Village Council Meets for Final March Meeting

Village adds another dispatcher and EMT to serve community…….

by Sue Miklovic

The third and final village council meeting was held Tuesday March 19th in village council chambers. The meeting opened with a prayer for wisdom offered by Pastor Mike Soltis of the Bridge Fellowship.

After the approval of the agenda, the meeting moved forward. There was no one requesting public participation this week.

There were no administrative reports due. Although no administrative report was due by the Village Administrator Michael Brillhart, he provided one for the council members. It included these items:

First, the administrator will investigate the cost to install a pickle ball court at the Village Park. The administrator will review the possibility of using any available funding from the recent Wood County Park District Grant that was specific to new basketball poles and goals.

At last week’s Committee of the Whole meeting, Village resident Dr. John Eric Vandemark requested a Pickle Ball Court at the Village Park.He described the court, necessary equipment, and provided some information on what he referred to as “The fastest growing sport in the U.S. Also known as Tennis for Old Folks”

Second, the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant which is being administered through Wood County, was discussed. This CDBG(Community Development Block Grant)will advertise the bids for engineering services. Construction is anticipated to begin during mid-year 2019 and will include six enhancement projects including downtown parking lot paving and Village Park handicap- accessible parking.

The third project highlighted was the Safe Routes to School grant. The first advertisement for the construction bid has occurred. The second advertisement is happening this week. The bid opening is scheduled to take place on March 29th, in North Baltimore.

The downtown revitalization project which encompasses the 100 block of North Main Street is expected to receive an estimate at a reduced cost from the one previously dated on March 11th, according to ODOT District 2 office. They have submitted a revised PS & E(Plans, Specifications, and Engineering) package to the central office in Columbus for final approval.

The current Street Levy will discontinue collecting tax money in 2020. The administrator is suggesting the Council take action during the month of April to consider placing it on the ballot for the November Election.

The council approved the recommendations from Art Patterson, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, with requests from NBPD Chief Lafferty and NBEMS Chief Walter to hire Lydia Swain as a dispatcher and Sarah Schawver as an intermediate EMT to begin immediately.

After that report, the meeting moved on to standing committees. Mr. Beegle, representing the Public Works committee shared the new 2019 Village Baseball Field agreement. It outlines the criteria for use of the facilities in order to be fair and consistent with all users of the Village Park Facilities. This year the League will need to obtain their own Food Service permits from the Wood County Health Department. Last year the village footed the bill.

Finance and Technology Committee Chair Leisa Zeigler shared, by reading out loud, a letter that she had written concerning recent activity at a Finance related work session that was held on February 26th. The meeting was concerning village finances particularly recommended pay scale adjustments and pay raises for village employees. She stated her opinion of some attendees inappropriate behavior at that meeting , and shared that she, Mayor Goldner, and Mr. Carles all left that meeting. Some loud conversation followed her statement at this week’s meeting.

A first reading was presented for an ordinance to replace 46 light fixtures at the roundabout.

A first reading, which was declared an emergency, was read, for repairs to Fire Truck 2.

A second reading of the ordinance allowing the vacating of Central Avenue north of the right-of-way at Elm Street was read.

The Council held Executive Session. No action was expected.

NB Cemetery Clean-Up

It’s that time of year…

Cemetery Clean-Up

A general clean-up shall be conducted twice a year, depending on weather, normally in April and October.  All unsightly pots, flowers, and/or wreaths will be removed. (This is a quote from the Village Cemetery booklet)

CCA to Visit NB on March 23

REMINDER: Central Collection Agency will provide On-site assistance to taxpayers in NB on March 23……

Each year during the months of February, March and April CCA (Central Collection Agency) provides on-site assistance to taxpayers in many of their member municipalities.

They are scheduled to visit the Village of North Baltimore on March 23rd, 2019, from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Here is a link to the website where you can find more information:

You can also call toll free 800-223-6317

Reminder from Mayor Goldner: Village Park IS Closed

Mayor Janet Goldner would like to remind everyone that the Village Park is still closed until…

Mayor Janet Goldner would like to remind everyone that the Village Park is still closed until…

…April 1. 

The village cemetery pick up/clean up will be April 1 as well. 

Village Council Gearing Up for Busy Spring and Summer

Several grants getting ready to roll……

By Sue Miklovic

The village council met for their final meeting of February on Tuesday evening in council chambers. After the roll call, pledge of allegiance, and approval of the minutes, the meeting moved on to public participation.

The mayor introduced Seth Thompson of Panda Technologies who made a presentation to the council members about adding online bill-paying as a possibility for residents of the community for their water bill payments. Mr. Thompson explained the ins and outs on how the payment system would work and discussed issues such as Internet security and service fees charged by credit-card companies and assuring that payments are credited to the proper date of payment. He also answered questions from the council members who were extremely interested in the possibility of this option. Mayor Goldner said, “We’ve had of a lot of inquiries from residents who have asked when we were going to add this feature to their options for paying their water bill.” The Council will continue to investigate their options.  

The council moved on to administrative reports.The council approved the hiring of two new volunteer firefighters for the NBFD. They approved the hiring of Bryant Matthes and Chad Wright.

Next the Village Administrator updated the council on all that he has been busy with since the last meeting. His report was dominated by all the grant work that he has been following up on. Here are some of the highlights:

* The village expects the Park Grant that they received to be implemented during March. A $12,394 grant for basketball hoops and goal posts will be installed on the recently repaved former tennis court area. The work  will be completed as weather permits in March. There’s also the possibility that additional seating may be added in the area for spectators.

*Next Mr. Brillhart discussed  the Safe Routes to School Grant and explained  that the village hopes to be opening the bids that will begin the sidewalk construction project on March 29th. The project, which will be on Maple Street,  begins at Rhodes Avenue and continues to Rudolph Road. He expects the project will be completed within six months of the beginning date.

* Following that, he talked about the Downtown Revitalization Grant which has previously been delayed a couple of times. Current plans have been submitted to Columbus and the Village is hoping to hear within 4 to 5 weeks on the status of their plans. Hopefully at that time construction can begin and move forward. ODOT will oversee all phases of this grant. Councilman Aaron Patterson said,” I want to remind everyone we will incur cost on this grant and we need to make sure we have money set aside, isn’t that right Mr. Brillhart?” Administrator Brillhart concurred, “Yes, it’s an 80% 20% split”

*Also mentioned by Brillhart was that the Ohio Public Works grant that the village received last Summer will not have the money available until 2020 because it is currently tied up in funding issues. It has been promised to be provided to the village for the purpose of paving the 200 block of Main Street . The 100 block of Main Street will be paved this summer as part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant that the village received last year and will also begin in late spring or early summer of 2019.

*Other topics addressed by The village administrator included a cross- training in customer service program that will be implemented in the village offices, also beginning phases of preparation for renewal of the village Street Levy which was approved in 2014 and expires in 2020. He reminded council  the county Board of Elections needs their plan for renewal of the levy. If they expect it to be on the November 2019 ballot, they need to submit it by July 2019.

*Also discussed was a salary summary survey which compared employee salaries of villages of comparable size to North Baltimore. This has been a hot topic amongst the council members for at least the last 3 months.

* Finance Committee chair Leisa Zeigler has called a work session for next Tuesday at 5:30 at council chambers where the council members will gather to discuss and identify the needs of where they need to change the salary scale in many different job positions.

*Ty Carles introduced Todd Dickerson with Reveille Planning and Economic Development who was present and spoke and actually created some excitement with the council members. He reported he has had several meetings with the village administrator and has already had several meetings with area businesses and has had inquiries from at least a couple of trucking businesses who are looking for office space in the North Baltimore area. He continued by reporting he’s had meetings with ODOT,  BGSU, Hancock-Wood Electric, 3 developers, Jobs Ohio, and is ready to have interaction with AEP, CSX, and the local school system officials.

Library Sponsors Bookmark Contest

North Baltimore Public Library Celebrates 100 Years……….

North Baltimore Public Library Celebrates 100 Years!

Bookmark Contest for (almost) All Ages

Children age 3 to adults are invited to enter the contest. 

Entries must be submitted on a paper sized 4 ¼ by 11 inches (half of an 8 ½ by 11 inch sheet). 

Bookmarks may include pen, markers, crayons, pencils and paint – but no stickers, stencils or materials that could fall or flake off. 
They should be flat for photocopying. 

All creations must be original artwork – no characters.   

Entries will be judged in the following age groups:

Ages 3-5/6-8/9-11/12-14/15-17/18 & over

One winner from each age group will be selected and made into bookmarks to be distributed in April during National Library Week. 

Please create a bookmark based on one of these themes:

“Happy Birthday to Our Library”

“Our Library 100 Years Ago”

“Our Library Today”

“Our Library in the Future”

“100 Years of the NB Public Library”

On the back each entry must list:

Artist’s first & last name

phone number

& age

(over 18 will be accepted for adults;)

Entries must be submitted at the Main or Children’s Desk by Friday, March 1.

NB Council Meets Tuesday Feb. 5

Here is the agenda for the Village Council Meeting…

February 5, 2019
5:30 PM

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of the Agenda

IV. Approval of the Minutes – Jan.2 and Jan. 15 Special Meeting and Regular

V. Public Participation (5min limit) – PLEASE Sign-In to address the council

VI. Letters and Communications

VII. Administrative Reports

Finance Officer:
EMS Chief: submitted
Fire Chief: submitted
Police Chief: submitted
Utility Director: submitted
DPW Superintendent:
Village Administrator: submitted

Clerk: Second readings: RESOLUTION 01-2019 ORDINANCE 2019-02 (changed from resolution) First readings: ORDINANCE 2019-03
ORDINANCE 2019-04 – ORD/RES sent to Walter Drane Company

Appointed Legal Counsel:

VIII. Standing Committees
Economic and Community Development (Mr. Carles)
Public Safety (Mr. Art Patterson)
Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Engard)
Public Works (Mr. Beegle)
Public Utilities (Mr. Aaron Patterson)
Finance and Technology (Ms. Zeigler)

IX. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business



X. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


YEARS 2019 – 2023.

XI. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

XII. Other New Business

XIII. Other Old Business

XIV. Payment of the Bills

XV. Adjournment

NBPD visits First Graders

Officers visit classroom to say “thanks”….

Last week Mrs. Wymer’s first graders were surprised by a visit from School Resource Officer Mandy Slane and North Baltimore Police Chief Dave Lafferty. The officers brought the class thank you cards and a few surprises to say “thanks” for the appreciation bags that were made for them the previous week in honor of LEAD day.

NBPD with Mrs. Wymer’s class
Mrs. Wymer’s class supports our police officers, and the NBPD loves visiting our children.

LEAD is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day which was January 9th. 

Village Snow Route Reminder – Please Help Out!

Please remove cars from the street after 2 inches of snow or more for snow plowing.  Snow Emergency Streets will be cleared first.

Snow routes are marked in BLACK

Please remove cars from the street after 2 inches of snow or more for snow plowing.  Snow Emergency Streets will be cleared first.

Broadway from East Corp. Limits to Mitchell Rd.

Main St. from Roundabout to Quarry Rd.

Second St. from High St. to Quarry Rd.

Tarr St. from SR 18 to Cherry St.

 West State St. from Main St. to Mitchell Rd.

 Poe Rd. from Broadway to SR 18

 Water St. from Poe Rd. to Mitchell Rd.

 Rudolph Rd. from Quarry Rd. to Broadway 

DO NOT shovel, blow, or plow snow into the street.

State of the Village Address 2019

Here is Mayor Goldner’s address to the Village from last week’s Village Council meeting……

January 15, 2019

Thank you for attending this meeting of North Baltimore Village council.  This group meets two times a month for regular meetings and one time for something called Committee of the Whole.  During COTW each committee chair has a chance to present ideas, resident concerns, and other pertinent information to all the other council members and then there is a chance for discussion. 

North Baltimore Mayor Janet Goldner-from Spring 2018

Good Evening. Welcome to the members of our Village Council, Mr. Brillhart our administrator, Tony Swartz our interim finance office, members of the press and residents.

This is my fourth State of the Village address and I am even more excited about our current progress and what is coming.  I am always excited when I get to speak with residents about their ideas for the Village. 

 Our Village was incorporated February 7, 1876 and will be 143 years old on that date in 2019.  A post office called North Baltimore has been in operation since 1874 so our village was ‘here’ before we were incorporated.

We are the largest Village in Wood County and our goal is to provide a solid anchor for the South end of the county.  We are part of Henry Township and work with the township on projects as frequently as we can for the betterment of both.  Currently the Village and the Township work together to make certain there is fire and EMS coverage for our area.  Because we participate in Mutual Aid agreements with surrounding communities, we also will leave our area to provide assistance as needed.

According to ZIPWHO.COM the current population within our city limits is 3,529.  The median age here in the Village is 35.1 years and we cover approximately 2.5 sq. miles.  Our daytime population is a bit larger due to the workers who come into North Baltimore to work at CSP, PolyOne, DS Brown, NBLS, HPJ, Roll Rite (formerly Pull Tarps), HWE, Keystone Foods, and Bakery Feeds.  Every person who comes to town for a job, attend school or school events, or have a meal can help spread the news that North Baltimore is a forward thinking and moving place.  

The possibilities for future growth and economic development are bright and there are plans to utilize the assets we have available to us to continue to create jobs and revenue for the Village.  Council approved the Job Creation Grant in December of 2016 and CSP took advantage of the income tax savings when they created 200 new jobs in their factory.  We are working with Todd Dickerson of Black Swamp Logistics to help facilitate economic growth that will support Village growth and help Village Council build solid plans for that growth.

For me 2018 has been the year of “Keep Moving Forward” If you ask the ladies working in our office how many times I’ve repeated that phrase they would tell you “a lot”  Every time we have had a challenge or a employee change my goal has been to keep the Village moving forward.  Projects that were started in 2017 have been completed and other projects are moving into new phases. 

We have said good bye to several staff this year:  Chris Kirk our former Finance Officer, Chief Alan Baer, and former Village Administrator Allyson Murray.  We are grateful for their service and the many projects finished and started during their tenure.

In January of 2018 we welcomed several new Council members:  Matt Beegle, Tim Engard, Aaron Patterson, and returning for another 4-year term Art Patterson III.

2018 was a busy year for us in the Village as several projects were planned, engineered, and completed.


          All the buried water lines, storm and sanitary sewers, and the right of way clean outs along with the meter pits, mainline valves, hydrants, catch basins, storm and sanitary man holes.  GIS (Geographic Information System)

Village Park

The following projects were completed in 2018.

  1. Concession Stand Remodel – CDBG Grant $56,000 (spring 2018)
  2. Basketball, Tennis Courts – Natureworks Grant $60,000 (spring 2018)
  3. New Roofs Open-air Shelters – Wood County Park Grant $5,000 (spring 2018)
  4. 8” of Safety Mulch – Wood County Park Grant $9,900 (spring 2018)
  5. We were awarded $      Wood County Park District. 
    1. New Basketball poles etc.
  6. ** The Village will be able to complete $151,000 worth of improvements in Village Park for an investment on our end of $30,000

Safety Services

  1. All Police, Fire, and EMS radios have been upgraded to digital and we have also added the MARKS radio system.
  2. The former EMS truck was re-fitted as a police vehicle and a cost savings for the Village and allows the PD
  3. Several new pieces of equipment were added to our EMS program and Chief Walter searched for grants and was successful in gaining the money to pay for the monitors.


Our Urban Forest continues to grow and add to property values, beautify our street right of ways, and help the environment by slowing water moving into our storm sewer system.

A new program for residents was started in 2018.  The “Set Back Tree” program was begun.  The Village will pay for a portion of a new tree for a resident to have planted in their yard.  Our Urban Forest will continue to grow.  8 residents took advantage of this program and we will keep this project going for 2019.  The Tree Commission has a approved tree list and put a cap of 10 Set-Back trees so get your application in soon.   Memorial trees are still available as well.


What does the future hold for our Village? 

  1. Downtown Revitalization – $600,000 (Fall 2019)  X 
    1. TMACOG federal funding
  2. Safe Routes to School – $310,000  (Fall 2019) X
    1. ODOT grant $310,000
  3. Neighborhood Revitalization Grant – $500,000 – 6 Village Enhancement Projects
    1. Whistle Stop Parking Lot
      1. Paved, benches, tables, trees, water feature
    1. E. Walnut St. Paving Project
      1. Mill and Pave E. Walnut St.  (Main -Gillette)
    1. Renovate Shelter House #1 (to match #2 and #3)
      1. Remove the chimney, new roof, new windows and doors
    1. ADA Parking spots at Park
      1. 2 paved parking spots outside doors of shelters
    1. Additional Parking at Village Park
      1. Paved area for 40 cars within the park
    1. Northview St. Paving
      1. Mill and Pave Northview
    1. Engineering costs for the entire project
  • Waterlines 300-700 blocks of North Main St. $1 million (2018-2020)
  • Main St. Road Reconstruction – 100 block- $354,000 (Fall 2019)
  • Main St. Road Reconstruction – 200 block- $285,000 (Fall 2019)
  • Main St. Road Reconstruction – Walnut St. – Quarry Rd. – $750,000
  • New Water Tower – $1.5 million
  • New Holiday Décor for Downtown – $40,000  (Christmas of 2019)
    • Rotary-led fund raising

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
Stephen R. Covey

While we don’t always agree with each other on some of the details, we are committed to working together to build on what has been done in the past.  I count on each Village Council member to keep our residents’ best interest in mind.  Questioning and open minds lead to informed decisions and our differences help broaden the knowledge shared to make those decisions. 

As we ‘Move Forward’ into 2019 my goal continues to be that we build on the foundation left for us by former administrations and look to planning the stewardship of our resources for the future.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Mayor Goldner

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Village Council Meets

Janet Goldner presented her fourth state of the village address since she became mayor….

The January 15th village council meeting was held in council chambers at 5:30 p.m. and began with prayer led by Pastor Ralph Mineo of St Luke’s Lutheran Church. All council members except Aaron Patterson, who was excused, were present for the meeting.

During public participation, the first speaker was the Village council president from Walbridge who wanted to communicate with whoever might have time available, about the village’s golf cart ordinance. They are looking to mimic our North Baltimore ordinance in Walbridge and wanted to chat about how effective it is. Police Chief Lafferty and Councilman Ty Carles both agreed to speak with Mr. Joe Weissenberger after the meeting.

Also present were two representatives of Intech IT Solutions who gave a presentation on the security cameras for both The Village Park and at the Village Hall. The cameras at the council chambers will be hardwired and the cameras placed at the village park will be wireless and will be ready to go soon. A few trees need to be trimmed to improve the sight line.

Interim finance officer Tony Swartz gave an update of the finances. He has recapped the income tax from 2018 and found a 13% increase of the collection over 2017. It appears that the general fund is up about $100,000 over the previous year also.

The village administrator Michael Brillhart presented a resolution adopting a five-year capital improvement program which included policies and procedures for capital expenditures for fiscal years 2019 through 2023.

Council also gave its first reading to an ordinance authorizing The village administrator to enter an agreement with Reveille Planning an Economic Development for the purpose of providing CRP (community redevelopment area) and jobs grant program development planning services.

Janet Goldner presented her fourth state of the village address since she became mayor. She reported that North Baltimore this year is 143 years old, has a population of 3529, and the median age of our citizens is 35.1 years old.

The Public Works standing committee again led a discussion of sidewalks in the village and will continue to investigate the current ordinance and possible options for the village

Under public utilities, a water study was approved by council to take a look at the outside bulk user rates and see if those need to be updated.

The mayor’s state of the village address can be found elsewhere on the NBXpress.

Village Council Committee Assignments Listed

2019 Committee Chairs and members listed……

Here is a copy of the 2019 Village of North Baltimore Council Committee assignments, and Boards and Commissions. These helpful lists can help you find the right person to contact with your concerns for the village.

2019 Village Council Committees
2019 Village Commissions and Boards