher, Jordan Kimmel.  
Cost for Sea Base is 960.00 per scout / leader
 Plane tickets will be added later but we will look for deals throughout the year for best price
The starting deposit and first payment of $150.00 is due by March 8th,2019.  Mostly all paid Thank You
Second payment of 270.00 is due by September 15, 2019
Third payment of 270.00 is due by January 15,2020
Final Payment of 270.00 is due by April 15,2020
Then only the plane tickets will be the requirements.
Quote from Lord Baden Powell.
“It is the spirit within , Not the veneer without, that makes a man.”
Scoutmaster Shawn Benjamin

Blue and Gold Ceremony 2019

Boy Scout Troop 315 welcomed two new members on Sunday, March 3rd following the Webelos Two Crossover Ceremony.

From Pack to Troop

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

Boy Scout Troop 315 welcomed two new members on Sunday, March 3rd following the Webelos Two Crossover Ceremony.

Daniel Hinkle and Noah Vanlerberg were celebrated for all of their adventures during their time in Pack #372 and received a warm welcome (and a nice new mess kit!) during an evening of ceremony at our American Legion.

Eagle Scout Billy Trout served as the guest archer for the crossover portion of the evening.  Jackson Cook and Grady Delancy achieved their Bobcat Rank and are on their way to doing good deeds and turning that patch right side up. You can do it, boys!

All cub scouts in attendance received their achievement patches and five Padrone’s fund raiser punch cards to sell. For a ten dollar donation, you receive a punch card good for 125 dollars worth of pizza. Amazing deal, right? And you can feel good about every pizza you eat since it is for a good cause. I have said before that “charity calories” or “good karma calories” don’t count.

If you are interested in helping our pack with this fundraiser, contact Eric Trout for all your pizza needs, (419) 262-3967.

Feel free to stop by our District Pinewood Derby at North Baltimore High School on March 16th to see our cubs in racing action. We are also looking forward to Spring Camp at Camp Berry May 3-5.

Troop 315 Newsletter Feb. 2019

Scouts gearing up for a busy 2019 – Get involved!

Enjoy this photo carousel from Troop 315 activities over the years...

Troop 315 March Newsletter

Scoutmaster Minute
I am happy to be back after a few months of family matters. To get everyone back on track for our troop, we will need to plan a committee meeting this month. If Wednesday March 20th at 7:00pm works for everyone on the committee . Then we shall plan for that date. Let me know either way.

I do need to thank all the leaders who stepped up . Tim Brown, Frank Boes, Joe White for running the meetings keeping our scouts excited . The charter has been returned so I will have new membership cards for the scouts at the next meeting.

A note on membership cards. The National scouting office has decided that this year will be the last year they will issued individual scout member ship cards. However; as a troop I will make sure our scouts continue to have these cards and make them in house.

A story to go with the membership cards. Over the years citizens of North Baltimore would find random lost and found items around town, including scout wallets. these folks would come into my computer shop and say, “I believe you may know this young man.” When I opened the wallet I find. Boy Scout membership cards, Totin Chit and Fireman Chit cards so.. as a Scout master, I realize how important scouting is to our boys not to mention the smile I get knowing a scout values these things – along with the 53 odd cents in it as well .

Summer camp details

Fees for 2019 Early bird, in council scout camp is $295.00 . Here is the link from Camp frontier Feel free to look at all summer camp has to offer. I inform all parents after the first of the year so you have the option of spreading the cost over time til the deadline of April 29.. Scouts can use any and all their accounts for this .

For parents to look at.

Camp Frontier 2019 leaders guide; link:
In preparation for camp , scouts will need an annual BSA physical, BSA part A,B,C must be completed annually for scout to participate in camps of 72 hrs or longer :: These are due by June 1st,2019 and can be included in any checkup, sports physical, but must be signed by physician. We keep them with us for all scouting events.

Scout Accounts

Please email me to inquire on balance in your sons’ account
Karate class opportunity

Karate class is now happening for interested scouts. Monday night , we leave North Baltimore at 4:45 to trek to Ottowa for karate. Anyone interested, please let me know.

March 1-3 Camp Alaska

All the prepping you have been doing at the meetings, you will be tested in this 24 hour survival camp. I hope you all have been paying attention about; What to Bring, What to wear, What to eat, and How to make a Shelter, Start a fire, Handle core body temp. We will start off in the cabin at Camp Berry, Supper will be Pizza from Little Ceaser’s and Hot cakes and Sausage for Breakfast Saturday morning. Then… Your on your own for 24 hrs. Good Luck!

March 3 Blue and Gold

Full Class A uniform. Meet at the American Legion . Ceremony starts at 6:00pm. We will be welcoming new scouts into our troop.

March 8 Sea Base first payment due

All scouts who were interested in the Sea Base trip in 2020. The first $150.00 deposit is due by March 8. Please make checks payable to troop 315. Frank Boes and myself will be participating in this scout outing. So far. Jordan K., Aaron B., Josh F.,Skyler L.,Clayton H. Wyatt M. Casey M. Jesse V. Alex B.,Conner B. Frank B, Shawn B, & Skyler’s dad have all said they want to go. We still have 3 more spots so let me know . If those spots don’t get filled by us. We will open it up to the district and council so please let us know ASAP.

March 9 Service hours

The Library needs help setting up chairs on Saturday morning at 8:30am. any scout who want to help out, show up and wait for directions. It won’t take long.

March 10 Flag Ceremony

We will need 4 – 6 scouts to participate in the flag raising ceremony for the Public Library celebration. Full Class A uniform

2 Merit Badges being offered in March and May


Tammy Trout is offering this elective merit badge in March on 10th and 24th at the scout meetings. It will take 2 to 3 meetings to complete.

Emergency Preparedness

This is an eagle required merit badge offered by Larry Bateson in April. Due to Easter Sunday and the Camporee in April in may run into May.

To earn either of these merit badges the counselor must sing off “COMPLETE” on your blue cards.

Troop Shoot April 13


I was able to aquire 8 spots for scouts to attend Camp Berry’s troop shoot on April 13 from 9 to 12. Scouts will be able to shoot Shotgun, Rifle and Archery. Email me to grab a spot. Its first come first serve due to open spots. We will go to Stevie B’s for lunch after words, so although eh shoot is free, send scouts with $7.00 for lunch

Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“In all of this, it is the spirit that matters. Our Scout law and Promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars and strife among nations.”

PiPs – Preschoolers in the Parks: Wildlife Detectives!

Great outdoor activity Friday for the little ones!

Friday, February 22;10:00 am – 11:00 am

W.W. Knight Nature Preserve: Friends’ Green Room
29530 White Road, Perrysburg

Children 3-6 years of age enjoy a short story and hike while learning how to interpret animal tracks and signs to be honorary wildlife detectives. Adult companions must remain with children for this program.

Please REGISTER ATTENDING CHILD ONLY. Program may be altered or postponed due to weather conditions (snowfall, sub-zero wind chill).

Please equip your child with appropriate clothing and footwear for weather conditions.

Register Here

Closing Time


Closing Time

Prime Bird Real Estate Hit the Auction Block

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

Even the best local real estate agents would have difficulty closing on fifteen homes in one evening, yet on February 10th, right here at our local American Legion, this event took place. Fifteen tiny homes (ok, bird houses) were auctioned as a fund raiser for Cub Scout Pack #372.

Here is a recap of the major awards:

Donivan Boyce brought home “Best of Show” for his double birdie condo/planter. Noah Vanlerberg achieved “Smallest”, and Blaze Kline’s was “Tallest.”  

“Judge’s Choice” went to Boden Lanham, while “Best Scout Theme” was awarded to Levi Vanlerberg. Jackson Cook took the win for his “Most Recycled” bird house, which had it’s very own tiny for sale sign with the digits “867-5309”. Forty year olds just laughed. I did.

Shawn Albright won for “Held together by a string” and Connor Coup won this year for “Most Colorful.” Grady Delancy won for best “North Baltimore theme”  Ian Ramirez took the “Most Natural” and finally, Kale McDonald won for “Most Patriotic.”

I would like to take this opportunity to mention and apologize to Mr. Kale McDonald. I forgot to mention him in my last article about the Pinewood Derby. I would like to take this moment to recognize that Kale, did in fact, race his derby car that day, and it was spectacular. Sorry for the over sight, Kale.

The scouts were also given their awards for the popcorn sale that took place in October. The winner from each den was given a whip cream pie to throw in the face of their Den Leader.

Huge thanks to all the Den Leaders that left that night smelling of rotten milk with whipped cream in their ears. You are all great people. Boden Lanham was the overall winner for this year’s popcorn sales.

We would like to thank the Judges, Hank Matthes, Krista Ducat, and Dawn Trout. We would also like to thank Auctioneer and overall loud talker, Alex Trout.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that purchased a bird house, which allowed Pack #372 to leave the night $192.50 richer. Homeless birds will be flocking here when they see those gorgeous new homes.

Next up, our Blue and Gold Ceremony, March 3rd at the American Legion. We are also hosting our District Pine Wood Derby on March 16th, at North Baltimore High School.

Please be on the look out for a Padrone’s Pizza fund raiser that will be starting shortly for your Pack members.   

NB Troop 315 Newsletter-Feb. ’19

North Baltimore Scouts are very busy doing what Scouts do…

Troop 315 February Newsletter
A few newsletters ago,  I talked about a possible meeting date change due to my absence , however, It looks like we will not need to do so.  My availability will be back to normal as of March 10th and the other leaders have Camp Alaska training taken care of;  Thank you Tim, Frank, Joe and Billy. This will take care of program at the meetings til then.  I will also be able to attend half of Miakonda camp but won’t be able to attend Camp Alaska.  The other leaders have stepped up to handle it; Once again,  Thank You
Winter Klondike  at Camp Berry was quite the event.  Even though the roads were bad that weekend,  Our troop had a lot of winter fun during the competition with first aid, lashings, gold mining during the day,  and then outdoor snow fun in the evening.  I’ve included pics from camp just to show  parents that boys can have fun while not being in front of a video game or smart phone.  Also ,, the cabin was a great warming spot in between activities with its wood burning stove.  Our next camp will be the same format at Miakonda

Winter Camp Feb 1-3
We will leave the scouthouse at 6:30pm Friday night to head to Camp Miakonda in Toledo.  Cost is $10.00 , Pack your class A shirt for closing campfire as well as sleeping bag, pillow, winter clothes (Boots, hats, gloves)  Please . don’t forget your mess kits,  several scouts forgot them at Camp Berry so I need to keep reminding.  Below is the grocery list for the event;  Please bring all items on Friday .  We will return to N.B. around 9:30am Sunday.  I’ve heard from parents that some scouts are falling asleep in church that day.  We will try to get them to bed at a descent time Sat night. 
4 boxes lasagna noodles(EAKAEN) 
3 jars spaghetti sauce(VANLERBERG) 
2 32 oz bag mozerella cheese(BILLY) 
2 tubs ricotta cheese(LIVINGSTON) 
3 lbs ground beef browned and bagged(CARY) 
6 Pilsbury grands biscuits tubes (baked and bagged)(CLAYTON/MALONEY)
Sausage Gravy  (BOES )
4 gal Choco milk (BOES)Chips (BOES) 
2 bags sugar(VANLERBERG)
8 same flavor Kool aid packets(TROUT)
5 bags asst mini doughnuts(KIMMEL)
8 8 pak hamburger buns(TROUT)
Shredded Chicken Sandwich spread(COUP)
Court of Honor  February 13
Wednesday , February 13, at American Legion  7:00pm… We will hold our semi annual Court of Honor to recognize scouts camps, ranks, merit badges.  Families are invited and have scouts wear their full Class A uniform to the event.  There will also be a Friends of Scouting presentation as well.
Camp Alaska  March 1-3
After Miakonda camp.  Our meetings will teach the scouts how to survive 24 hours in the winter by building shelters, campfire, and cooking their own meals.  The meetings leading up will  cover,  layering clothing,  building at good survival shelter,  foods and fire.  Please have scouts attend to ensure they are prepared to handle this out doo camp. 
Ad Alteri Dei Scouts
I am working on a Board of Review date to finalize your religious training.  I’ve spoken with the Diocese of Toledo to ensure we can arrange to receive all the medals so hang tight for an update on the date and time.  Please make sure your workbook is complete and ready for review. 
Summer Camp info
I try and stress the upcoming Summer camp costs and payments options.   This year camp will cost $295.00 per scout if paid by May 1st.  $315.00 after.  I’ll need a few days ahead of that to make sure I can get the funds in on time so parents deadline is April 28.    We are going to Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio on June 16 thru 22.   Forward think gives all parents time to pre plan and set funds aside for this troop event  and the highlight of all scouts each year.    Parents often choose to use scout accounts,  make payments up to the date, or just pay the full amount by the deadline or even the ..non early bird amount, after.
We try and encourage all our troop to participate in resident camp.  So.. pre plan accordingly and you will be hearing reminders each month to give all parents to opportunity to get ready for summer.  Physicals and merit badge sign up reminders will start in March
Scout Accounts
Your scout’s account’s are up to date.  Email me if you need a balance update. 
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”  reminds me of Isaiah B.
Shawn Benjamin – Scoutmaster

Westgate Named Student of the Month

for January 2019…..

The North Baltimore staff has elected Lilly Westgate to be student of the month for January. 

Lilly Westgate

Lilly has never been one to shy away from responsibility.  She is at the top of her class academically and has held leadership roles in Tri-M, National Honors Society, Student Council, 4-H, and Junior Fair Board. 

She is one of North Baltimore’s drum majors and is also a member of our golf team and cheerleading squad. 

Lilly is an incredibly gifted, hardworking, and compassionate young woman who is absolutely deserving of this honor. 

After graduation, Lilly plans on attending BGSU to pursue a career in speech and language pathology. 

Congratulations, Lilly!

Boy Scouts to Welcome Girls

All-female troops are forming now…

Boy Scouts of America Launch Scouts BSA Program To Officially Welcome First Class of Girls

Toledo, Ohio, January 7, 2019 — The Erie Shores Council of the Boy Scouts of America will host an event to celebrate the launch of the Scouts BSA Program.  Friday February 1, 2019, from 5-7 pm at Camp Miakonda, 5600 West Sylvania Avenue.

According to Ed Caldwell, Erie Shores Council Scout Executive/CEO, “This is an opportunity to celebrate a historic moment in Scouting and to learn more about what Scouting offers families.”  

As we enter our 109th year of Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America will be expanding the values based, leadership program to young ladies. All-female troops are forming now and will officially launch on February 1, 2019.

Join in the celebration and come hear from community leaders and Scouting families on the positive impact Scouting has on our community and youth.

Caldwell adds, “This is a great opportunity to hear first-hand from families and youth on what expanding our programs means for them”

Doors open at 5:00 pm with program from 5:30pm-7:00pm The first 115 in attendance will receive a limited-edition Erie Shores Council “Scout Me In” patch

For more information, check out the weblink:

About the Erie Shores Council of the Boy Scouts of America: 

Under the leadership of approximately 2,500 adult volunteers, the Erie Shores Council provides a values-based, character education program for youth in our community, including Cub Scouts (1st-5th grades), Scouts BSA (6th-12 grades).  In addition, Erie Shores Council offers Exploring and Venturing which are co-ed programs for youth 14-20 yrs. old who seek opportunities to “explore” fields of career interest, or wish to participate in high “adventure” activities.

Erie Shores Council serves more than 6,000 youth throughout Lucas, Wood, Ottawa & Sandusky Counties, as well as the town of Swanton, OH.  Erie Shores Council owns two camps which provide outdoor education and camping experiences for Scouts and non-Scouts alike. 

Burning Plastic

Cub Scouts heat up the race track at this year’s annual Pinewood Derby

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends all braved the weather this past Sunday, January 27th for a chance to catch some of North Baltimore’s finest racing competition.  Powell Elementary’s gym was transformed into the Pack #372 Speedway. The races began at 1:15 but contestants were permitted in at 12:30 for a weigh in, compliance check, and any last minute modifications or repairs. The concession stand, manned by Boy Scout Alex Trout, was diligently distributing chips, pop, combos, candy bars and ring pops. The money raised will go towards future events. Twenty one cars checked in, ready to race.

Webelos Two started off the event. Daniel Hinkle’s “Final Ride” came in second and won “Best of Show.” Noah Vanlerberg’s “Chihuahua Racer” won first for their den.

The Webelos One den had four participants. Boden Lanham raced “The Freedom Fighter,” Ian Ramirez sported “Bumblebee”, Joseph Rose’s car was named “Camo” and Liam VanVooren’s entry was named “Copperhead.” Ian won for best in show, Boden raced to third place, Liam took second, and Joseph brought home the win.

The Lion Den came next. The lions also had four racers register. Parker Grillot entered “Slimer”, Adam Mason brought “Ben Ten, Wendell Troutner went with “Fast,” and Zane Williams named his “Ice skating.”

Wendell raced into third place, Adam took second, and Parker’s “Slimer” oozed all the way to first place. Best of show was awarded to Zane.

Tigers sported three race cars, and two Pikachus. Jackson Cook was “Pikachu” while Daniel Crill followed with “Pikachu 2”.  Racing all these Pokemon was Grady Delancy’s “Lightening.” Grady bolted into third place, while “Pikachu One” came in Second, and “Pikachu Two” came in First. Best in show went to Jackson Cook’s original Pikachu.

The Wolf Den was comprised of two entries, Donivan Boyce’s “Beast” and Logan Trout’s “Mario Racer.”  Logan Trout took home the trophy for Best in Show and Second Place, while Donivan’s “Beast” finished first.

The Bears had the largest field of competitors. Six total racers. Connor Coup sported an “Aqua Racer,” Blaze Kline brought “Blazin,” Camden McCartney used “Ursa”, Levi Vanlerberg entered “Ice Cream Sandwich,” and Rhys Williams took his “Turtle car” to the line. Rhys took Best in Show, while Connor sped away with third, Levi sandwiched to second, and Camden brought home the gold.

Joe Novak took first in the Open Race (18 and up) defeating Tim Troutner. Leah Trout was the only open winner in the 17 and under age group.

The overall winner was Daniel Crill.

We would like to thank everyone that came to cheer our scouts on. We would also like to thank the Den Leaders, Den Chiefs-Alex Trout, Jesse Vanlerberg, Zach Trout, Isaiah Boyce, and Leah Trout, The North Baltimore Gleanors, Tammy and Eric Trout, Chris North, and Joe Novak for all of the help with the cars.

All first and second place winners will be eligible to participate in our District Pinewood Derby, which is hosted and held by North Baltimore High School this year. On March 16th, Scouts from all over Wood County will be participating in District Derby Action. Come and cheer them on!  

NB Fire 6th Toys for Tots

Funds and TOYS go to benefit children in our local community.

The North Baltimore Fire Departments 6th Annual Toys for Tots gathered over $1,400 in cash donations and a bunch of TOYS!

These funds and TOYS go to benefit children in our local community.