Village Council Meets

Janet Goldner presented her fourth state of the village address since she became mayor….

The January 15th village council meeting was held in council chambers at 5:30 p.m. and began with prayer led by Pastor Ralph Mineo of St Luke’s Lutheran Church. All council members except Aaron Patterson, who was excused, were present for the meeting.

During public participation, the first speaker was the Village council president from Walbridge who wanted to communicate with whoever might have time available, about the village’s golf cart ordinance. They are looking to mimic our North Baltimore ordinance in Walbridge and wanted to chat about how effective it is. Police Chief Lafferty and Councilman Ty Carles both agreed to speak with Mr. Joe Weissenberger after the meeting.

Also present were two representatives of Intech IT Solutions who gave a presentation on the security cameras for both The Village Park and at the Village Hall. The cameras at the council chambers will be hardwired and the cameras placed at the village park will be wireless and will be ready to go soon. A few trees need to be trimmed to improve the sight line.

Interim finance officer Tony Swartz gave an update of the finances. He has recapped the income tax from 2018 and found a 13% increase of the collection over 2017. It appears that the general fund is up about $100,000 over the previous year also.

The village administrator Michael Brillhart presented a resolution adopting a five-year capital improvement program which included policies and procedures for capital expenditures for fiscal years 2019 through 2023.

Council also gave its first reading to an ordinance authorizing The village administrator to enter an agreement with Reveille Planning an Economic Development for the purpose of providing CRP (community redevelopment area) and jobs grant program development planning services.

Janet Goldner presented her fourth state of the village address since she became mayor. She reported that North Baltimore this year is 143 years old, has a population of 3529, and the median age of our citizens is 35.1 years old.

The Public Works standing committee again led a discussion of sidewalks in the village and will continue to investigate the current ordinance and possible options for the village

Under public utilities, a water study was approved by council to take a look at the outside bulk user rates and see if those need to be updated.

The mayor’s state of the village address can be found elsewhere on the NBXpress.

Village Council Committee Assignments Listed

2019 Committee Chairs and members listed……

Here is a copy of the 2019 Village of North Baltimore Council Committee assignments, and Boards and Commissions. These helpful lists can help you find the right person to contact with your concerns for the village.

2019 Village Council Committees
2019 Village Commissions and Boards

Village Council News from Last Week

“We’re back on schedule”….

by Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Village Council “Committee of the Whole” meeting was held last  Tuesday, January 8, at council chambers. Council member Aaron Patterson was absent.

Council President Matt Beegle led the meeting, which included some great news about pending grants for the village.

Some items discussed were:

  • Wireless cameras for the village park
  • Water Bill mix-up–apparently the batch of bills were routed to a different location than normal, resulting in many of them not making their way back to NB mailboxes. The due date remains January 15 and citizens can call the village office for more information.
  • Discussion of village sidewalks– when the village tree commission chooses trees to be planted in the boulevards, they consider the likelihood of each variety to cause sidewalks to “lift”
  • The council is moving forward on its plans for economic development services from Reveille.
  • Pay scales were to be discussed at last week’s Department Head meeting
  • The mayor will be presenting her “State of the Village” address at the next meeting
  • Interim Financial Officer Tony Swartz reported things are moving along pretty good
  • Village Administrator Michael Brillhart reported that he is completing trainings necessary for the administration of the grants that have been awarded to North Baltimore. He also shared reports that indicated we had been moved up on the list for the beginning of some of the projects scheduled to start in 2019. “We’re back on schedule! and moved up to start in Spring” He also shared ideas for a Five Year Capital Improvement list. He shared the council had adopted a capital improvement ordinance in 1998.
  • The special meeting scheduled for last week was not held because there was no agenda . That business will be on this week’s agenda.

Village Council Reorganizes for 2019

Special meeting after Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday night….

Village Council Meeting Jan. 2, 2019

By Sue Miklovic

The evening began with prayer from Pastor Phillip Park-Thomas of St. James Church who suggested we pray for the welfare of the common good. After the pledge of allegiance, followed by the roll call, the Village of North Baltimore Council reorganized for 2019 with the election of Matt Beegle as new president of council.

Mayor Goldner also made an assignment to standing committees for the council members and announced boards and commissions  for 2019. See separate story for a list of those committees and commissions.

Village resident Mark Senecal participated in public participation at the council meeting citing his concern for the safety of handicap residents who use the street while scootering around town. “I’ve lived here for 30 years, he said “ and we need we need to have concern for the welfare of the common good, like the pastor just prayed for”  He continued, “We need to be educating our citizens of their responsibilities.” His concerns were focused on the need for sidewalks throughout the community.

Resident Mark Senecal shares his concern during the Public Participation portion of the meeting

Some items of interest discussed at the meeting included:

~ a report from the Interim Finance Officer that corrections are being made to the 2018 expenditures- getting things put into the proper categories
~ discussed the sidewalk ordinance for the village
~the number of EMS runs made in 2018  was 619, with 14.7% of those taking place in Henry Township.
~ The Village Administrator Michael Brillhart announced he was working on a five-year capital improvement plan. “We have several projects already funded (which he is preparing to administer)but we need to continue with a plan for the next 4 years that follow the initial projects.” He announced that he was meeting with both TMACOG and Poggemyer Design Group this week.
~Other things continuing to be discussed included the need for cameras, personnel issues for weekend work and fill in schedules, the need for an economic and community development plan that offered a CRA (Community Reinvestment Area-abatements) and sharing the recently updated village brush policy.

There will be a  special meeting immediately following the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday January 8th, which begins at 5:30pm.

L to R: Zoey Beaupry, Student Representative; V.A. Michael Brillhart; Past President of Council Art Patterson; New President of Council Matt Beegle; Councilman Tim Engard.

Help Wanted: NB Village Finance Officer

The Village of North Baltimore Ohio has an opening for a full-time Financial Officer.

Village Finance Officer Position

The Village of North Baltimore Ohio has an opening for a full-time Financial Officer.

Minimum Qualifications:  Completion of an Associate’s Degree with major coursework in accounting or business, as well as advanced experience in Excel and five (5) years’ experience in governmental accounting or equivalent combination of training and/or experience. Knowledge and experience with CivicaCMI Financial Applications preferred.

Successful candidates must be able to interact with all Village employees and the public in a professional and courteous manner at all times and pass a background check and be bondable.

Pay range is $43,614-$56,698 and previous experience is preferred.

Interested parties should forward a resume and letter of interest to; by 5pm on Wednesday January 2, 2019.

Village Council Holds Final Meeting of 2018

The Mayor stated that job openings have been posted on Ohio Means Jobs, on Civic Plus, and in several local news media outlets….

by Sue Miklovic

The village of North Baltimore held its council meeting on Tuesday December 18th at council chambers.

Before the meeting began prayer was offered by Pastor Mike Soltis of the Bridge. He stated that there are currently approximately 100 recipients of Food Pantry help per month. He also shared that he has had inquiries on the need for a clothing pantry in North Baltimore. He asked the council members to please let them know if that’s something that they think would be beneficial for the community.

All council members were present for the meeting. Missing was student representative Zoey Beaupre. Under public participation, Mayor Goldner introduced the new village administrator Mr. Michael Brillhart who just began his duty in North Baltimore on Tuesday. Brillhart said “It’s an honor to serve as the village’s administrator and to help the village move forward.”  

L to R: Mayor Janet Goldner, Clerk Kathi Bucher, Village Administrator Michael Brillhart, Councilman Aaron Patterson, Councilman Tim Engard, Councilman Matt Beegle.

After village financial officer Melanie Lee quit two weeks ago, the village hired North Baltimore resident and retired accountant Tony Swartz to serve as interim financial officer. Swartz has now been on the job for approximately one week and said he has seen many financial postings which were not completed. Swartz stated since May or June things look like they have not been done correctly. “Perhaps the former treasurer was just a bit overwhelmed or maybe really didn’t have the proper skill set to complete the tasks. Be assured the money is all there, it just isn’t posted in the right location or account,” he said.

Tony Swartz, Interim Village Financial Officer, (plaid shirt) is clearing some things up at the recent Village Council meeting.

The Council approved an Annual Appropriation Ordinance for Current expenses and expenses throughout 2019.  Mr. Swartz said, “The appropriations give you the ability to spend money beginning in January for 2019. We need to approve the suggested appropriations tonight. We can change the appropriations a hundred times in the future if we need to, but we need to have something in place to begin in January 2019.”

The Council approved the recommendations made from the village’s Planning Commission to make a change on a Briar Hill Road property that will allow two lots to be combined into one in order for the property owner to construct a garage on that property.

The Council also approved an ordinance allowing the Village Administrator or Mayor to contract with Neptune Equipment Company for required yearly water meter maintenance.

The Mayor stated that job openings have been posted on Ohio Means Jobs, on Civic Plus, and in several local news media outlets for the vacant village financial officer position as well as the village’s water plant operator vacancy.

In other business, Council Member Leisa Zeigler announced the Economic and Community Development committee will have a meeting with Black Swamp Location Strategies on December 27th.

The Mayor reported the bid sheets were prepared for some street paving in the village and will be made available January 1st , to be returned to the Village by interested bidders by the close of the day February 1st.

Councilman Matt Beegle thanked Mr. Swartz for his open communication and transparency and said that he believes that’s what the members of council are looking for.

In other business, Council agreed to pay all the bills which totaled over $143,000. The meeting ended with the council going into an executive session regarding Economic Development. No further action was expected.