COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio’s 23 community colleges have donated more than 200,000 medical face masks and pairs of gloves to hospitals and local first responders across the state, according to the Ohio Association of Community Colleges.  Twenty-five much-needed medical ventilators are among the colleges’ donations.


“Our campuses have answered Gov. DeWine’s call to provide PPE equipment and other critically needed medical supplies to those on the frontlines,” said Jack Hershey, President and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges.  “Many of these medical workers and first-responders have been educated on our campuses, so it is doubly gratifying that our colleges are able to support these graduates and their colleagues in this way.”


About 800 N95 masks, 1,150 breathing masks, 12,000 other masks and 223,000 pairs of regular and sterile gloves were donated, Hershey said. 


The colleges, which are currently registering students for summer courses, are closed right now to in-classroom instruction. They have the equipment because they offer certificates and degrees in numerous health care programs, including nursing, EMT, laboratory technicians, and respiratory care.


Colleges also donated other health care items, including thermometers, lab coats and shoe and hair covers. Some have offered their parking lots for drive-up testing as well as the use of other campus facilities, if needed.


“In addition to donating equipment and supplies, the colleges are providing support of other kinds to their students, faculty and members of the community, including mental health support, food pantries and helping to successfully navigate remote learning environments,” Hershey said.  “Many have already offered use of their facilities and video-conferencing capabilities.  A number of colleges of our colleges are using their webpages to provide community resources information, and many will be offering emergency funding assistance to students as needed. These efforts are an excellent extension of the close relationship our colleges have with their local communities.”


The OACC represents the presidents and trustees of the state’s 23 public two-year institutions, working to advance our community colleges through policy advocacy and professional development.  For more information, please visit www.OhioCommunityColleges.Org


NBHS 50 Year Club Update

NB 50 Year Club gathering on June 6, 2020 CANCELLED

After talking with the committee, I need  to inform everyone that the 50 Year Club will not be meeting this year on the first Saturday in June 2020, June 6th

With the COVID19 virus, the President and Ohio Governor both mandating stay at home orders for the month of April, and Ohio predicting that it will peak mid May, this seems to be the right call.  Considering the age of our members, I do not want anyone to take any health risks. 

We have over 700 people on our roster, and that makes it an expensive project to do a mailing, so I’m asking all of you to pass the word.  We will plan to reunite on June 5, 2021.

Kathy Eninger, Secretary

NB Schools Update – March 30

Dear Families, and Community Leaders:

Dear Families, and Community Leaders:

It is my hope that you and your families are all doing well. In the last week, Ohio residents have begun to comply with Governor DeWine’s “Stay-at-Home” Order. Also, late Wednesday, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill (HB) 197 that provides relief and changes necessary for the state to better respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

We are grateful to the Governor and the Ohio Senate and House for working together to respond to this crisis. In the bill there were many K-12 education-related provisions that provide school districts with more flexibility.

What does this mean to the North Baltimore Local Schools? There is a great deal of uncertainty in our own lives as well as in the schools. I wish there were much more we could plan for and share with our families. Like you, we are moving from day to day, adapting to each new change. As much as we have taken steps to cover as much as we can for students, families and employees, we are learning of those things that we can do better to help during this time.

At this time, we are continuing with online and home “packet” learning through May 1, 2020. After May 1st the Governor will reevaluate the potential opening of Ohio schools. Schooling after spring break will look the same as it has been over the last 3 weeks.

For our faculty and staff members, we have adapted to this Stay-at-Home Order. – Head custodians at each building will only perform building checks – Tech department as needed to support network and to troubleshoot – Central Office staff as needed Faculty and staff members have been working hard to strike the right balance between what is needed to maintain for further learning while respecting the challenges this creates for families.

Graduation – Class of 2020 & Next School Year There is no doubt that the hardest hit class is the senior class. The excitement, traditions and rite of passage events have all been put on hold. Mr. Kiser ( New MS/HS Principal) and the NBHS counseling staff will begin to review each senior’s status and communicate to families about meeting the requirements for graduation.

HB 197 gives principals and staff members a great deal of latitude on working with students to help with graduation. Mr. Kiser has been in talks with me in regards to possible dates for the NBHS Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony. We appreciate your flexibility on moving the date of the ceremony. Mr. Kiser and myself hope to share with families a specific date and time in the near future.

Plans for next school year are under way. Yes, there will be a next school year, and nearly every family and student would readily admit that this is something we all can look forward to. Student schedules, class assignments, creating bus routes and securing classroom supplies are all important steps that faculty and staff members are working on today.

Stay safe and healthy! If you need anything please give me a call 419-257-3531.

Ryan Delaney

OHSAA Winter Tournaments Move from Postponed to Cancelled  

Winter tournaments of wrestling, basketball and ice hockey will not be completed…..

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced Thursday that the winter sports tournaments of wrestling, basketball and ice hockey, which were postponed indefinitely on March 12, are now cancelled due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It is anticipated that schools will not be able to reopen for many weeks, which prevents interscholastic athletics from taking place.

The start of the OHSAA’s spring sports of softball, lacrosse, baseball, track and field and boys tennis is still postponed, which coincides with schools not being open.

Earlier Thursday, OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass and his staff communicated with the schools that were still competing in those winter tournaments to announce the decision.

“We are just devastated that the tournaments cannot be completed,” said Snodgrass. “But our priority is the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, communities and officials. Governor Mike DeWine is asking all Ohioans to do everything they can to stop the spread of this virus. That request, along with our schools not being able to reopen for weeks, means that school sports cannot happen at this time. Even if our schools reopen this spring, it will be difficult to find facilities willing to host the tournaments. Most campus are shut down until mid to late summer.

“We are already planning for ways that these student-athletes will be honored at next year’s state tournament,” said Snodgrass.

The 16 schools that qualified for the girls basketball state tournament and the four teams that qualified for the ice hockey state tournament will all receive state tournament programs. The 672 student-athletes who qualified for the wrestling state tournament will all receive a program, certificate and their weigh-in card.

These four winter state tournaments and a few events during World War 2 (1941-45) are the only sports cancellations in the history of the OHSAA, which was founded in 1907.

No state champions will be listed for these four sports in 2020. The OHSAA does not use state polls from the media or coaches associations to determine state champions.

A reminder that OHSAA coaches can communicate electronically with their student-athletes, but no practices, scrimmages or contests of any kind are permitted until further notice.

On March 13, Snodgrass sent this memo to member schools: https://www.ohsaa.org/news-media/articles/ohsaa-winter-and-spring-sports-update


More information regarding spring sports will be provided when available.


NBLS Powell Class Rooms Online Resources

Here are some Online resources from each of the Elementary Classes at Powell in NB…

Posted at Powell Parent Teacher Association Facebook Page:

Students and families at NBLS Powel Elementary below are links from our teachers and school administrators to help you kids (and parents and grandparents, etc.) with remote learning.

They are organized in one place so the remote resources are easy to find.

Please contact the Powell PTA or NBX if you have any questions! Stay well!!


Main NBLS Webpage:

North Baltimore Local School District Facebook page:


YouTube Channel:


Facebook Page:


Facebook page:

YouTube Channel:



Mrs Cliffton:


Mrs Wymer:
I’m working on setting up classtag for my class. Just need some parents to confirm contact information so I can do it. I will be using that instead of Facebook or YouTube.

Mrs Schinsky:
I am communicating via email.  [email protected] Parents should check their email regularly please.

Mrs Andre:
Mrs Andre’s Fantastic First Graders facebook page:

Mrs Andre’s YouTube Channel:


Second Grade NB Tigers Facebook Page:


Third Grade NB Tigers Facebook page:


Please contact 4th grade teachers directly through the contact information that was given to the students.

We know there are a zillion online resources out there to sort through. In addition to the sites we previously recommended, below are some of the best we’ve found.

[email protected]


Sign up as a parent for this site. You’ll need to put in our zip code. You should be able to get access to TED talks for kids and teens, podcasts for elementary kids, virtual field trips, children’s authors doing read-alouds, and much more!


Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/457403364631897/  (not used much)
Class Dojo is the best way to communicate with 5th grade teachers and to see announcements.

YouTube channel (5th grade math and science):

All videos are being posted on Class Dojo and Google Classroom for the kids.


6th Grade NB Tigers Facebook Page:

A daily video is also posted on the 6th graders Google Classroom

Board of Education Meets for March 2020 Meeting

New NBHS Principal Hired…..

By Sue Mikovic

 The North Baltimore Board of Education met on Monday, March 23, 2020 at the NBHS building. All board members were present except Mr. Tim Archer

The board moved up the meeting one day earlier in the month due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s order for everyone to stay home effective midnight on Monday March 23.

NB Local Schools Board of Education practicing six feet of separation at meeting Monday night.

The treasures report was short with Mr Stewart reporting that the school has now received payments from the Rover pipeline ($990,000), CSP abatement ($35,000), Medicaid reimbursement, ($60,000). The district is still waiting to receive the CSX TIFF payment (should be around $400,000). Mr. Stewart will be keeping a watchful eye on the budget as the country goes through this health crisis. “Financially, the State may drain the education budget,” he stated. (To help cover the cost of the pandemic expenses)

Superintendent Ryan Delaney recommended a temporary administrative contract be offered to Chad Kiser as Middle School/ High School Principal beginning April 10th through July 31 2020. The board approved that recommendation as well as a two-year administrative contract to Kiser beginning August 1, 2020. The vote was 4-0.

Kiser comes to North Baltimore from Zanesville City Schools where he is an Assistant Principal. He is a 10-year Navy veteran and also has six years of law enforcement experience working with a narcotics/ K-9 unit. He has two degrees from Tulane University and his Master’s degree from Western Florida University. He is married and has 3 children (two boys and one girl). He is already looking for a home in the area. Kiser said,” I’m looking forward to it and excited to come to North Baltimore. I’m ready to get started!”

Mr. Chad Kiser, new NBHS Principal as of April 10, 2020

Other news from the brief meeting:

~District technology coordinator Brent Hermiller worked to get a grant that will allow for the replacement of all digital switches in the district . This will improve network capability.

~The district approved paying Panda Technologies $2500 for the 2020-2021 school year for website design and support.

~Mr. Delaney reported that “grab and go” bag lunches have been served to approximately 40 kids daily since school had to dismiss for the coronavirus pandemic. He also reported 64 laptops that belong to the school district were sent home with kids who did not have access to the Internet for homework otherwise.

Mr Delaney also reported there are no plans yet for graduation or prom. There are also no sports decisions made by the OHSAA at this point. He said “It’s probably not gonna happen”

Board member Jeremy Sharninghouse stated “Kudos to our staff!  Mrs. Semancik and the teachers are doing a great job of helping our students and using technology to keep in touch with them. ” All other board members agreed.

NBLS Schools Update March 15

From North Baltimore Local Schools Superintendent Ryan Delaney:

From North Baltimore Local Schools Superintendent Ryan Delaney:

Monday will begin the closings of our schools. Hopefully, it will be on a short term basis. I am sorry about the inconvenience to all of you.

Food has been provided to families in need. I will continue to reevaluate everything on a daily basis.

Please feel free to call me with any of your concerns, 419-257-3531. Sincerely, Ryan Delaney

Sports Booster Raffle Postponed

Due to the recent mandate by the governor of Ohio we are postponing our Annual “Cabin Fever” Reverse Raffle.

Due to the recent mandate by the governor of Ohio we are postponing our Annual “Cabin Fever” Reverse Raffle.

The ban will last at least until Monday April 13 th . The governor has banned all gatherings of 100 people or more in a confined area (with some exceptions). If you have purchased a reverse raffle ticket be assured it will
be in the mix.

We are looking at the following two weeks of April to determine which Saturday is available for the venue in the event that the coronavirus pandemic is more controlled.

Please be watching the NBXpress to keep up on the latest information.

We wanted to inform you as soon as we possible could so you could concentrate on more pressing needs in this time of uncertainty.

Please take all necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety.

Thank you for your understanding, and God bless North
Baltimore. ~ The North Baltimore Sports Boosters

OHSAA Postpones All Remaining Winter Tournaments

Includes boys basketball regional and state tournaments, along with ice hockey, wrestling and girls basketball state tournaments…

COLUMBUS, Ohio – At 12:45 p.m. Thursday, the Ohio High School Athletic Association announced that all remaining winter tournament contests are immediately postponed due to the growing situation with the coronavirus COVID-19.

The suspended tournaments include the girls state basketball tournament; the state individual wrestling tournament; the state ice hockey tournament, and the boys regional and state basketball tournaments.

“We will use this time to work with the appropriate state authorities and health experts to determine our next steps moving forward,” Snodgrass said. “We realize this is disappointing for our participants and their fans, but the overall health and safety of everyone involved in our tournaments is our priority.”

No timetable has been determined for possible rescheduling for the tournaments.

The announcement was made after state and local officials recommended that no public gatherings take place to help stop the spread of the virus.

The OHSAA will send further updates regarding ticket refunds.